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    St David
    Official Name: The Principality of Cymru
    Population: 6 million
    Currency: Punt
    Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
    Head of State: Prince Llywelyn Ap Tudor III
    Head of Government: First Minister


    House of Keys
    National Assembly
    The National Assembly was formed in 1862 after the Ivernish passed the Home Rule Act, it is split into the lower house and higher house, originally being a singular chamber. After electoral reforms passed by the Federal & Royalist Government of 1982-1997.

    All elections for the higher and lower house are voted by the Additional Member System.

    First Minster's Cabinet
    The Royal Treasury

    The Treasury is made up of two arms, Royal Inspector of Inland revenue and the Royal Bank of Cymru.
    R.B.C is owned by the treasury but is run by the monetary commission a semi-independent organisation. R.I.I.R is headed by a director chosen by the treasurer and has a permanent General Secretary.

    Ministry of Education & Childcare:
    The Ministry provides free education, childcare, fostering services to all citizens up to the age of 16 years old, it also regulates private & faiths schools, all University are privately run with fees paid by the graduate tax.
    Ministry of the Defence

    Ministry of Public Health

    Department of Labour & Welfare

    Department of Domestic Affairs

    Department of Foreign Relations & Cooperation

    Department of Trade & Business Standards

    National Security Bureau

    Department of Transports & Infrastructure

    Department of Justice

    Military & Security services
    Royal Defence Force:
    Personal numbers: 35,000
    Reservist Number: 65,000

    The Royal Militia (Land Force)
    General Staff & Command HQ
    Tactical Communication & Intelligence HQ
    Princesses Blodwen's Light Carvery
    501st Militia
    Merchandised Guards Brigade
    Royal Logistics Corps
    Royal Mountaineer Rifles
    Snappers of Monmouthshire
    Royal Artillery
    1st Order of Healing and Worship

    Royal Navy (Llynges Frenhinol Gymreig)
    The Admiralty Board
    Naval Artillery
    Submarine Service
    Fleet Air Arm
    Coastal Protection Fleet
    Royal Maritime Police

    Royal Household Protection Agency
    Diplomatic Protection Unit, Royal Military Police,
    Counter-Terrorism & Narcotics Agency




    The Three Kingdoms

    Principality 989-1389

    Revolt of Gwlyndr 1407-1422

    Domain of the Irevish Commonwealth 1862-1919

    The St David Commune 1872

    The St David Commune was a radical socialist and revolutionary government that ruled St David from 28 March to 28 May 1871. The Commune was formed by socialists, Chartists movement and former soldiers of the Ivernish Empire. Both Socialist & the Chartist movement were unhappy with liberal party failed to bring reforms to the National Assembly. Many Cymru born soldiers were promised more land rights if they volunteered for the Ivernish Army. Conscription was not in enforced in the domain due to the violent responses to it in the last few decades prior. Many soldiers returning home from finishing their service finding them still discriminated by the Ivernish minority controlling the National Assembly.

    The Commune was created when the radical members of the liberal party lead anger mob which had gathered in the last few days against the voting down of reforms by the Unionist Party. The mob throw many nonsupporting A.Ms from the top floor window with the rest kept as hostages.

    As news speared many workers of the city started to create makeshift barracks made from destroyed factor machinery and were armed by the city guards.

    It didn't take long for the Ivernish government to catch of winds of the ongoing events, several thousand troops and dozens of artillery pieces were sent to besiege the city.

    With the port under naval blockage and moral ruining low, the commune official surrendered on 28th of May.

    The aftermath was executions of all commune leaders and the withdraw of the Home Rule bill, effectively putting the Dominion under the direct rule of Ivernish Parliament with Major General J.J O'Connell put in has a governor.

    Republican Uprising 1911-1919

    The Republican uprising was series of riots, mass protest and general strikes eventually leading to the resentment of the Home Rule bill and creation of the Participation act.

    The Republican uprising was effective l because of the united movement of liberals, Republicans and socialist with _____ has an acting figurehead for the movement. Having given over dozen speeches for total independence from the Ivernish Empire outside parliament, the movement was financially back by Robert Owen Junior.

    Civil War 1919-1921

    Republic of Cymru 1921-1967

    Coup of 1967

    Start of the year result in the fourth completed collapse of the government in the

    Border Wars Spring 1979-1980 New Year’s day

    Start of the Peace and Recreation Process

    Reconstruction of the Principality 1981
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