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    Great War

    Agreed. I guess the best way to put Auraria at the moment is okay with losing - I can adapt the concept either way. I need to know where Auraria is and who’s around it before I can in anyway guess how it would side. For example, Lars’ concept has a republic being born out of this war. I can...
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    Map Discussion

    1. Do you want to keep the basic format of the current map? Eurodisney, Touyou, Himyar, Westernesse, Thaumantica, and Justosia? 1a. Would you rather have a different format? I’ve already toyed with Combining Touyou and Himyar into one continent while Eurodisney is slightly larger and it’s own...
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    Great War

    In preliminary drafts of concepts, I had thought that coming off a war would be beneficial to Auraria's story. Echoing Louie, and repeating that there is insufficient details available at the moment to make decisions, but if I were to keep Auraria I can see it being on the losing side of the...
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    Collecting the Stray/ Fall of CBS

    It’s 5:30AM and I’m mad at half the people involved in this, so I’m going to make this short. I had no idea that the Johnston Isle was going to essentially invade CBS at a time when the entire continent is on the brink of war. As a result, Eiffelland, Lars, and Auraria are now up against the...
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    Map Guidelines and the Basic Colony or Territorial Expansion Process

    Hey there - We're coming up on almost a month since Saaya has posted this concept. Not only is the concept thought out, it's original in the game and not replicated elsewhere. It's my understanding that he hasn't done anything that's counter to the lore and history of Touyou and he has - again...
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    OOC: Pelasgian Civil War

    I will 100% have Tauritanian separatists who support rejectionist M-Lism come in to aid the DKKP. I'll say it'll be a sizable amount, around 2,000 or so (not all at once). This will make Solis sufficiently fuss.
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    The [Southern] Gallian Summit [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    “Yes, Madam Consul,” Ordenes nodded “It is unfortunate that unforeseen wars tend to be so difficult to predict. Nevertheless, it is difficult to deny the problematic nature of the alliances the world is building.” The President took a sip of water, and turned a few pages in the briefing...
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    La Prensa Libre

    STRING OF FIRES TERRORIZE TAURITANIA Described as an "Attack of Arson" the City of Tauritania was "under siege" from fires this morning. [TAURITANIA] – “it was unlike anything I have ever seen,” said one dock worker as the order to evacuate was given once the fires spiraled out of control in...
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    Twatter - the social media platform

    Frederico Reyes @EntreNosotrasChicas @MissCjampe Honestly, you're right. It's not nice to laugh, I'll pay my respects. ⤺Reply ↻Retwatt ☆Favourite •••More
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    Twatter - the social media platform

    Frederico Reyes @EntreNosotrasChicas The Furlan Grand Duke swears fealty to the Pelasgian Emperor and the Pelasgian Emperor nopes' the fuck out of that one and refuses to sign their treaty. Lol. ⤺Reply ↻Retwatt ☆Favourite •••More
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    The Black Swan of Solis

    The front desk worker smiled at the Ambrosian, as he entered the information to get him his key card to access the room. “Funny things, cultures and all that,” he spoke in Engellish, but it was difficult to hear behind the thick Solisian accent. It came off as mostly a slurring of words and...
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    The [Southern] Gallian Summit [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    The Meeting was to take place in the State Room, which used to serve as a more prestigious reception room for the Kings and Queens of House Calderón. It was adorned with the same style of Baroque imagery that had defined the wealth and power of the former Empire. On its ceiling was engraved a...
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    A Visit to Banderfal [ATTN: Auraria]

    “How are you feeling?” Cabello smiled as the motorcade approached Fulton House. “Very well,” Ordenes smiled “I’ve been waiting to meet with President Macony for a long time. Thank you for arranging it.” Susanna Petit couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the dialogue. It was hardly a secret...
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    Twatter - the social media platform

    Frederico Reyes @EntreNosotrasChicas Wow, I can hear the Kadikistani trembling from my apartment. ⤺Reply ↻Retwatt ☆Favourite •••More
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    The [Southern] Gallian Summit [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    It came with great regret that the logistics for the arrival of the Maduran Consul and Remurian Grand Duchess were alerted so substantially. Arturo Villavicencio International Airport was located far from the center of the Aurarian Capital, necessitated by the ancient city’s surge into...