Across Thaumantic [Attn Eiffel, Lars]

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    With her neighborly meeting across the channel complete the next leg of her Journey had already been planned and her Itinerary set. She would now be going across the ocean, across the Thaumantic, to attempt and negotiate an better market position in the greater Germania region.

    This leg of the trip she would not have the extra baggage of extra personnel, this was all for her. She waited on the Tarmac in Welmonton alone in the small jet. The others had already left and made their journey home, she would probably see them again for another stretch of the diplomatic meetings on her agenda. Eiffelland-Retalia was viewed as a much safer, free society, that perhaps would have more economic prospects and interest alignment than the Isles neighbors.

    She sipped on a glass of scotch, looking at all the paperwork spread across the table in front of her. The industrial prospects, the improvement that securing a favorable trade deal here could lead towards the interior of the Germania region. The jet began to take off as she continued to enjoy her drink, it wouldn't be the only drink on her flight, odds are she would nod off in the seat with a drink in front of her and all her paperwork by the time they would land in Tibur.
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    Chancellor Rheinfeld and Minister of Economic Affairs Rubinstein were waiting at the Aeroporto di Tibur to receive the delegations from the Johnston Isle and Lars. Normally negotiations like this one would take place in the capital city of Trier, but holding the meeting in Tibur had the advantage that the delegation from Lars would spend less time traveling. Rheinfeld and Rubinstein were heppy to be of help here.
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    Francesco Greco had been commissioned by the Lars government to attend the meeting in Tibur. Together with him, on board the state helicopter from Lars, there would have been a team from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The minister of the economy instead, due to an instability of the stock markets due to the conflict in northern Europe, decided to remain in the Grand Duchy to limit damage to the nation's economy.

    "I figli tornano sempre a casa." exclaimed Greco to the staff who were in front of him, busy studying numerous papers. The staff did not understand the minister's statement, and shortly afterwards the team returned to studing their papers in preparation for the meeting that was to begin shortly thereafter.
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