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  1. Elben

    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    "That's all for today. Thank you all!"
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    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    "The grand duchy of Bourgogne as it exists today is what is recognized as a constituent component of the empire. Portions that have broken away and have been recognized as independent under international norms are recognized by the empire as well, though we continue to hope that differences may...
  3. Elben

    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    Imperial Gazette On this day, His Imperial Majesty raises to the rank of Imperial Knight the prince Dalmar. On this day, His Imperial Majesty expresses his sorrow for the death of the Sylvanian pilot and decries the instability of the Implarian Ocean areas On this day, His Imperial Majesty...
  4. Elben

    In Augustine We Trust

    Imperial Chancellery Eschenbach Confidential Re: Passage of naval fleet units The Empire sees no problem with the peaceful passage of friendly naval units through the waters of the Augustine Islands and port of all visits to the capital Hedwig Harbor. von Lazenby Sec. State @Ambrosia
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    Pope and Patriarch

    Herzogenrode Abbey We confirm the election of our brother in the Faith Seighard as Patriarch of Aquileia. When next a consistory is held, we will give all due consideration to his incardination. May he go with our apostolic blessing. Ioannes PP XXIII (sealed with red wax)
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    Operation White Knight

    Naval Station Hedwig Augustine Islands The western sea defense sectors had been busy of late. The operators of the SOSUS underwater warning nets had been monitoring the passage of many large capital ships. Due to the courses of the ships, data from the warning nets was not the best, but...
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    In Augustine We Trust

    Imperial Chancellery Eschenbach Confidential We will continue to study these provisions and their possible impact on the Augustine Islands. It should be noted though that as a general principle, large supranational economic bodies are avoided by Elben. It is preferred that economic activity...
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    In Augustine We Trust

    Imperial Chancellery Eschenbach Confidential At this time, His Imperial Majesty is open to furthering relations with the Augustine Islands' near neighbors, including measures to increase fair, balanced trade and the safe, orderly passage of visitors to the Islands' many tropical destinations...
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    In Defence of the Faith [Attn: Elben]

    The Imperial Chancellery Eschenbach His Imperial Majesty fully supports the Catholic renewal across the heartland of Christendom. He salutes his Christian brothers in Virumaa and fully endorses their lead in this mission. There can be no greater deed done by Man than to lead his fellows to...
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    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    Imperial Gazette The interior ministry reports that border police repelled an incursion by narco traffickers last week at an isolated point along the border with Crotobaltislavonia. According to the ministry report, the traffickers were wearing uniforms consistent with CBS military units and...
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    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    Imperial Gazette The foreign ministry has issued a travel warning for Crotobaltislavonia. Those traveling to CBS are advised to avoid large gatherings and other large groups of people that are soft targets of narco terrorism. They should register with the embassy in Banja Luka. They should...
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    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    Imperial Gazette The foreign ministry continues its travel warning to those who would journey to Justosia and Sylvania. A spokesman noted, "It is not a travel ban. We just want to ensure that those going to Justosia or Sylvania remain aware of the situation. They should register with His...
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    Apostolic Letter to Her Majesty the Queen

    Herzogenrode Abbey As affairs in her country have continued to progress towards a greater fostering of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, we, as supreme pontiff, bishop of Tibur, and vicegerent of Our Lord and Savior on earth, do allow Her Majesty Queen Isabella and her husband King...
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    OOC: Pax Germania

    I would not mind such a move myself except that without the presence of foreigners engaging in combat operations, we would not be as open to Kadikistani troops entering our territory. All other arrangements would be acceptable I think.
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    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    Elbener Zeitung, the newspaper of record of the Kingdom of Elben. KRASNISLAVIANS SEEK GREATER AUTONOMY Constitutional experts baffled by demands In recent weeks, backbenchers of the legislative sejm body of Elbenese Krasnislavia have been agitating for greater autonomy for their homeland...
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    Veracity Online Headlines

    "Dale! Thank you for taking my call. It's an honor and a privilege. Let me just say, I am not with you in the Liberty Bunker in person, but I am there in spirit. I've brought up every one of my children to be ready, willing, and able to defend freedom to the last. My missus is foreign born...
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    Le Temps - «La voix du peuple» Depuis 1826

    Chancellery of the Imperial Household Chagny Upon learning of this horrific act, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor declared that the Imperial Court shall observe a period of mourning. Requiem Masses will be said for the king and his mother and all killed in the bombing. All will be done to...
  18. Elben

    The Climb to Calvary

    Detention Having found a string to tear off his bedding, Vincent had tied ten small knots and one large one down the length of the string. His rough rosary in hand, the priest was able to efficiently call on the Blessed Mother for her aid. Things had happened fast and he wasn't sure who all...
  19. Elben

    Electing an Emperor

    He knew his doing so would leave a bad taste. Kings casting a vote for themselves... Of course, Karl Maria knew his history, knew that in centuries past, thrones were bought and sold and killed for. That he should cast a simple vote for himself in order to secure an imperial throne was...
  20. Elben

    OOC: Pax Germania

    Heads up for this thread in particular: starting tomorrow, I will not be checking NSE frequently due to a family situation. Hopefully I will be back to regularly checking in by the time IC events start to heat up.