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Oct 12, 2019 at 4:33 PM
    1. Nedernesië
      So if Clarenthia's newspaper hires my lawyers to sue your gov't, how does all that work? :D Maybe if you PM me some basic info on your laws it could give me some fodder to make some news posts on the lawsuit.
    2. Eiffelland
      1. Socialist World Republic
        Socialist World Republic
        Nah, Morasvic ist viel zu konservativ für C. Der kleinbürgerliche pseudo-Anarchismus der Post-Delegationisten passt da eher. Wenn überhaupt, hätte ich Hayabusa nehmen sollen, statt einem minor character wie Dorgon.
        Aug 10, 2019
      2. Eiffelland
        In der Tat. Du hast recht. C gehört zu Hayabusa. Aber A gehört nicht zu Moravscik. Eher zu Heydendahl.
        Aug 10, 2019
      3. Socialist World Republic
        Socialist World Republic
        Das passt schon alles so. Denk nicht zu sehr drüber nach, es ist ein Witz auf einer clickbait-Website.
        Aug 10, 2019
    3. Nicosia
      Just a heads up, Bourgognean is not a language. Frankish :)
    4. Polesia
      Good to have you back friend
    5. Geotri
      Welcome back!
    6. Touzen
      Cause preparing for work
    7. Kyiv
      Was I summoned?
    8. Friuli
    9. Friuli
      cuz I can
    10. Friuli
      the last post in the ''grinding ecc...'' thread was really cute
      I still hate you though. :owl:
    11. Polesia
      what are irc details again
    12. Engellex
      I agree with that, I would say animosity for the revolution and socialism in wider generality forms a larger part of the mindset in the Engell States. The only reason I asked was because of my interest in trying to form a third bloc, or at the very least an understanding, given the Pelasgian Bloc and Kadikistan, both of which Engellex does not align with. An understanding, though a classified one, might be something Dulwich will try and reach with Deliverance.
    13. Friuli
      ok, just wanted to know ;)
    14. Engellex
      Is the slavery system the only thorn in the side of SWR, regarding the Engellexian Republic?
    15. Friuli
      do you actually want to have a chat with an ambassador or was it just rhetoric?
    16. Engellex
      Given the American themes, are you intending to use any Civil War pieces as anthems, popular or official? Given the lack of English republican music, I was leaning on using Civil War piece/s and justify it from the Socialist Revolutions, but I believe I would probably have to choose either North or South lest I offend some on here. :lol: I was thinking of using the Battle Hymn of the Republic as a national anthem from the 1920s, when perhaps there wasn't one.
    17. Tiburia
      My bad, I've never actually edited a proper wiki page before.
    18. Tiburia
      Hey, sorry to bother you, but could you tell me where I can a format similar to yours for my country's wiki entry? Nice post BTW, it's nice to have at least one RP not involving massive coups d'etat.
    19. Engellex
      I expanded on some history a little in my character post, to do with the SWR, the 1920s and the Socialist Revolutions - as the period is known in the Republic. I thought it would make more sense if the retreat of Engellex from the SWR was a step process, immediately withdrawing - having failed to restore order - from the larger portion of the SWR that is essentially east of Pelasgia; that follows the second retreat from the part that is across the water from Mary-le-Bone and south west of Pelasgia; then withdrawal from the islands that now belong to the SWR, ending with the island group in the far south-east in 1931? The Socialist Revolutions formally ended in 1928, but the action in the SWR could have ended much earlier, as the socialist action, though much smaller, in other parts of the Republic would have ended later.
    20. Engellex
      I did, that was a cool news post.
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