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    Karzask Journalism

    A FUZZY TRANSMISSION FROM *AM 1030 - PIRATE RADIO* Broadcaster near Khaganate and Republic Border "Sooner that I die and the word of Allah be strangled or the words of Kurkic men be regulated. The air I breath is free, my words will not be saddled, and let the Khagan in Karkaska know that he is...
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    The Free Beacon :: Ershatov & KLM

    Poster Text for the Second Revolution Millions died and thousands will still wither as a result of democracy’s great stutter in the war throughout the world. The Kurkhazian Horde still speaks because it was not defeated, The West’s chamber of nonsense barks up a fools tree, with leaves falling...
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    Cars and trains from Eiffelland

    Kaliga Urban Battalions Per an earlier solicitation for motor vehicle contracts: the K.U.B. invites interlachen neighbors of Eiffelland with motor companies to assist our public peacekeeping battalions. We are seeking a fast patrol and pursuit vehicle to match criminal imports, and reliable...
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    The Free Beacon :: Ershatov & KLM

    TDS The Daily Struggle Liberty is never a given, it is a Practice Kaliga Urban Battalions requesting "fast and unfailing" motor vehicles to sustain democratic response operations as horse and domestic motor solutions fail. Relations with Tarusan "Imperial Rump" continue to breakdown, though...
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    The Free Beacon :: Ershatov & KLM

    The Kaliga Free Beacon Daily News in Print & Monthly Magazine Periodical MORE THAN JUST A GAME The Kurkhazian King Killer "One by one I destroy them, these white pawns" a Kurkhazian girl explains across the table from me. She pushes her Queen out as bait before quickly withdrawing her and...
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    Ershatov's Rules (The Little Blue Book)

    Rasul Ershatov Presents the First Edition of Rules or The Little Blue Book INTRODUCTION Only a fool repeats himself and Rasul Ershatov is no fool. I have gathered the rules and doctrines that I live by so that you may apply them to your life, family, and community to avoid both individual and...
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    The Free Beacon :: Ershatov & KLM

    The Kaliga Free Beacon Daily News in Print & Monthly Magazine Periodical President Rasul Ershatov and the Kurkhazian Liberation Movement By Asygul Yerbolova, Junior Journalist Hailing from the pastoral plains of the Great Kurkhazian Northeast, Rasul Ershatov broke with convention last year...
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    Pigeonwire Telegraph Exchange - Est. 1882

    PIGEONWIRE TELEGRAPH EXCHANGE & NEWS SERVICE Established in 1882 "The World's Most Trusted Telegraph Service" Headquartered in Kaliga, Kurkhazia Formatting Outline: NEWS FROM: Kaliga Free Beacon URGENCY: Green (Low) HEADLINE: Pigeonwire Faces Bankruptcy (Kaliga, Kurkhazia) BODY (100 WORDS OR...
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    Official Map Thread August 2020 - New Beginnings

    Location: As seen on map across the sea from Eiffelland. Name: Kurkhazia Capital: Kaliga Location of Capital: Represented on map with star. Additional Major Cities and Locations: N/A
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    Correntine News Outlets

    Eternal Horde Kurkish Political Movement Our forefathers offer this wisdom: Kurkhazian Proverb from Oghkurk Khaz says “spare the whip, spoil the peasant*.“ *can be interpreted also as goat herder or wheat merchant.
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    Anthem :: Truth is Under Attack

    ANTHEM IN PRINT SINCE 1915 THE TRUTH IS UNDER ATTACK Journalists That Find and Fight for the Truth PROMENADE FOR THE PEASANTS Bedazzled with Gold and Ivory, the once upon a time Starborne Palace for the ruling Ikrov Dynasty has been ordered open by President Burek for the events and services...
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    Map Guidelines and the Basic Colony or Territorial Expansion Process

    If a compromise cannot be reached for new incoming Touyou nations as soon as Xen and Coro can resume activity then I believe the next step should be sinking the empty land so this does not continue as a recurring issue.
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    The Black Swan of Solis

    Solis, Auraria Klaus Rivera entered an Aurarian hotel in the center of the city, the great capital of one of the world's greatest and most liberal nations, with two large and heavy rolling luggage bags. With Elben and Aurarian heritage, Klaus shared his Ambrosian passport with the hotel staff...
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    Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå - World News Repository

    THE SAINT THEOSBURG TIMES @StTheoTimes News Level: GREEN Cycling through a particularly contentious election season, President Hirschfeld confirmed that he nor congress would be pursuing any sanctions or legislation against the Rurikgrad Pact or associated states. Candidate B.L. Suthers has...
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    Aspire | By Gary Ambrose | Third Edition

    The Policies of Gary Ambrose "EVERY FAMILY DESERVES A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD AND ACCESSIBLE TOOLS TO CREATE": Although accused to be and associated with Marxism, Gary Ambrose never referenced Marxism or his Leninovist contemporaries as a source of influence. Ambrose never advocated infringement on...