A drama to start all dramas

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    Finally at my PC for evening. If I could figure out a way of explaining my Cuba reference a bit more I would, but atm its slipping my tired mind.....

    1. To give more IC insight to help you understand my governments position. We are staunchly Anti-communist....we have a "communist party" that has some seats, but its not even remotely close to M-L. So seeing the agreement alone was an irritating factor before seeing it broken down.

    We(I) read between the lines, "new membership" it doesn't say anything about via expansion of the existing membership. Tie this with the BPR having become part of Rurikgrad Pact and continued claims to the remaining "free" Bourgogne by the BPR......we can see this becoming a problem, which leads us to

    Essentially neutering what we(I) had seen as a potential member, and at the least a potential partner in rolling the tide of communism back. Providing a window of safety for the BPR to look towards uniting the former Grand Duchy under Rurikgrad protection & assistance. What we would view as "handing the key to Gallia to Ivar" and it an even greater excuse to intervene even further and further from its borders. The Idea of Ivar having a land bridge all the way to the Thaumantic…...unacceptable to our government.

    3. The economic point isn't so much the stickler, its more that even tho it is only with Ivar......that will indirectly find its way into its puppets as Rurikgrad is but an extension of Ivar in our(my) eyes. Greater access and ease of access leads to higher potential of reverse engineering or even outright corporate espionage & intellectual theft, which would most likely be for the advantage of the ruling elite and military purposes as we view it as a militarist state.

    While my government can see you did it for your own safety to a point, it also looks at it as at what expense? That your nations agreement with ivar has jeopardized the safety of Gallia-Germania and its on the verge of war.
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    1. Same here, we are just pragmatic and realise direct conflict is not the only way of dealing with the problem

    2. That's easily solved by joining the aforementioned SQT, in regards to BPR as I made your guys know between the lines, Furlanìe finds that making it explode from inside would be the way to go, something I was trying to work on, but had to stop to handel the overwhelming responses to me signing that treaty, which is comical if you think about it

    3. Not trusting my nation capability to police itself is just irritating
    That is just the consequence of your responses, not the treaty, you chose not to take the opportunity, that's not the grand Duchy's fault

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