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Mar 29, 1971 (Age: 46)
Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Jan 15, 2018 at 11:18 PM
    1. Bergenheim
      if you want I could start a new thread for Degurechaff's visit to Trier, and roleplay defence co-ordination talks there. Or we can just assume stuff's getting done while she's there, whatever's easiest.
    2. Trivodnia
    3. Bergenheim
      For what its worth, if Bergenheim had joined earlier and I could have gotten a Cadinal into the rp, i'd totally vote for your dude. :P
      1. Eiffelland
        Thanks :)
        Dec 21, 2017
    4. Geotri
      Hey I don't feel like actually looking for my own missiles, probably cause there isn't much variety, so maybe you produce and sell them to me or we purchased the rights to produce but not resell said missiles? Let me know what you plan to do with those
      1. Eiffelland
        I don't have a problem with selling you missiles. Let's do it that way.

        By the way, I have to do some additional research there. I haven't chosen all my missiles yet.
        Oct 25, 2017
      2. Geotri
        That's fine, I'm always down for doing some trade
        Oct 25, 2017
    5. Touzen
      I am making up some municipality and passport format, let me know if I need to edit them. (Actually for the passport number probably we can just assume that I sent you one)
      1. Eiffelland
        No problem. Think up a place and I will add it to my excel sheet. For the passport number, let's indeed assume that you sent me one.
        Oct 21, 2017
    6. Gunnland
      I will repopulate THK from my end this week in a flurry of back-posts with one new one that I think is a direct response to von Bernrode.
    7. Gunnland
      Your consumer preference is distressing to the Gunnish trade board. Cue a "Corona"-style ad campaign. Soon going to the beach without a bottle of Gunnish whisky will be unthinkable!
    8. Gunnland
      Of course there is nothing wrong with drinking whisky in the height of the summer. Or any time.
    9. Trivodnia
      Thanks - posted in AP biz news thread
    10. Trivodnia
      Bonjour. I'd like to write a little bit more about the deal we agreed. I'm imagining:

      1) the Eiffellandian govt agreed to loan some money directly to the Free State


      2) Eiffelland underwrote private banks' loans to the Free State

      That said could have done both. Maybe also you bought some Free State government bonds?

      In return for the cheap finance, we agreed Eiffellandian companies would get contracts on the infrastructure projects (but use Trivodnian labour)

      If you could give me some names of companies that'd be ace

    11. Bourgogne
    12. Trivodnia
      Hello mate - sorry only got round to posting something yesterday. Up to you how much your government agrees, but basically what we're chasing are some cheap loans (whether that's something your government gives direct or encourages private banks to do with state-backing is up to you) and purchasing some more modern military equipment on credit (my understanding is you and @Bourgogne are quite integrated in terms of supply chain - we want to get in on that).

      What we can offer in return is greater access for Eiffellandian companies to sectors of the Trivodnian economy, which is admittedly quite small, and more intelligence sharing on Kadikistan, which as our biggest neighbour and threat is the number one focus of our resources.
    13. Trivodnia
      Will do a newspost tomorrow. Can you let me know who your finance and trade ministers are?
    14. Trivodnia
      I wasn't going to bother to be honest, think it's something we can play out via our respective newsthreads
    15. Trivodnia
      Aloha. As noted in my news post the other day, my govt would be keen to borrow some money at 'mates rates' to finance new infrastructure and help kickstart the economy - would Eiffelland be amenable?

      Maybe purchase some new military equipment too. You and @Bourgogne co-operate quite closely don't you?
    16. Serenierre
      Please be nice and give an official statement regarding my declaration of war against the Prometheists in Borovanger. Some official response would be nice from foreign powers haha. Do read my news before you do.
    17. Sheridan
      Okay, so sorry for my absence man. And no worries whatsoever!
    18. Caledonia
      So The Land of the Midnight Sun RP was started just to have some sort of Varinian version of Dubliners. Also, I was motivated to write it after reading Lothar's Descendant and remembering the Gehen Sie Linksum Gehen Sie Rechtsum.
    19. Huaxia
      Nope definately not communists
    20. Kadikistan
      Goh, ik ben al blij dat iemand anders dan Ovi mijn posts leest :). Ik ben in het verleden creatiever geweest met Moravscik zijn wijze van elimineren, maar zonder feedback had ik eerlijk gezegd geen idee hoe dat werd geïnterpreteerd. Daarbij komt het feit dat hij oprecht onder de indruk was van de viking-achtige krijger die zijn meester had gedood en wou hij het liefst zo snel mogelijk een einde maken aan zijn bestaan. Maar wees gerust, de Fallen Sons zullen het niet nalaten om al degenen die onderdak hebben geboden aan Camulus op een voor hun 'gepaste' wijze aan te pakken zoals ik ook al liet merken in de post.
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    Mar 29, 1971 (Age: 46)
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
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