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    Nov 25, 2006
    Trivodnian President will pardon KNP leadership as part of wider deal
    AP Kretyn

    Trivodnian President Meier Lauterpacht has promised to pardon Krasnislavian National Party leader Uladzimir Sannikov and others if the KNP abandons plans for independence and ends its boycott of the National Assembly.

    Sannikov and 11 members of his party, many of them high ranking officials, were charged with sedition and disrespecting the constitution earlier this month after setting up an independence 'working group' that would start planning the secession of Krasnislavian territories from Trivodnia.

    Now in a bid to ease the political crisis gripping the country, President Lauterpacht has agreed to pardon them as a wider deal that will see the KNP abandon plans for independence and end its legislative boycott. The President is also reportedly pressuring the Social Democratic Alliance to compromise further on devolution, which has been at the centre of the row with the KNP.

    "The people of Trivodnia want solutions, not problems," declared Lauterpacht, who also called for an end to "street politics".

    Protests have been taking place ever since the Supreme Court ruled against a second election, allowing the Social Democrats to return to power despite the President and opposition parties all calling for a fresh vote, with public opinion shifting dramatically over the course of the 'Christmas crisis'.

    A permanent camp has been set up by demonstrators in Independence Square in Amstov, the capital's main plaza, with opposition parties all refusing to take their seats in the National Assembly.

    Yesterday however the Supreme Court also ruled that the boycott could be treated as a mass abstention during votes, effectively allowing the Social Democrats to rule as a one-party state unless the opposition take their seats.
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    Jul 17, 2010
    Dun Eidyn
    Arrest Warrants issued for 65 Republican Army Officers
    AP Dun Glas

    The National Military Tribunal in Dun Eidyn, part of the Ministry of Defence has issued arrest warrants for 65 officers of the Republican Army that have been stationed in the Far Northern Republic, formerly known as County Votadinia and colloquially known as the Caitlands. The Republican Army of Caledonia has been stationed in the Caitlands after around twenty Guards (gerndarmes) have been killed by royalist and Caitish rebels.

    The 65 officers of the Republican Army have been accused of high treason, smuggling and what has started a roar in the whole nation, "monarchist sentiments". After the uproar it has caused, the last accusation has been withdrawn. After a preliminary investigation, it seems that they have created an organised crime group which specialised in smuggling weapons from the Republican Army bases around Calasraid, Dun Tain, Puballan and Strumnis and delivered them to the northern rebels.

    The dissidence in the Caitlands is organised by the National Union, a monarchist, right-wing group and its armed wing, the Catholic and Royal Army. They have as of yet attacked gendarmes on patrol but now the government expects bigger attacks as they have now been described as being "psychotic, extremely violent and armed to the teeth". After Saig Madec, the leader of the National Union and Toiseach of Caledonia for two weeks in February has been extradited by Gunnish authorities and is now in a Caledonian prison, waiting for his trial to start, the leadership of the National Union and of the Catholic and Royal Army has been taken by Seathan MacRath.

    Brigadier General Onuist, the commander of the Republican Army units stationed in the Far Northern Republic has called for the creation of an internal investigation commission, declaring that any soldier coming to the north to fight against the dissidents, must have his background checked by the State Security Administration, so that "no person with monarchist sentiment and low morale would be sent to the north, just to be provided with regressive temptations leading to treason."

    While people have commented and attacked the use of "monarchist sentiment", political analysts such as Réamonn Ó Connagáin have stated that this helps us paint a larger image of the Caledonian Republic: "The image of modern Caledonia is built on the kaleidoscopic images which show only fragments and then are put together. We see that the Union of Cabaon is dependant on the aid provided by Caledonia. We see that with the calls of socialisation and nationalisation, the economy has currently ground to a halt. The Buinn is as weak as it ever was in its history. So, economically I would say that we are in a low point, probably similar to 1999 or to 1956, when shall I say the unthinkable, there were prometheist governments in power. Militarily, there are programs put in place to modernise the army, but I would say that they are useless if the morale of the army extremely low. In Loago, this program is a success story, because they communities living there, be the Wala or the Fante or the colonists, Caledonians or Gunnishmen, they work together and see a bright future for that country. In Caledonia, we are too occupied in fighting ourselves and attacking eachother to observe that we are failing at everything is truly important. Morale in the Republican Army is so low that I could say that the army exists only on paper, we have dissident and terrorist groups activating in the country and from the looks of it, even groups in the army are colluding with them. There were 65 officers accused, but who knows how deep the tentacles are in the lower ranks of the Army? Externally, Kadikistan hates non-MList leftwingers more than it hates capitalists, Gunnland hates our republican experiment and now Engellex has started eyeing us. I must say that at least in my opinion, we are on the brink of disaster. "

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