An appeal to the Socialist World (ATTN: Kad, Ser, Bur, Pol)

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    Nov 18, 2018
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    Esteemed Comrades of,

    the Kadikistani Union,
    the People's Republic of Serenierre,
    the Burgundian People's Republic,
    the Polesian People's Republic.

    As testified by the cooperation and the tremendous achievements secured by the working class in our respective nations, we can surely affirm that we live in an unprecedented era of peace. International tensions have slowly but steadily eased, escalations seems to be a thing of the past, and economic growth is paving the way for an hope filled year 2020.

    Peace in Gallia and Germania is a fundamental factor in the stability of the european geopolitical scenario, and we can be proud of our committment to peace which is already showing tangible results both in the domestic and in the international scenario.

    But however strong is our commitment to peace, there will always be individuals and groups in Europe, in particular in Gallia-Germania and in the far east, who don't want it.

    Competition amongst workers and nations is the driving force of the capitalist lobbies of the west and the far east that by recklessly enhancing such unhealthy competition, which can only be described as a war amongst the poor and oppressed, has led to the creation of a new political bloc known as "Organisation of Democratic States".

    Do not be fooled by the use of the term "democratic", for we all know democracy in capitalist countries is a mere hoax to legitimate monarchs and lobbies of power to impose their rule over the workers and create the illusion of freedom whereas in reality there is no real alternative to the capitalist system and oligarchy that encircle those countries and exploit the oppressed working classes.

    Our countries, including my country the People's Republic of Ostmark, has passively observed the development of the aforementioned organisation within the frameworks of a policy of good neighborliness and respect of national sovereignty. This, however, should not be perceived as an unwillingness to react accordingly.

    On the contrary, the People's Republic of Ostmark firmly believes that cooperation amongst fellow socialist countries must be enhanced by creating a new organisation that encompasses our revolutionary movements and works to streghten and defend our sovereignty and our achievements.

    It is for this reason that i appeal all the countries that share the same ideals of freeedom and emancipation of the proletarian masses, which can only truly be achieved by defending their interests and the sovereignty of our repsective nations, to consider a new era of enhanced cooperation in the economic, cultura, social, political and military sphere, and strongly reaffirm our common iron-willed revolutionary ideal.

    Arbeiter aller Länder, vereinigt euch!

    The Office of the People's Chancellorship,
    Horst Paul Grasser
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  2. Kadikistani Union

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    Nov 2, 2006

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    People's Commissariat for External Affairs
    International Building, 103132, Rurik Square, Ivar

    With all our heart we applaud the efforts of our most esteemed comrades in the People's Republic of Ostmark for this initiative to seek unity among the socialist states. It is true that the history of socialism in our world is one far often plagued by rivalry. Too often did we stare ourselves blind on the differences while neglecting the common ground. If there is a chance to set aside past differences and work together towards the emancipation of the international working class, we will gladly sit at the table. The newly elected First Secretary Ivan Mladzic, Second Secretary Petar Kujundzic and Myself will be in attendance to represent the People's Federal Socialist Republics of Kadikistan.


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    Annaguly Oghankanev
    People's Commissar for External Affairs
    People's Federal Socialist Republics of Kadikistan
  3. Burgundian People's Republic

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    May 9, 2019

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    Foreign Ministry of The Burgundian People's Republic

    The People of Ostmark have always been friends to the People's Republic and in times such as these it is vital that all freedom loving nations unite in friendship and solidarity for the mutual benefit of all. Both myself and Chairman Bertrand Murat would be honoured to attend any such meeting.

    Foreign Minister of the Burgundian People's Republic Aerlene Bouchard
  4. Polesia

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    Nov 25, 2006
    The Polesian People's Republic will heed the call of our comrade state and good neighbour the People's Republic of Ostmark and send a delegation to Wien to further the cause of socialist unity and cooperation. We cannot risk the triumphs achieved during and after the Seven Day War being lost to ideological sectarianism and geopolitical complacency. The time for action is now.

    Leon Lissitsky
    Minister for External Affairs and National Defense
    People's Republic of Polesia
  5. Serenierre

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Karachi, Sindh
    The Republique Populaire is most pleased by the efforts of its sister state of Ostmark and we are committed to Socialist unity.

    Private Message - Commissar Bernard Lavosnier - Commissariat for External Relations

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