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    A revolution to end all inefficiency!

    High security prison Stuttgart-Stammheim, 11:13pm. It was a rainy and cold winter night, a quite usual night in Baden-Mecklenburg at this time of the year. The jailors were doing their rounds, some of them even with the huge and frightening badisch-mecklenburgische Bärenhunde (bear dogs), the...
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    National News Eiffelland (from 2009 until 31 July 2020)

    To: Rektor & Kanzler der Robert Koch Universität From: Dr. Meinhard Rey, head scientist of BMSF R & D branch Dear Sir or Madam, BMSF is quite interested in working together with the Robert Koch Universität regarding the final battle against cancer, as we call it. If you are interested, BMSF...
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    New? Introduce yourself here: Christmas / Hanukkah miracle edition!

    Well, E:1 seems to be taken by another player, that's my latest information. So, it'll be B:2, but I guess we will only know for sure after the map update.
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    New? Introduce yourself here: Christmas / Hanukkah miracle edition!

    AFAIK, I've also requested B:2. And that before you did.
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    Badische Neueste Rundschau (BNR) - Die Nachrichten von Morgen!

    Badische Neueste Rundschau Der Wochenrückblick What happened in the republic? Let us have a closer look at the following top events of the last week: :arrow: Following the Ratswahlen last september, Mrs. Emma BAUMJOHANN, SVP (social democrats), has been elected as new...
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    Yujin Era :- Bangkok/Midland Versions

    meh took H:13 as another backup... if that won't work I'll delete ya all from ze map by using the evil ERNA CANNON :D :D :D
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    Yujin Era :- Bangkok/Midland Versions

    w000tness! :D
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    Yujin Era :- Bangkok/Midland Versions

    1. Freie Republik Baden-Mecklenburg 2. # E:1 or # B:2 / H: 13 if E:1 is already taken (I searched the thread, but didn't see any request for that spot) 5. Karlsruhe, quite in the center of the map spot near the small sea. Thanks.