Bourgogne,one and indivisible

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    It had been months since the BPR's reintegration of the former Kingdom of Neustria and things were beginning to reach a sense of normalcy. Martial law was still in effect in some areas where Neustrian diehards continued to fight on, bit for the most part people where happy to go on living there lives regardless of whichever government was in charge.

    Unlike a good deal of his compatriots Bernard Soult had chosen to stay in the country, when the Kingdom's government collapsed a good deal of the army simply melting away or crossing the border to Petites-Pays. Now with Bernard found himself serving alongside his former enemies, after all a jobs a job and there'd always be a need for soldiers.


    Inspector Gamelin looked at the bedraggled blindfolded men being lead out of the van, all enemies of the People's Republic in some form of another, aristocrats, disloyal officers, industrialists all would need to be swept away for a new Bourgonge. He took a drag from his cigarette and gestured to one of the policemen to his right who raised his machine gun and fired. The men dropped like puppets with their strings cut, Gamelin turned around and walked out into the fresh air and sunlight of a crisp October morning, another beautiful day in Bourgogne.
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