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    Nielsen Motorbike Company

    Nielsen Motorbike Company Founded by Peder Nielsen in 1916, the Nielsen Motorbike Company debuted with the Model A. Widely distributed to police, military and the civilian markets, the Model A proved to be a large success. The company grew out of the Nielsen Cycle Company in Fredriksborg. The...
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    Blod og Jord

    Gunderup Castle, Gunderup "His condition is definitely not improving" said the senior doctor, Lars Skeel. The other doctors nodded in agreement as some turned to look down the corridor and through the open door where the King was laying in a single bed, with shallow breathing. A sigh from the...
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    Tingsted Rapport- Est1876

    "King's condition definitely improving" says source Sources at one of the Royal Estates claim that King Erik's health has improved greatly over the last week. The King has left Tingsted for Gunderup Castle and has reportedly been attended to be a flock of doctors. The Statsminister visited the...
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    The Munthe Prize

    The Munthe Prize The Munthe Prize, named after Jute scientist and engineer Alfred Munthe, is an international prize awarded in recognition of academic, cultural, or scientific advances. Since 1900, the Munthe Prize is awarded for Chemistry, Peace and Humanity, Literature, Economics, Physics and...
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    Tingsted Rapport- Est1876

    King Erik reportedly in grave condition. Prince Henrik to named Regent Tingsted King Erik VI, who has ruled since 1882, is reportedly in "seriously grave condition". No medical information was given aside from the seriousness of his illness. The Statsminister, Harald Møller, has left Tingsted...
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    Blod og Jord

    Vilby, Tingsted The Vilby District of Tingsted was a bit more rough than the old homes featured in books and the thoughts of many. Far away from the palace and even further away from the wealthy district of Bisbakken, the little tavern was beginning to fill with workers on their way home who...
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    Tingsted Rapport- Est1876

    Statsminister: Steel will struggle Statsminister Harald Møller spoke today from a steel mill outside of Bolhavn this weekend. The renowned Jute steel industry has struggled in recent months as export targets have not been met. Many in the industry promised to maintain war-time export numbers...
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    Official Map Thread August 2020 - New Beginnings

    Colony Application The Queen Emma Islands, or Emma Islands, are 3 islands acquired by the Jute government in 1723. The islands are named after Queen Emma and were important to Jutegn's initial involvement in the whaling trade. At its peak, the islands had as many as 50,000 Jutes. As whaling...
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    Official Map Thread August 2020 - New Beginnings

    Name of Country : Kingdom of Jutegn Capital :- Tingsted Location of Capital : see above Additional Major Cities and Locations :- Same as above.
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    Tingsted Rapport- Est1876

    Headlines Crown Prince denied permission to marry commoner. King's health in question King Erik has denied the Crown Prince to marry a commoner says Palace sources. Prince Henrik has carried on a very public relationship with ballet dancer Astrid Langkjaer since 1918. The Crown Prince...
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    Admin To-Do List :: Name Changes :: Forum Requests (2020-)

    New name: Jutegn Reason: is this necessary?
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    O Globo- News from Madurja since 1906

    Cartaxo Airport funding approved Redondo Madurja's largest airport, Cartaxo Vasco International Airport, is receiving a large funding package from the government beginning in October. A 1.4 Billion Escudo investment over 2 years will transform aging terminals and provide funding for a...
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    The One World Series of Football (2020)

    Madurja Football Union FC Cartaxo Royals (4x successive champions of UFM) FC Santo Estevao (2nd place 2019, 2018) FC Cartaxo North (Finished 8th in league 2019)
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    The [Southern] Gallian Summit [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    Teixeira's eyes narrowed. Such a transport link would certainly cut the shipping revenues that came through Madurja. Already, Madurja maintained impressive rail links with Auraria. But, the Consul had no such substance with it to object. She leaned back in her chair slightly, considering the...
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    The [Southern] Gallian Summit [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    Teixeira responded to the congratulations with only a curt nod. Her eyes flickered around the room, taking in details. She wondered exactly where the discussions would lead. She shook her head at the mention of conflict. Madurja, though well defended, would not survive a serious war. It was...
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    The [Southern] Gallian Summit [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    Consul Teixeira was unsure what she would be walking into. The new Consul was for many, a breath of fresh air. For others, a right-wing firebrand. Her domestic wife appearance blended with her uncompromising gaze that left many who crossed her feeling uncomforatble. It was Madurja's goal to...
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    An Open Door [Attn: Madurja, Remuria]

    Office of the Consul The Consul gladly accepts. As guardians to the entrance of the Long Sea, we remain deeply concerned. We look forward to discussions and hope to discussing options for cooperation. The Unified Republic is happy to discuss any ideas or policies which may safeguard...
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    Sync-Up: Madurja

    Office of Consul Judite Teixeira Top Secret The current developments are deeply concerning to the Unified Republic. We are closely following the developments and are taking appropriate security measures. As custodians to the entrance of a great sea, we will ensure that free passage of...
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    DagerroGram - the photographic social media platform

    RepublicanAirForce • Follow Maduran Air Force Furacão's prepare for their last flight before retirement. The Furacão has been in service since 1973 and will be replaced by the ASJA Duvhök which will receive Cartaxo Aviation upgrades to its radar. Pilots will be reporting to @Pohjanmaa...