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Oct 19, 2019
    1. Eiffelland
      I have a question to you regarding this car issue. What exactly do you intend to RP with it? Do you intend to really RP a quality issue with my cars, or do you intend to protect your own car industry and therefore try to destroy the reputation of my car brands?
      1. Eiffelland
        If you intend to RP a real quality issue with my cars, then I have an issue with the fact that you did not contact me beforehand about it. Furthermore, you cannot RP out of the blue that my car brands make bad cars.
        Oct 24, 2018
    2. Fridonia
      Hola Warre
      aun no tengo sitio en la mapa de Europa .
    3. Gunnland
      Sports diplomacy --- will Warre compete in the winter games? I can make up appropriate-sounding names, if you only have time to confirm, or if you want only to confirm and suggest up to 3 pairs of sports you're best and worst in.
    4. Bergenheim
    5. Madurja
      St. Denis could be the name of it. It probably would have been made a colony between 1680 and 1750. Independence probably would have to have occurred between 1820 and 1870. Or 1900 onward
    6. Madurja
      Ok. Lemme think about it and Ill get it figured
    7. Sheridan
      lmfao i like that news post man! Freezing Freiheit had me literally laughing out loud
    8. Bezonvaux
      my plan is for the Red League be repulsed from their attack on the capital taking heavy losses..., then the exiled factions which would be unified would land in Tremere take the city smash the exhausted Reds and People's Alliance

      I agree i do need some more cities I'll add them to my OOC thread and shape the RP accordingly. I'm thinking of doing some RP about league of Goratrix supporters in the countryside, I will start to slow down my RP stuff to focus on more character driven interactions.

      any other feedback will be greatly appreciated
    9. Sheridan
      Those are all excellent ideas. I have been trying to figure out how I could be a multicultural melting pot. I have wanted there to be Hispanic speaking people, as well as English. But having french, celtic, spanish and english colonies would be an excellent ideas. Also in regards to the name Sheridan, I have already been planning on making the name SHeridan having been picked because that would have been the surname of the first 'martyr' of the revolution. So instead, I could make him the first martyr of the wars for independence. Especially with the area of my choosing being already surrounded by various colonies, I think this is perhaps the best historical story to go with. Thanks a lot for your help! What dates would be good for you in regards to the founding of the colony of Wadestone/ the dates of independence?
    10. Sheridan
      That is actually a really good idea. Maybe the island of Wadestone and along the coast line could have been a Warric colony that got sold or taken over by those dirty anglicans
    11. Serenierre
      please respond thanks.
    12. Serenierre
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