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Embassy of Forest

Jan 6, 2019
Here is the January update for the region:

Government of Forest

Founder: Errinundera

WA Delegate: Ransium

Forest Keeper: Uan aa Boa

Deputy Forest Keeper: Turbeaux

Embassy Officer: Ruinenlust

WFE Editor: Mozworld

Roleplay Mentor: Caracasus

Forum and Discord Sower: Mount Seymour

Gameplay Ambassador: Lord Dominator

Head Cartographer: Areulder

Statistics Officer: Blon Gre

Voice of Forest: Canaltia


Since this is the first of a series of updates, a foreword would be a good way to start this one off. This is the January Forest Update, a series of paragraphs meant to condense all of the important events in the previous 3 months for the benefit of our embassy regions. As Voice of Forest, it is my honour to manage these updates. Because this is the first update, it’s a way for me to lay the groundwork for what I want to do with these updates, and it will evolve based off of what is needed, what would make it more effective, and most importantly, what you lovely people want to see.


In the past three months, Forest has been blessed with a very stable government, with 2 additions, no removals, and no changes for government positions. The additions were the Statistics Officer, and the Voice of Forest, and were following a telegram sent out by Uan aa Boa on November 11th.

To quote Uan, the purpose of the Statistics Officer is “to decide on a new format to recognize environmental excellence and put new dispatches in place.“ Basically, the Statistics Officer is given the responsibility of carrying on Montmorencia’s work, and creating a ranking system to celebrate the many environmentally outstanding nations in Forest. This position went to Blon Gre, who was appointed on November the 21st.

The second position, Voice of Forest, is given the task of “prepare[ing] regional news updates for our ambassadors to post in our embassy regions and their off-site fora, as well as our new thread in the NS gameplay forum”. The position was given to me, Canaltia, and this update is the first of the regional news updates mentioned above.


When Uan aa Boa was elected as Forest Keeper, one of their goals was to increase Forest’s embassy presence. In my opinion, the last while has been a tremendous success with embassies. Forest has opened no less than four new embassies, and there have been seven ambassador appointments.

Starting with the embassies, on November the 27th, Forest opened embassies with Conifer, the environmentally-friendly region of 101 nations (at the time of writing), following a 33-1 vote. On December the 6th, Forest and the influence powerhouse of Europe opened embassies, with a similar 33-1 vote in favour. A mere 4 days later, embassies with Sonindia, a defender and RP region, were opened, after a 21-14 vote. Last but not least, embassies with Wintreath, the eternal winter wonderland, were opened after an 18-1 vote on December the 29th.

Following these embassies, ambassadors were appointed shortly after. Seagull was appointed to Conifer, New Ladavia to Europe, yours truly to Sonindia, and Turbeaux to Wintreath. In addition to these, three ambassadors were appointed to other embassy regions who didn’t have ambassadors previously. On November 19th, Palos Heights was appointed to Oatland, and on November 20th, Rejectionville was appointed to The Bar on the Corner of Every Region, and The Southern Cascadian States to Winterfell.


Recently, Forest has been blessed with not just one, but two major cultural events, with the Autumnal Writing Contest and the Forest Photo Contest.

The Autumnal Writing Contest, organized and run by Caracasus, opened for submissions on October the 22nd to anyone in Forest or a region we have an embassy with. After all of the amazing submissions, the judges managed to pick out winners on December the 7th. Congratulations to everyone involved, since there were some truly inspiring pieces of writing submitted. You can find all the details in the contest dispatches linked below.

Start (categories and prompts):

Beginning December 1st and ending at the last second of 2018, the Photo Contest was run by Mount Seymour and was open to any nation in Forest or a region with embassies with Forest. The amount of not just submissions, but high-quality submissions, was astounding. Sure enough, the winners were announced last night, and you can find the details here

Start (categories and prompts):


That about sums up the Forest happening in the last few months. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot me a telegram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you to all of the people in our embassy regions for making the past three months so enjoyable.