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A revolution to end all inefficiency!

Oct 31, 2006
High security prison Stuttgart-Stammheim, 11:13pm.

It was a rainy and cold winter night, a quite usual night in Baden-Mecklenburg at this time of the year. The jailors were doing their rounds, some of them even with the huge and frightening badisch-mecklenburgische Bärenhunde (bear dogs), the standard dog in Baden-Mecklenburg for such a kind of important task.

While the normal rain had turned into a rainstorm, a truck, filled with 20 young women and men, stopped near the main entrance of the prison. One of the three jailors standing there moved to the truck, quite confused about the fact that there was a truck at the prison at this time at all, and demanded the papers of the driver and the pass for the truck and its loading.

The young man driving the truck- we will call him Carl from now on- smiled and just said "Well, my friend, here they are."

About 15 seconds later, all three jailors were dead, disrupted by 5.7 x 28mm bullets. Their corpses had been put into the truck, while the people in it went out. Each man and woman was equipped with a Z&E MP-72 submachine gun, modified by the fitting of a multi-laser targeting system, a flashlight and a 15mm Z&E GW-15 grenade launcher. Barbecue was to begin, it seemed like.

Carl smiled, as everything seemed to work quite well. Next step on the plan would be the big bang.

Meanwhile, being 11:16pm, Carl spoke with a second man he always called Frank. Frank seemed to be the usual "cool and tough guy" you have at these kind of operations, so it was not a kind of big surprise that Frank was responsible for "the big bang". He took a little remote control out of his right trousers pocket, hit a button, and the 4.8l V8 motor of the truck started. Seconds later, the truck drove through the main gate, now opened by Carl, straight to the sentinel of the inner gate. When the jailors realized what was going on, it had already been too late. Shortly after the truck crashed into the gate, the gate exploded, surrounded by a huge fireball. About one ton of nails, metal splints and other small and sharp items flew threw the air, killing a huge amount of jailors inside and outside the prison. A loud and flashy sirene cut the air by its sound, and the dogs were released.

"Now, hurry up, yo' idiots!" Carl yelled. The gang put up their gas masks and started firing 15mm mustard gas shells before they stormed through the door, blotting the remaining jailors out with their bullets.

The confusion was perfect - and efficient.

About two minutes later, 16 persons - 4 were already dead - were standing before the cell with the no. 1408. By the usage of a very small C4 package, they bombed the person inside out and made their way on the flat roof of the building.

At 13:33pm, they disabled the four SAM-sites on the roof by brute force, and waited.

At 13:38pm, three black helicopters collected the terrorists and the prisoner. After taking off, about 60 25mm-HE-rounds were shot at the inner courtyard of the prison, and then, they disappeared in the darkness of the night.

0:04am, Karlsruhe.


The Secretary for Security Affairs, Dr. Frits Galheimer, was quite upset. He was known for having only a shallow sleep, and after being called up that way, it was quite clear that he wasn't to sleep anymore at this night.


"Secretary, we have a problem at Stuttgart-Stammheim. It seems to be some kind of urgent matter. There's someone of the IAD at the phone."

Galheimer stood up, took a cigarette and went to the phone. "Hell", he thought, "if that shitty appointment won't kill me, this lil' ones won't either." He took the receiver, carefully listened and just mumbled "Oh my god. Are you kidding? You aren't? Holy shit."

He put the receiver on the phone again and dialed another number.

"Isabell, we have an emergency situation. It's about the TVB, the Technokratische Volksbefreiung. They freed their leader, that crazy Wagner bitch, just a few minutes ago. Could you please wake up Mrs. Baumjohann and initiate an emergency meeting? I suggest that we do it at the Präsidialamt. Well, I'll be there in about 15 minutes then. Bis bald."

He hung up, took two packages of cigarettes, some clothes and went, in his pyjamas, to his car.

Shortly after he turned the key for starting the ignition, the car exploded. There seemed to be something big going on, and it also seemed to be a hard week for Baden-Mecklenburg's democracy- probably a week which it won't survive.