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ASID- Association de l'Industrie de la Défense

Holy Frankish Empire

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ASID is the association of the major Frankish defense firms who operate via a united storefront.

AIRCRAFT BY Moineau Aeronautical

Advanced Jet Trainer

The R7-1 is an advanced jet training aircraft that is designed for the air force that needs its pilots trained to the highest standard.


R2f is a light ground attack aircraft which is adaptable to numerous weapons platforms. Designed with long-term service in mind, the R2f is a perfect candidate for the forces looking to add a punch in a small package. Upgrade parcels are available with purchase at 5, 7, or 10 year intervals.

The H45 Attack Helicopter series has served for over 40 years. With an impressive track record, the Vautour is the only choice in attack helicopers.

R.M. Joinville Nautical Engineering

The Electorate Class Frigate is an air defense frigate that has incorporated the latest technologies to ensure that fleet security and power projection go hand-in-hand.

The Lans Class Corvette is the culmination of decades of capable, blue water corvette development. The Lans Class is the most modern of ships produced by Joinville and is prepared to protect blue or deep brown waters.

The Pillau Class is designed to be a modern assault ship, prepared to bring the fight to both the sea and land. Bringing together numerous technologies, the Pillau is your nation's gateway to the distant shore.


Défense Union Ingénierie et de Recherches

The Imperator is the pinnacle of Imperial tank design. Brought out of decades of experience, the Imperator is the only choice for battlefield dominance.
*sale of this item is subject to government approval

The Panda is a family of adaptable armored fighting vehicles. Designed to fill numerous roles from scout to missile platform to ambulance, the Panda is a choice that your soldiers can rely on.

The Type 11 is an armored car that is both amphibious and highly mobile. It is primarily designed to scout and offer indirect support.

Type 6 Light Tank

Industrie Electrique du Ciel

Take on any threat. Mount on ships or mobile platforms. The TY9 is the future of defense.
*sale subject to government approval

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