Construyendo un Nuevo Mundo : Building a New World

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    The loss of the Al-Kez was a tremendous blow to the nation, suddenly a part of the Confederation had been torn from the rest of the nation. Refugees from the Al-Kez flooded into the mainland creating a massive housing crisis,even now months after many still were residing in tent cities outside Treviso. The government had been thrown into a state of emergency and had declared a state of emergency. worse still came rumours that there would not be enough food for those refugees as much of the Confederations agricultural surplus was sent east to Serenierre, luckily this rumour proved to be false but even so people's faith in the ASA(Alliance Syndicaliste Agraire) government was beginning to fail.

    However in the intervening weeks and months a sense of calm had come over the nation, The Confederations military had been put to work assembling homes and the Kezzian refugees and the nations unemployed were tasked with creating new infrastructure and public works for these new housing estates. The post war boom had helped boost the Borovangen economy and now the Confederation is enjoying a period of economic prosperity and a somewhat stable government.

    Now with the economy soaring the ASA now began its program of Syndicalization in earnest, splitting state earned enterprises into local syndicates and trade unions and working on providing greater regional autonomy to the provinces of the Confederation along with large scale land redistribution,however the process of Syndicalization has proven more complicated than first imagined especially with the resistance faced from conservative members of society.
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