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    A revolution to end all inefficiency!

    High security prison Stuttgart-Stammheim, 11:13pm. It was a rainy and cold winter night, a quite usual night in Baden-Mecklenburg at this time of the year. The jailors were doing their rounds, some of them even with the huge and frightening badisch-mecklenburgische Bärenhunde (bear dogs), the...
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    Badische Neueste Rundschau (BNR) - Die Nachrichten von Morgen!

    Badische Neueste Rundschau Der Wochenrückblick What happened in the republic? Let us have a closer look at the following top events of the last week: :arrow: Following the Ratswahlen last september, Mrs. Emma BAUMJOHANN, SVP (social democrats), has been elected as new...