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Elder Statesman
Oct 7, 2018
Anger in Central Himyar as Camp Hill feels snubbed by ODS
AP Camp Hill

As Chief Minister Bradley Ross has issued his second invite for ODS companies leaving the Kadikistani Special Economic Zones to come and invest in the Union of Central Himyar, promising a young and well educated and skilled workforce and good infrastructure, a second call that received no answer, the number of Central Himyaris that follow the calls of the Hyenas to work for a better Himyar, rather than get involved in Gallo-Germanian and Westernesse politics grows.
For many in Central Himyar, joining ODS has come with the promise of great prosperity, that the free trade zone will increase the number of tourists, that prices of goods imported from Eiffelland and Etruria will go down and that many companies will come in Central Himyar and invest, bringing moving many of the assembly lines that existed in Trivodnia, to Himyar, if not many others more.
The increase in tensions between the Rurikgrad Pact and the ODS has made Central Himyari wake up a a much worse reality than the paradise many of them hoped to see. Investments from the ODS countries are little to none, the protectionism that defended the internal market from being flooded by Eiffellander goods especially is gone, the increased tensions have reduced the number of tourists too and there were even talks of potential conflict, which probably scared many more Central Himyaris.
The Himyari National Congress, internally nicknamed the Hyenas, have capitalised on those fears, as their leader, Yonela Ashleigh Dalasile, an ex-Chief Minister between 2014 and 2018, has called again and again against the nation joining the ODS, stating that Central Himyar (Natal back then) has to bee one of the main players in Himyar and it doesn't have neither the power projection nor the reasons to project its influence over the Long Sea into Gallo-Germania or over the Thaumantic, in Westernesse. Their campaign, called "Himyar at Home" hasn't been as successful as the pro-ODS "Yes for Democratic Unity" Campaign, which has managed to turn the tide on the opinion polling and have the statistics show that more Central Himyaris were supporting the ODS, rather than only membership in the EHTO (Eastern Himyari Treaty Organisation), which was later reformed into the Himyari Cooperation Forum.
Even so, the calls by Bradley Ross to end the FIC-led interventionist policies into the Union's economy, the privatisation of many of the publicly owned conglomerates and corporations, and the end of the campaign to push for the diversification of the economy, which has had a 'rentier' status for three decades now, all done to align the Union of Central Himyar to ODS legislation, have been received extreme anger by many and has given a strong impulse to the new Hyena campaign called "NatOUT", or adapted to the new name given by the constitutional referendum, "CHexit".
The Hyena calls against having the Union Defence Force to be deployed outside Himyar has managed to attract many supporters for their cause, as many see Gallo-Germania and its wars unnecessary for Central Himyar. Now, the lack of investments of the ODS moving from the SEZ into Central Himyar, with the Johnstone Isles attracting many because of its WeFTA accord is sowing even more anger, disgruntle and disappointment into the Central Himyari membership into the organisation.
Even so, Chief Minister Bradley Ross wants to follow up with the reforms, promising that in the end, the long promises prosperity will be achieved. The problem for many is when would that happen, as the trade unions are mobilising for strikes against privatisations as they fear that all those reforms will do will be to bring down the production capacity of Central Himyar and create a huge mass of unemployed people. The government states that states that free trade is the answer and that investments will come, the moment bureaucracy will be eased and it will just be easier to do business in the nation, but many have seen this year as a tease of at least a decade to come should ODS membership continue, and they fear that Eiffellander and Aurarian manufactured goods will outperform and outbid Central Himyari ones, Johnstonian cattle will outsell Himyari one and Etrurian banking will take over, leaving Central Himyar with a small economy based only on mining for precious metals, gems and diamonds, and with a huge unemployment that some analysts believe it would be around 25 to 35%.
"I see no investments from the ODS. All I see is us needing to follow our obligations to the organisation. To bring down protectionism and privatise the conglomerates, to send our soldiers into cold Gallo-Germania to fight someone else's wars, and to just allow us to become a consumer market for ODS products. If the Hippos are allowed to continue with their administration, they will put our nation into an early grave and will turn Himyar's most prosperous country into an agrarian failed state. No, I said from the beginning that it will be a mistake to join the ODS. They told me yeah, it will be hard at first but investments will flood into Central Himyar, as all those companies will want to move away from ex-Trivodnia and the Kadikistani SEZ. Well, nothing like that happened nor it seems that it will happen. It is time to save ourselves and go for CHexit," stated Yonela Ashleigh Dalasile, the leader of the Hyenas.


Elder Statesman
Oct 30, 2006
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Joint statement by the Rathenau Gruppe, the Eiffelloretalian automotive industries, Königliche Eiffelländische Bergbaugesellschaft the Eiffelloretalian biopharmaceutical and medical devices industries and the Eiffelloretalian machine manufacturers

We would like to discuss possibilities to invest in the Union of Central Hymiar. We realise that we took our time, but decisions like this should not be taken in a hurry.