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2017-03-09 Foreign office shuffle

Imperium Anglorum

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Apr 6, 2015
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As of 9 March 2017, the City-State of Vienna is no longer the Foreign Secretary of Europe. The decision to dismiss was reached after two months of consideration and inactivity, which eventually found itself unbearable vis-à-vis the importance of our foreign relations. This was decision was not reached lightly. Certainly the instability and reputational consequences of a cabinet shuffle must outweigh the small and repeated harms of inaction.

Through this time of relative instability, the post of Foreign Secretary has again fallen to me. And as I believe that there must be some level of subsidiarity, a chain of command, if you will, I have not meddled in the internal affairs of the Foreign Office since the assignment of the position before the 7th March 2016, beyond prodding the appropriate minister to take rectifying actions. I feel it to be my responsibility to create some level of self-sufficiency in any Office, so that ministers have the ability and willingness to act without believing that their every move will be countermanded. Generally, if you give people with the willingness to manoeuvre, all you need provide the the space in which to do so. This means greater flexibility and more faster responses to any crises abroad, as well as closer relationships between diplomatic undersecretaries and their heads.

As I am now the interim Foreign Secretary, I have requested that certain actions be taken towards restarting the engine of diplomacy, especially as the recent vote on 'Liberate Illuminati' has consumed so much digital ink and threatened to unravel our own diplomatic position with parties (many of whom host European embassies) on both sides.

I have also started the process of selecting a new Foreign Secretary to take up the position. This should be done within the new week or two.

Hello, everyone! I'd like to put out a request for applications to a newly vacated Foreign Office posting, for reasons of inactivity. I think that experience has shown that above all, the most important things are (1) activity, (2) vision for what exactly we want to do, and (3) effective diplomatic skills. Due to personnel shortages, I think it would be best to merge any desired WA functions into the Foreign Office as well. Past experience with the World Assembly is desirable.

If you're interested, please send me telegrams elaborating on how you fulfil those four general goals. I would like to keep the intermediate period short, so send your interest as soon as possible! As the diplomatic corps, due to under-assignment, generally lacks deep experience, I'm happy to consider any applications from outside current government.​


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Sep 9, 2016
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I've lost the ability to thank you for the post, so I'll just post it instead - good plan.