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    1. Beira
    2. Kashtan
      Now that Kadikistan is leaving, I hope you aren't, otherwise I have lost any reason to continue that RP in that particular region to be honest, being alone and all that.
      1. Trivodnia
        If @Kyiv is happy basically supplanting the role of Kadikistan in my history it shouldn't be a problem..

        Even if not feel like I've invested too much in Trivodnia at this stage to go
        Oct 30, 2017
    3. Pelasgia
      Sure thing. I'll put it in my next news post ;)
    4. Pelasgia
      Is there any more detail you would like to go into about the loan?

      Also, I just remembered this, Tephanon is historically Jewish (like the RL Himyar), though foreign Jews have started coming in (leading to some friction), so there could definitely be a Mizrahi presence.
    5. Pelasgia
      This is a month late, but I wouldn't mind an agreement similar to that with Eiffelland ;)
    6. Kadikistan
      I didn't have a name for it yet. Whatever you come up with is fine by me.
    7. Gunnland
      That sounds good. I'll start working in the MacLeish-Mafia connection to my RP. We'll say the MacLeishes abandoned their plan to hide Julian in Trivodnia after the shootout happened.
    8. Gunnland
      Sounds good!
    9. Gunnland
      I'd like to hint at a complex internal situation. Many think Clan Keith kidnapped Princess Julian (Gunn), or that she was on vacation in Eiffelland. In fact, moderate reformers (worried she was dangerously outspoken) with powerful Church connections (Fr. Gallagher) tried to silence her. It's the MacLeishes (Keith allies/Gunn enemies) who have heroin connections to the Yiddish mafia. So if the Church arranged for these thugs to bring Julian to Trivodnia... maybe the Trivodnian police will find evidence Julian was in Trivodnia. The Gunnish coverup will need to be more elaborate... the Church is supposed to support the royal Gunns. If you like, you can take off with what the Yiddish mafia gets from working with the MacLeishes (who own a shipping company) and the risks they may have taken (?) in the kidnapping and why.
    10. Eiffelland
    11. Eiffelland
      I think it will be mainly my government underwriting loans from private banks to the Free State. And of course we would also buy government bonds.

      Banks involved are the Fuger Bank, Trierer Bank, Hoffmann-Roderburg-Bank, Bremer Handelsbank, Lübecker Handelsbank, Wechter Bank and Villacher Goldbank. The last bank is owned by a Jewish family, by the way.

      Construction companies are Baugesellschaft Hagemann A.G., Baugesellschaft Strunck & Riesel A.G. snd Baugesellschaft Thiessen, Bartsch & Von Gedern A.G..
    12. Pelasgia
      It was perfectly fine and thank you ;)
    13. Beira
      Yeah, I have seen your post in the European Jewry thread and I think it could work well, having jews moving to Varinia before it's Christianization, as some sort of refuge from the lands in which they were expelled in the middle ages and the fact that they existed here for such a long time and the Varinians caring more of fighting and being against the Celts than against the Jews, I imagine that the Northern Sea Jews would be the most against the idea of creating a new Jewish State in the holy land.
    14. Nichtstein
      Sure! Foreign investment is good.

      Nichtstein would underwrite private loans rather than issue state funds.
    15. Beira
      I was thinking of either having them militate for an autonomous region, or have them lobby for better relations with the Yiddish Free State (as Varinia is now going through a policy of finlandization, it has to keep Kadikistan as pleased as possible and thus rather than have hostile relations with the Free State it prefers to ignore or be as neutral as possible with it, even if secretly it supports it), go Ceausescu with them and negotiate with the Free State to let them migrate to the Free State, for some fees, of course...
    16. Eiffelland
      My finance minister is Heinz-Dieter Lardinois.

      My Minister for Economic Affairs is Dr. Stephan Röpke.

      And of course, my Chancellor is Matthias Graf von Seydewitz.

      Sorry for reporting late.
    17. Eiffelland
      OK. THat is also fine. Could you please tell me when you plan to send your chancellor to my country?
    18. Eiffelland
      Small question. Are you going to open a thread for your Chancellor's journey to me and Pelasgia?
    19. Ruthenia-Galicia

      Exactly, my country is based off the ruthenian regions and the surrounding areas (like Maramures, Bukovina, Polesia, etc). I think that a minority of Galico-Ruthenians could live in the Free States, and that Ruthenia-Galicia could have a link with this country. And I agree about this shared interest about Kadikistan.
    20. Eiffelland
      "Aloha. As noted in my news post the other day, my govt would be keen to borrow some money at 'mates rates' to finance new infrastructure and help kickstart the economy - would Eiffelland be amenable?"

      That is possible. I will enter it in my newsthread as soon as I'm back online.

      "Maybe purchase some new military equipment too. You and @Bourgogne co-operate quite closely don't you?"

      I am always willing to sell military equipment :D Bourgogne and I cooperate closely at military levels, but Bourgogne is shifting to build his own equipment. I buy my naval vessels from Bourgogne and Pelasgia.
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