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  1. Elben

    Apostolic Letter to Her Majesty the Queen

    Herzogenrode Abbey As affairs in her country have continued to progress towards a greater fostering of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, we, as supreme pontiff, bishop of Tibur, and vicegerent of Our Lord and Savior on earth, do allow Her Majesty Queen Isabella and her husband King...
  2. Elben

    Electing an Emperor

    The New Palace Eschenbach, Elben The final preparations were underway for the king and his entourage to travel to Chagny. There, they would take part in historic happenings: the election and elevation of a new emperor in the North. Karl Maria stood in his study looking at a large globe. It...
  3. Elben

    OOC: Bourgogne

    A thread to formally register wishes for clarification on events in the "Ground Zero: Bourgogne" thread and related posts.
  4. Elben

    A Call for Peace [Attn: Justosia, Engellkin]

    Secretariat of State of the Holy Tiburan Church Herzogenrode Abbey "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God. (Mt 5:9)" His Holiness watches with great sadness the growing war of words between the Empire of Justosia and the Engellkin states of Westernesse. These...
  5. Elben

    Ground Zero: Bourgogne

    Chagny, Grand Duchy of Bourgogne Senior officers of the grand ducal armed forces were gathered around a table. Reports coming from the Pillau Republic elaborated on earlier estimates of the republic's military strengths. What it lacked in arms and numbers, it no doubt made up for in fervor...
  6. Elben

    Media of Elben and Bourgogne

    Previously: From Bourgogne: le Soleil From Elben: Elbener Zeitung le Soleil- News from Bourgogne and the World Duchess addresses Senate, lays out new foreign policy Chagny Grand Duchess Mireille addressed the Senate in Chagny yesterday. Her topic was the foreign policy of Bourgogne in...
  7. Elben

    Jan 2019 Consistory

    The preparations were completed and all was ready. The consistory would be held in Tibur for the first time in many years. The pope had made the trip from Herzogenrode Abbey and had settled into apartments at the papal palace that were opulent, far different from his simple monk's cell back at...
  8. Elben

    Troop Exercise Request [ATTN: Caledonia]

    Königreich Elben Ministry of Defense Communique 2019-01-14/02 Marked: Top Secret To Caledonian Army Command; From Elbener Army Chief of Staff: Greetings! Colleague, Elben is currently training a force for cold weather operations. We wish to send this group to Caledonia to train in the far...
  9. Elben

    Discreet Inquiry [ATTN: Anti-State]

    Königreich Elben Ministry of Foreign Affairs Communique 2019-01-13/02 Marked: Top Secret To Dictator HAYABUSA of the Anti-State; From Gerhard Schenk Graf von Schlabrendorff, His Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs: Greetings! Sir, While our two ways of life are fundamentally opposed for a...
  10. Elben

    Invitation to Caledonia

    Council of the North The Black Keep, Windhaven The members of the Council of the North, the kingdoms of Geotri, Gunnland, and Elben, wish to extend to Caledonia an invitation to join the council as a formal member with all the rights and privilages of membership accorded in the Treaty of...
  11. Elben

    The Christmas Summit

    The New Palace, Eschenbach, Elben The great hall of the palace was festooned with red flowers as the Christmas season was in full swing. The aristocracy and other chief magnates of the kingdom, visiting for Christmas Court, were lined up in each side amid the pillars that held up the vaulted...
  12. Elben

    OOC Letter to Prince Julian

    [OOC: @Justosia , I sent this right before your absence. Just want to bring it back to your attention.]
  13. Elben

    Ecumenical Considerations

    Ioannes XXIII was closeted with his highest advisors. His secretary Schoenborn. The abbot of Herzogenrode. The heads of the dicasteries of the curia. "Brethren, now that you've all read the letter from Propontis, speak your minds." "Holy Father, this is an historic opportunity to heal the...
  14. Elben

    Letter to Prince Julian

    Feast of Saint Nicholas, 2018 Our son, It is with a heavy heart that we write to you this day. For awhile now we have watched you as you have returned to Justosia to seek out what you think to be your birthright, acceptance in the Royal Family. In your quest, you have abjured your Lord and...
  15. Elben

    Building relations [ATTN: Justosia]

    Königreich Elben Ministry of Foreign Affairs Communique 2018-12-05/01 Marked: General To His Excellency the Foreign Minister of Justosia, Mr. Torres; From Gerhard Schenk Graf von Schlabrendorff, His Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs: Greetings! Dear Sir, Justosia's emergence from...
  16. Elben

    OOC: Defense Readiness One

    @Justosia , I am concerned your readiness program is unrealistic as to the speed in which it is able to develop and build new weapons systems. For example, in your latest post in the thread: You have pictured the French carrier Charles de Gaulle. Here is the outline of its construction...
  17. Elben

    Innensee/Lake Elben Initiative [ATTN: CBS; Kadikistan]

    Königreich Elben Ministry of Foreign Affairs Communique 2018-11-05/01 Marked: Confidential To His Excellency M. Jedreck, foreign minister of Crotobaltislavonia, And Comrade Colonel Petar Kujundzic, exterior commissar of the Kadikistani Union From Gerhard Schenk Graf von Schlabrendorff, His...
  18. Elben

    The Index of Forbidden Books

    His Holiness sat in his cell reading through the latest collection of essays from the archbishop of Midweis. Beside it was a dossier compiled by a commission of theologians with excerpts of Kreisler's works, some of which were in the new book, some of which came from other sources. The...
  19. Elben

    Slices of Life in Elben

    Friedrich had had one of the longest reigns in the history of Elben. Thanks to the luck of his genes, taking care of himself over the years, and modern medicine, no other monarch had reigned as long as he had over the country. Today, like many days this summer, it showed. Elben had always...
  20. Elben

    Through the bottleneck [ATTN: Kadikistan]

    @Kadikistan Königreich Elben Ministry of Foreign Affairs Communique 2018-08-24/01 Marked: Confidential To Petar Kujundzic, People's Commissar for External Affairs of Kadikistan; From Gerhard Schenk Graf von Schlabrendorff, His Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs: Greetings! Dear Sir, I...