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Nov 30, 2019
Fiskadaha City
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NPA Bulletin
by Westinor, Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs
[PFC] Arichia -> Corporal
[PVT] Westinor -> Private First Class

The NPA has been very busy prepping for the holiday season, starting off the month of November with a visit to everyone’s favorite admin friends over at Testregionia ! They looked around for Testlandia , but couldn’t seem to find them anywhere… hoping to leave a little surprise and feeling a bit naughty, a tag was left behind for them to enjoy!

However, the rest of Nationstates was not to be forgotten. NPA Officer COL BMWSurfer, as well as Minister and Deputy Minister of Defense COL Gorundu and GEN 9003 led several tag and detag runs throughout the month, whipping new recruits into shape and singing awfully premature yuletide carols along the way. Featured Region of the Day Mikov Call was also hit on minor update of November 15th, led by GEN Gladio on the trigger.

During one of these tag runs the North Pacific Army also unseated several delegates in approval of the proposal “Repeal: ‘Liberate Confederation Of Corrupt Dictators’”, contributing to the eventual failure and dropping of a proposal that sought to remove an offensive liberation from fascist region Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

The NPA also departed on two separate joint operations with members of ERN, looking to spread some Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving, ending at Christmas , where Defense Minister 9003 declared Die Hard a Christmas movie and challenged others to prove otherwise. The second, held on Major of November 25th featured an ultimately unsuccessful attempt at invading the region of Japan as variance resulted in the target region updating earlier than expected. However, participating members had a fun time bonding with members of different organizations.

High Command also had something in store for the beginning of the holiday season. On Thanksgiving weekend, a total of nine soldiers from the North Pacific Army gathered with members of several other organizations, including Lily and The Grey Wardens in an effort to unseat delegate Mikeswill of the region Nationstates . Soldiers were seen prepping for the op an hour before the jump, chatting with comrades and enjoying stories from times long past. The raid itself was successful, bringing King Zhaoxiang Of Qin up to the position of WA Delegate for a single update and ending Mikeswill’s 16-year long reign - the longest in Nationstates at the time.

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World Assembly Digest
by Cretox State, Minister of WA Affairs
WA Digest

Fifteen WA proposals in total went to vote during the month of November, nearly double that of October. Of these fifteen, eight were GA proposals, with the remaining seven being in the SC. Only two proposals failed at vote, both of which were in the SC. These defeated proposals included “Commend Ariusgrad” and “Commend Twobagger”. Impressively, ten out of the fifteen voted-on proposals were submitted by members of the TNP WA Ministry; this is 67% of voted-on proposals and 77% of passed proposals during the month. A total of ten unique authors submitted the fifteen voted-on proposals this month. Three passed resolutions this month were sponsored Accelerator proposals. Former TNP WA Minister Morover was commended this month.

Most Supported
The most widely supported proposal during November was , which passed with 89.6% support and sought to commend a prominent antifascist military gameplayer, WA and issues contributor, and member of the WA General Secretariat. Overall, this was an incredibly uncontroversial commendation that faced no major opposition. This proposal was authored by Cretox State and co-authored by Honeydewistania .

Most Opposed
The most widely opposed proposal to come to vote during November was another SC proposal, “Commend Ariusgrad”. Proposed by Joan Darc , this proposal sought to recognize its nominee’s region-building efforts in the founderless region of Philippines and received 31.7% support. A large portion of the opposition to this proposal stemmed from concerns over the actual significance of the nominee’s accomplishments, along with strange construction; specifically, the proposal cited the region maintaining “warm relations” and creating government positions as commendable.

Most Controversial
The most controversial proposal to come to vote in November 2020 was undoubtedly “Commend Twobagger”, proposed by Jakker City . Narrowly failing with 46.9% support, this proposal aimed to recognize the contributions of its nominee to defending, a subset of military gameplay, and regional development. The proposal was the subject of intense opposition from the beginning, with 10000 Islands being a primary voice of criticism. The proposal’s voting numbers shifted between slight support and opposition throughout the duration of the vote, and a single substantially powerful regional delegate had the power to flip the vote for most of it. The turning point arguably came after a highly publicized incident in which three members of The Black Hawks moved WA nations into The South Pacific and voted in favor of the proposal in an alleged violation of TSP sovereignty. Given the incredibly narrow final margin of the vote, there could very well be another attempt at this commendation in the future.
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November Justice Election
by Owen, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
The months of November brought us another Judicial election and this time all three justice positions were up for election. With it being a normal judicial election, there was a larger field than the special elections that have been held recently with 8 citizens declaring their candidacy. The citizens that ran in this election were: Comfed, Honeydewistan, Laeg, Lord Lore, Monkemafiatopia, saintpeter, Vivanco, and Yalkan.

Comfed ran in this election on the back of their successful defence in a recent Court case as one of the newest citizens in the field. Comfed also ran on their belief that they had sufficient experience to allow them to take on the role of Justice with an open mind and the ability to be a neutral and unbiased judge of issues. Whilst Comfed received some support, they were not elected.

Moving onto looking at Honeydewistan’s campaign, they had a much more informal campaign than some of their other competitors. They had a campaign thread, but did not post any campaign promises or reasons to vote for them until they were asked to. After being asked why they should be a good pick for Justice they said that their neutrality in TNP politics put them in a strong position to ensure their neutrality if they were elected as Justice. However, when it came to voting, Honeydewistan did not receive the support needed and therefore was not elected.

Laeg was the most inexperienced candidate in the election, having only joined TNP’s forum in October. Their campaign was a short one in which they promised to work to ensure that laws in the region remained fair and just, as well as ensuring cases were balanced and equal for both sides. In their campaign, they also endorsed Vivanco and Lord Lore as the other two justices that they liked to see elected alongside them. However, Laeg’s campaign was not successful and they were not elected.

Lord Lore
Lord Lore is a Security Councillor within TNP. They declared their candidacy in the election and then chose not to post a campaign thread. Despite not having a campaign thread, Lore was elected as Justice in the third tally of votes.

Monkemafiatopia is a new member of the TNP community and chose not to post a campaign thread. Likely due to the lack of a campaign thread, they received very little support and were not elected.

Saintpeter ran off of the back of an unsuccessful attempt to get elected as Justice in the August Special Election. In this campaign, they had more experience in this branch of government in TNP having argued in a request for review before the Court as well as being Temporary Hearing Officer for another case. In their campaign thread Saintpeter argued that it was important to protect the independence of the judiciary, and ensure this by not voting in any RA business during their tenure as Justice. As well as this, they stood on a promise to make the Judicial branch more accessible to new members of TNP by looking at implementing law clerks within the judiciary to allow new members to get experience within TNP’s Court. Saintpeter’s campaign proved to be popular and was the second elected Justice.

Vivanco was the only incumbent standing for re-election. Vivanco ran their campaign as a continuation of their time as Justice after their election in the August Special Election. They also ran on their experience of TNP law as a former Attorney General as well as their time as Justice last term. As well as this, one of Vivanco’s most important aspects was the need for stability and independence within the judiciary. Vivanco proved to be the most popular candidate in the election and was the first Justice to be elected.

Yalkan is a long-standing member of TNP and stood for election for the first time in a while. Yalkan did not post a campaign thread, which proved to be an issue when it came to voting. Due to the lack of a campaign, Yalkan was not very popular amongst voters and therefore was not elected as Justice.

Therefore, after an election that had a good turnout and had a large field, Vivanco, Saintpeter, and Lord Lore were elected as Justices.

[small]The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth
Publisher: TlomzKrano :: Executive Editor: BMWSurfer :: Managing Editor: Arichia(Forum) and Gorundu (Dispatch)

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.[/small]



Irrelevant Backwater
Nov 30, 2019
Fiskadaha City
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Editor's Note
by BMWSurfer

Welcome to The Northern Lights.
I have been continually impressed by the cards community, and their dedication to their craft. I have seen newcomers and experienced players alike become excited by this relatively new game mechanic, and cards have left their mark on the NS world forever. I am grateful for the new Ministry of Cards for their help in creating this issue, and for all of the authors who contributed. Happy reading!
Minister of Communications
Note From the Minister of Cards

Minister of Cards, you say? You know, many were quite surprised that such a position came into being, and developments such as this help prove just how far the Cards community has come forward in terms of progress. Cards as a feature has lasted for only an estimated two years - a fledgling duration of existence compared to other areas of the site, yet I believe that this issue of The Northern Lights will go into enough depth to justify why Cards has become its own, fully-functioning part of NationStates. Without further ado, let's show you what we mean by that!
Minister of Cards
Interesting NSers you might've not known were actually cards traders

Please note that everything I will say from here on out will come from me as a regular cards player, not me as the current region’s Minister of Cards.
From time and again, I’m sure many people have come, continued to stay, or have gone from NationStates. However, not all those people manage to catch the eyes of others: some are perfectly fine with staying as regular players, while others choose to ascend within the site in terms of notoriety. Whether they become well-known Gameplay figures, joining the site staff such as the Moderation team, et cetera are all examples, and I’ve noted plenty of such well-known users who - despite their names being recognized for things unrelated to trading - have actually delved (and sometimes even continue to delve) into the cards game themselves.
As for which users I’m talking about, just naming a fraction of the total will take a while to accomplish. There’s so many we have to go over!
I guess the first group of NSers we can go over is the site staff/game volunteers. These people are likely the most important due to them essentially running the site, and one would assume that, due to how time-consuming performing such a task is, none of the users would ever dabble in cards. However, those who are familiar with the cards community know that such an assumption happens to not be the case; so many members of the site staff actually trade cards that naming them all would prove difficult! The most notable ones (in my opinion) would be Frisbeeteria and Ballotonia. Frisbeeteria is a current senior game moderator within NationStates and potentially the most active user in the field; plus they’ve been a user for at least 2 decades. I find it interesting to see how they’ve also dabbled in cards in addition to moderation, holding a near-monopoly on the epic cards market and continuing to possess one of the highest deck values in the trading leaderboard. As for Ballotonia, they’re a current game administrator who helps introduce new features and manages the code for existing features within NationStates; this could be considered even more potentially time-consuming of a job than being a moderator (though that is just speculation), yet Ballotonia has shown time and again to collect cards of numerous types out of self-interest, whether it be cards of commended/condemned nations, cards of World Assembly author nations, or even wacky/fun cards pertaining to rubber ducky images! And to add on to their collections, Ballotonia even regularly offers input, manages, or helps introduce new cards-based content for the benefit of all traders across the site, so we couldn’t be more grateful to them for everything they’ve done for cards so far!
For other site staff members, then I’ve also noted of Luna Amore and Noahs Second Country. I used to trade extensively with Luna (specifically for ex-nation cards), and they’re both a current issues editor as well as game moderator. For Noah, they’re one of the most recent issues editors to be added, and, despite their new responsibilities, they continue to “terrorize” the card market, so to speak (if you wish to gain a bigger idea of what I mean then try reading their condemnation). Both users I have communicated frequently with in the card game, and my experience with them I’ve considered to be a defining point in my journey through trading.
All in all, many site staffers/game volunteers have impacted the cards minigame one way or another.
As for Gameplay regulars, they too have dabbled within the cards market to a certain extent. Whether it be regional officers, delegates, or raiders/defenders, I’ve seen plenty of these types of users trade at least one time and/or start their own collections.
For the most notable ones, there are users like Xoriet, Ever-Wandering Souls, r3n, and HumanSanity. For Xoriet, they’re a current officer within the NPO and a former delegate of The East Pacific; they became especially known within the trading community for hosting pull events for the extremely valuable Season 1 Pergamon card, and they are currently involved as (both) a staffer within the trading cards server as well as helping manage (though I don’t know to what extent) the NPO’s card program. They’ve been an extremely generous and affable user to me, and everyone’s interactions with them have produced similar responses. For Ever-Wandering Souls (condemned raider and influential figure within The Black Hawks), they primarily card farm using their alt accounts, but the most significant thing they achieved in cards was their involvement in the so-called “cards raid” instigated by Refuge Isle and Feu de Glace. I currently don’t know the full extent to how much they impacted trading as a lone user, but their facilitation of the event might have contributed somewhat towards the admins’ changes to card pull mechanics, due to the amount of cards that generated in said event. I never interacted much with Souls so I can’t comment on how my experience was with them, but they seemed to be quite dedicated to trading (in their own way) at the height of their activity. As for r3n, they were actually a former delegate of The North Pacific and largely responsible for the World Assembly Development Programs largely used by TNP as well as Europeia, and (through their management of the ‘The Northern Light’ account) they currently hold the #4 spot for highest deck value - which would have been much higher had they not been regularly/generously donating much of their cards to TNP’s card programs. Super dedicated to what they do, and I’m sure many would agree that r3n could be considered the G.O.A.T. of trading cards (though many are still part of the Koem Kab fanbase of course). Finally, we have HumanSanity. Current delegate of 10000 Islands and on the opposite of Ever-Wandering Souls on the raiding-defending spectrum; like everyone else on this list, I know absolutely nothing when it comes to talking with them from a Gameplay perspective, but what I can say is that my interactions with them (when discussing cards) were nothing but laid-back, enjoyable, and sometimes even wholesome. They currently manage their region’s Card Co-op program, and we tend to joke around with each other in Discord card channels during the time we’ve been able to communicate.
At one point, there were even users Cormactopia Prime and Queen Yuno who originally traded cards. The former was a previous delegate of Osiris (though not on the account I’m naming) and simultaneous nominee for a commendation and condemnation; they were rocking a few legendary cards along with an entire series of Gameplay-focused cards before later choosing to sell their entire deck (even more funny was that I bought some of their cards when it happened!). For the latter, Yuno was a former delegate of The East Pacific, and they were one of the traders who originally tried extremely hard to purchase one of my Season 1 Menta Lee-IL legendaries years ago; as of this moment, they still possess their deck but they no longer seem interested in trading at the moment. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing not to continue card trading and that is something I can completely understand, but when you even have users as widely cited as Cormac and Yuno getting involved - despite their heavy focus on Gameplay - at this point you’ve likely come to the conclusion that the trading cards community can no longer be seen as a mere group of people supporting a slightly obscure minigame within NationStates; it has simply grown far too much and to the point where figures from all over the site have taken at least one look and even participated in it on certain occasions!
Players belonging to communities other than the above two have (also) naturally gotten involved in cards. Whether it be the issues authoring, World Assembly legislative, or roleplaying communities, I’ve seen many come and go over the time I’ve been a cards player. Examples include WA authors Cretox State, Morover, and Honeydewistania. I’ve interacted frequently with Cretox during my membership as a TNP Cards Guild member, and Morover and Honeydew have both posted many times on the Cards Discord server. Fauxia and Ransium (prominent issues authors) fall into the same case as the latter two I just mentioned, with Ransium even regularly selling me ex-nation cards when they were still active in trading. With regards to roleplay, then I’d have to say that Forum 7 regular + Factbooks & National Information poster Valentine Z easily takes the cake: not only do they regularly maintain an extremely large collection of cats (I sometimes gift them such cards as well), but they were also the main architect behind the now widely used ‘Gold Retriever’ tool (a script that outputs the amount of bank one possesses across all their puppet accounts); in addition, multiple players even used their card within a collaborative effort that would go down to be the longest card auction to ever occur in trading history (at least 12.5 days, hehe), something which many of the cards community is still proud of. All of these players - much like the other players I already noted - have occupied themselves in cards to some degree, and there is not much I can really say regarding this other than the fact that I’ve been extremely glad that this has been the case.
Cards have lasted as a feature for an estimated 2 years. Numerically speaking, this is starting to become rather aging. However, as a fully-fledged community it has lasted a bit shorter (due cards - for the first few months of its existence - actually being a mere April Fools Event), and it’s far shorter in its numerical age in comparison to most of the other communities NationStates already has (such as Gameplay). Despite this fact though, it seems that cards have been receiving a welcoming reception due to just how diverse the amount of players have been involving themselves within this fledgling area of the game. Whether it be a dedicated person who volunteers to keep the site running, an aspiring writer who wishes to further their own literary skills in an organization-like setting, or a humble user who loves to help others in communities they are apart of, all of these types of players have come together and have engaged - one way or another - in one thing within the NationStates universe: trading cards.
Yeah, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that the cards community possesses its share of interesting users.
Smaller regions that are using cards

What exactly defines the phrase “smaller region”? Well, I’d definitely state that it’s not any of the feeder or sinker regions; regions possessing a minimum of 1000 nations are definitely not small by any means. That specific number leads one to conclude that, in addition to all the feeders and sinkers out there, large User-Created Regions such as Europe and 10000 Islands (the latter actually possessing its own card program) are also to be excluded from the “small” classification.
In other words, regions possessing a few hundred or below are to be focused within this article, and the reason as to why we will specifically be going over smaller - though not at all meager - regions (and their involvement within cards) is for one reason: dedication. In huge regions such as any of the feeders, there exists hundreds to thousands of active players that work toward contributing to the region they are apart of, and the chance for a region’s card program to grow becomes exponentially higher (than that of smaller regions) due to the sheer number of players within the former likely to get themselves involved, whether through self-discovery or through the large region’s highly developed methods of advertising. Should a smaller region - despite the setback of not possessing enough players to sustain the region’s programs - actually possess its own card program, then that speaks miles of how dedicated said region’s players are when it comes to cards, and I believe that this can go a long way in proving just how amazing cards can overall be for some people.
Without further ado, let’s get to the actual regions!
I remember over a year ago, that in the really old days of cards this one user, Democratic Republic Of Unified States (DRUS for short), really went out of their way in getting together much of the cards community. As for what exactly I mean by this, it’s that they chose to host an entire cards festival within a well-known UCR at the time: Pacifica (a region that peaked at nearly 700 members at one point). As DRUS was considered the region’s cultural officer at the time, their hosting of the cards festival could be considered an official method regarding a smaller (though by no means tiny) region using cards, and DRUS invited most of the well-known cards players at the time (including Mikeswill, Ballotonia, Samudera, and more) to temporarily join the region and offer cards advice, while also simultaneously hosting card giveaways within the festival. This was one of the first (and actually likely the first) time I ever got myself involved within another region’s dwellings in cards, and it’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the way in which Pacifica pulled it off for themselves.
The next really out-of-the-water region I came to admire was Card Gardens. Though they are not known at all within the Gameplay community, they are actually one of most documented regions I’ve ever come across within cards. Not only were they a region utilizing cards in an official capacity, but the region itself is a literal cards organization. Possessing its own application, giveaways, and its own Discord server, Card Gardens possesses dozens of regional residents along with plenty of official members within its organization. The region hands out cards on a daily-to-weekly basis, and you’re not even required to be a member of any region (not even Card Gardens itself!) to become a member. Highly inclusive as a result, and I myself have donated to the region’s programs due to how active they currently are within the cards community.
As for the next one, there was Psychotic Dictatorships. As a few probably know already, my main account serves a current officer of that region (so this choice could come across as more nostalgic than anything), but I included it here due to the promotion of one of the region’s most dedicated members. Their name is Japhetia, and they were appointed as a regional officer partly for their RMB activity, but also partly due to their card donations. Said donations primarily consisted of Season 2 Menta Lee-IL (the region’s founder) epics, and they also mentioned donating more of the aforementioned epics within one of their most recent gameside polls. Overall, this example is not nearly as huge as the two regions I already mentioned above, but the fact that someone still managed to single-handedly play a role in introducing cards for their region speaks volumes on how far players can go with regards to promoting/enjoying the trading game. Nice working, Japhetia.
Lastly, there is the Tea House of Cards. Like Card Gardens, it would be a mistake to just consider this name to be that of a normal region. Unlike Card Gardens however, THC was not a cards organization, but rather the embodiment of an entire, multi-regional cards event! Organized by players (from regions Lazarus, The East Pacific, and 10000 Islands) well-versed in the cards game, over 100 users ended up participating one way or another during the height of the festival’s existence. Whether by guessing what card rarity they will be when the next season releases, roleplaying within the region’s RMB in the context of a cards-based setting, or giving out full-blown lectures solely discussing the trading feature, a multitude of things were completed during THC’s event duration - and I’d definitely be interested in seeing additional regions being made that would serve as embodiments for card events.
As a bonus, I also once noted of One Small Island (the nation). They’ve long been the delegate of the GCR Warzone Sandbox, and at the height of their influence they achieved over 100 endorsements (as far as I know) during the massive Drew Durnil wave. While their region never officially adopted cards in any official capacity, the user in question had regularly offered card-based advice and encouraged participation in trading to Warzone Sandbox while they were still active.
Similar cases were repeated in NationStates and Spiritus; long-time delegate Mikeswill ended up pinning the Cards Guide to their region, while The Salaxalans (user who even was partially commended for their potato card collection) frequently mentioned cards in Spiritus’s RMB - the latter even starting a regional card collection comprised of most of their region’s members. Delegates are oftentimes seen as a microcosm of what a region stands for, so the fact that these many delegates of regions - despite the regions not actually officially delving in cards - regularly involving themselves in trading as well as encouraging said trading is quite a notable thing on its own.
Overall, in spite of the numerical disadvantage many of these regions possessed in terms of players, the actual members of each region decided to take it upon their own hands and go out of their way to introduce cards in some fashion for their regionmates (and in some cases, for any player who hasn’t even delved into trading yet). People like this not only are considered admirable from my personal standpoint, but also serve as a truly genuine example of how cards - despite its rather fledgling duration of existence - has already influenced a multitude of players to try their hardest to bring about the full potential of this feature of the game. Whether it be through simple promotion on the RMB, regular giveaways to members of the region, or through the hosting/embodiment of entire card-based organizations/events for every player to enjoy, smaller regions could be considered to have performed just as admirably (or at least close to have performed so) as that of the more well-known/larger regions with regards to utilizing cards in their everyday functions.
What makes a good theme?
by Valentine Z

With the advent and inception of the Trading Cards since the April Fools of 2018, originally planned to be a one-off feature, it has seen a comeback as a permanent mechanics of NationStates, spanning 3 seasons so far, so to speak – Season 0 (when it was first incepted), Season 1, and Season 2. Without going too far into describing the history of Trading Cards, I would like to now talk on what exactly makes a good theme. A theme, by definition, is a set of cards that follows a particular set of rules or styles. When we think of theme, we usually would like to think about the Collections of both the big and small players, along with perhaps a few more. There are several factors that come into play, though none particularly superseding one another; after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Given the rarity of the cards, the first theme that most of the nations that went through and collected were the Legendary cards – the ones of the highest rarity. Even in the first days of Trading Cards, one can see a slew of collections that are all about collecting these Legendary cards consisting mainly of Admins, Moderators, Issue Editors, WA Secretaries (the staff in general), along with a few other older nations who have issued authors, amassed a large number of gold badges, and just about anything else that have set them apart from the crowd. With this, also branches out other smaller themes and collections that were based on the staff of NationStates. Other nations have collections that were based on themes of seasons and rarities. Often enough, these were the aforementioned Legendaries, but there were also Epics, Ultra Rares, Rares, Uncommons, and Commons. On a deeper note, these would also involve being separated into Seasons – for instance, there were collections on complete S1 Legendaries, as well as S2 Legendaries.
Of course, all of these involved a particular time-frame, or were confined to being separated into rarities, as well as to the time-frames (i.e. seasons). In contrast, there are many other themes that are boundless on these two traits, and instead are only concerned with the aesthetics of the cards. While some of the collections look at the value, these themes are all about the appearances of the cards, and in other times, about the names of these nations. There spans several of these – Entertainment, Flags, Geography, Nature, Objects, and many more. The Entertainment ranges from movies to TV shows to comics; Flags range from ones that are a collection of rainbows, to animated flags; Geography would involve players collecting cards involved with RL flags; Nature involves wild animals, trees, skies, and many more that are the wonders of Mother Nature; Objects involves the more wild card collections that were distinct and different from one another – food, guns, ships, cars, etc.
Last, but of course not at the very least, we also have themes that are hybrids of time constraints, rarities, among many other things. One of the first collections that attracted the eyes of the many would be Destructive Government Economic System (DGES)’s collection – The Ex-Nation Extraordinaire! As of the time of this writing, this behemoth collection has 18,960 cards, all of them being of ex-Nations, that is, nations that has ceased-to-exist (CTE) when the cards were snapshotted. Collecting these cards since the first few days of the Trading Cards’ inception, it would have been an understatement to say that DGES has defined the theme of ex-nation cards, and eventually boosting the demand for these otherwise forgotten set of cards for their perceived lack of value to them. Also from the same user and a noteworthy mention is a collection of cards that have extremely low ownership (usually only 1-3 users have these cards), regardless of rarity. These low-ownership cards can be called a subset of ex-nation cards, since they are still the ones that either does not have a large demand or are rarely pulled.
Of particular mention and my personal favourite are the slew of collections that are relevant to the field of Mathematics because of the competition.1 There is no limitation in creativity and what qualifies as a collection – it’s simply a matter of the story behind it, and the commitment these card players have put into them. There is simply no boundary to the themes that one can create and collect – apart from the aforementioned themes and large collections, there are also these smaller ones, such as memes or Internet Culture-based collections, that uses card ID numbers, their names, their pictures, and just about everything else in-between to make their own unique status quo.
With the themes being talked about, we will now go over to what makes them so good, or a cut above the rest. It is obvious to see their high values and large collection sizes, but none of these would have been possible without one thing – determination. Determination to get the bank that one needs in order to buy the cards, as well as the determination to add these to the collections. The former perhaps need no introduction, given how most of the players have at least tens to thousands of puppets at their disposal to answer issues with to get these card packs. The answering process itself is a tedious one, going through each nations manually and having no legitimate automated system to make it fair for everyone involved. It was simply a matter of how much the player is willing to sink their time into the game. With that, we have the second form of determination of making these collections. It is of note that the “Add to Collection” for each of the cards were only done so recently, that is, the feature was not around for a good majority of the lifetime of the Trading Cards game. In other words, those collections that were large and vast have been done painstakingly, once with going through the list of their main deck to add to, followed by going through the list several times in order to add more cards. As a result of all of this, it takes an equal amount of determination to get these cards, as well as to organise them into neat collections and themes.
In conclusion, going back to the first paragraph of this news piece, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as many of the themes and collections were made differently. While there has been repeating themes and collections from different people, on what makes them good and memorable would be the sheer amount of hardwork and dedication that these nations and players have put into making such wonderful pieces of themes and collections for everyone to behold and to follow in their own footsteps.
What changes should be made to the cards game?
by Valentine Z

This has been most very likely one of the more controversial topics of the game, because as with most of the situations and problems in real life, there is not a single solution that resolve everything. When something was supposed to solve a subset of problems had by a group of players, it would inevitably cause frustration for a few other players. We have seen this first and foremost with the addition of TCALS – Trading Card Anti-Laundering Service, as it would be called. This was made with the intent and purpose of increasing the chances of drawing and finding a card that was currently being used for a bank transfer. This prevents players from transferring banks without the threat in the form of new owners heisting them, while still offering a substantial chance of making sure that it is fair for everyone involved. While the system was not met with great reception at that time, it was eventually refined and evolved in order to better suit the needs of a majority of players, and it is also used as a means for players to get valuable cards (i.e. by making a large bank transfer called a pull event whereby the card farmers and other players alike can get that particular card).
One of the more common feedback and idea that I have heard from some of the players around are to limit the purchasing power of the players with large puppets, or to put it simply, to prevent them from simply owing a large number of nations. Just like how one can only have a single nation inside the World Assembly, this would ensure that there will be a fixed limit on how many puppets can a player has, i.e. 100 nations. However, this was usually thought less of as an actual suggestion, and more of an idea that players throw around now and then. This is due to the inherent difficulty of making sure that a nation belongs to the player, and it is unnecessary work involved. While the site staff can check for nations of that player, presumably with the same mechanics they use for WA Multing or for Delete-on-Sight (DOS) players, it is something that is deemed as needlessly restrictive, first and foremost problem being that limiting the number of puppets has absolutely little to no impact on the actual card game. Additionally, the needless hampering would have been frowned upon by the other subforums if the limit is lower.
Personally for me, I would like to see a change and improvement in the deck expansion system. The current system is such that in order to get space for another 50 cards (100 if you are a Site Supporter or a staff member), the cost to expand the deck increases with the square value. In other words: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, and it goes on. This cost model is good enough for the first few expansions as I personally feel that it does help to curb the relatively new players from gaining deck space quickly without effort. However, the cost quickly ramps up to unreasonable levels as it went on, even for some of the players with a generous amount of banks at their disposal. It is of my personal opinion that while the bank cost modelling could be lower, perhaps down from x^2 to a slightly more reasonable x^1.8. This way, the bank could be used for something else, and while also helping to keep the collections more unified. It does not make much sense as to players being able to get new deck space for free on their puppets, while their main card-collecting nations have such a ramping cost that was nothing more than deterrence for having a lot of cards in their deck. A lower limit, personally, could ensure that the newer players would not have such a difficult time, while also still ensuring that the deck spaces do not explode with such an absurd growth rate.
Another controversial and frowned upon practice is the idea of penny-bidding, whereby the buyer would snatch away a purchase from the original buyer by bidding just 0.01 more, and thus the name penny-bidding. While it was done through an honor system at this point, i.e. players usually try their best not to touch a purchase, or they would bid much higher prices as an actual competition, it is still prevalent in some areas and is the woe for players. One of the suggestions I could see is for the system to only allow bids of more than 10% of the current auction price to go through. For instance, if the deal is going on at 10.00 bank match, another bid would have to be 110% of it, that is, 11.00 bank. The next one would need to be 12.10 bank to outbid, then 13.31, then 14.64, and it would go on ad infinitum until one of the buyers no longer has the bank to sustain or make a purchase. The idea of 10% increase requirement from the previous bid was just an example suggestion here, as there could be other mechanics and numbers in play. For instance, instead of 10%, we could have 20%. Alternatively, a piecewise increment is also possible, whereby if the bidding match is less than 10.00 bank, one would need 50% more bank from the current match in order to outbid it. If the match is more than 10.00 bank, then this percentage would drop to 25. I personally believe that this would help stop the slew of penny-bidding and sniping that most of the trading cards are not fond of.
One limitation, however, I can see is in the grounds of bank transfers (using a particular card to make bank transfers from one puppet to another) – the principles and rules might get muddled here, and at the same time, another mechanics – underasking, might become a new problem. Underasking, for context, is the practice of reducing the selling price a penny (or more) lower so that it is closely matched to the bidding amount (selling usually gravitates towards lesser values). For instance, a 5.00-5.00 auction can be disrupted by someone finding a card and bidding asking for 4.99. The card game, given how large it is right now – from small-time players to intermediate farmers, to large thousand-nation-strong players, will have extreme resistant to change, some for the better, some for the worse. While suggestions are welcome and I feel that there are some things that can be changed, I will also humbly admit that the changes are easier said than done, such is with other multiplayer games that we might be familiar with (e.g. Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends, DoTA, and many more). Even a smallest change can change a meta to unrecognisable levels and with it, usually a worse outcome or a game-breaking feature that must be remedied.

Addendum: If we use ceiling(x^1.8) instead of x^2, the prices could be more controlled. For a useful plot of this, please visit
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A look into the Diverse Community of Cards
by Westinor

As you are probably aware, cards are a relatively new feature to Nationstates, having only been permanently introduced in December of 2018. Ever since then, the cards community has grown from a few enthusiastic traders to a burgeoning and considerably large network of card farmers. This Cards community has grown around the practice of amassing bank and cards in order to fulfill a goal unique to each card farmer. These farmers are often distinguishable and can be classified by what cards they collect and why they collect them, and make up the basic pillars of the cards community so many have come to know and love.
First and foremost are those who run regional programs and activities. These farmers tend to focus more on the interpersonal and community side of things, often running regional or interregional cards programs and hosting pull events and other cards activities. Regional organizers have spearheaded the development of the Cards community by helping new and isolated players integrate into the Cards community as well as by holding events and activities for those interested in Cards. Events like the Tea House of Cards and organizations like TNP’s Card Guild help bring together players and provide incentives and aid in helping newer farmers grow. More often than not, these farmers utilize their card farms and expertise to help out newer players and manage programs and activities. These players have also been key in the recent development of Cards into regional programs, a huge step for the Cards community. Cards by itself is not much more than a simple trading game, but these players are essential in bringing it to life.
Some of the most active card farmers are collectors, particularly regional or rarity collectors. Though the term may sound ambiguous enough to apply to all card farmers, these particular traders focus on collecting cards of a certain style or classification, and often involve grouping cards with similar qualities together. Collections can vary from being small or even nonexistent in quantity to massive - just check out 9003’s huge deck! Collectors take advantage of the Card tabs’ “Collections” feature in order to create groupings of cards that they can title themselves. These collections can center around cards from a specific region (like Giovanniland’s TWP collection or r3n’s TNP collection), rarity (see Riemstagrad’s epic cards collection or Noah’s rares card collection), flag, name, puppet series, or more - the possibilities are practically limitless, especially with how creative NSers are with their nation customizations. Collectors are often integral to regional cards communities as well as the Cards community as a whole, with collections often being the focus of many regional cards activities like TNP’s Collection Spotlight and collectors driving much of the everyday market activity through their purchase of otherwise left alone cards.
Now, as noted before, there are many kinds of collectors. However, classifying them all by what kinds of cards they collect would be far too 2D, so I’d split them up into three groups - first off are the collectors who focus on larger, often regional, collections, who tend to partake in cards-related events with others or cards programs. These collectors put spectacular amounts of time into Cards, between placing bids for their humongous collections and often running regional cards programs. In a way, they are the cosmopolitans of the Cards community - their quest to complete their collection leads to encounters with all sorts of card farmers along the way, and thus these members of the community are often the organizers who drive Cards-related programs and activities. There are those who focus on amassing their collections of particular cards, though this group is fairly small in comparison to others. These collections are usually puppets or certain sets of nations, which are also often inflated due to the buyer’s demand. And finally, there are those who focus more on several different smaller collections, usually larger than your two-or-three-card collection but certainly smaller than the massive regional sets accumulated by the first group. These range from certain flag themes to nations with funny names, as well as the collections accumulated for collection-based activities. Most collectors are not restricted to one of these groups, and dabble in varying collections, though most can be identified by their focus on one type of collection.
Next up to bat are the deck expanders. Deck expanders tend to focus more on expanding their Deck Value instead of collecting a specific card, though there’s often a method to their amassing. Oftentimes traders will prioritize nice-looking cards or familiar faces over other cards, while some even go so far as to collect every legendary, which in turn greatly increases their Deck Value. In this way, most people are “deck expanders”, but the ones I’m talking about are those who prioritize higher Deck Value over collecting certain cards. A large portion of deck expanders focus on the valuable commodity of legendaries, but the most distinct class of deck expanders are the MV sharks. Most traders have encountered these players before - they target high-value and often inflated cards that are on the market in pursuit of a higher deck value. More often than not, they will fight and pennybid with their teeth during auctions in an attempt to purchase cards who are often about to drop in value. This species of trader is commonplace in the daily market, so take care next time your complete your bank transfer - you may find yourself missing a card, though likely with some extra bank on hand. More notable and generally more successful than the MV sharks are those who trade nearly exclusively in the legendaries market. This comprises a large portion of top traders, who invest in the stable and high-value rarity in order to move up the leaderboard. Here, flipping cards for profit and card farms numbering in the triple digits are common. This class is distinct from most collectors, who also hold expansive deck value and control huge card farms, in that the focus is on high-value or certain legendaries as opposed to specific cards to fill out a collection. Together, collectors and legendary traders make up nearly every trader you’ll come across in the Cards community.
Of course, the everyday hustle of buying and selling legendaries gets boring for some. There are a few key card farmers who tire of the mindless farming and seek to utilize their newfound wealth to break barriers and push limits. These players, who are often already incredibly successful, employ their vast bank and puppet army to test the very mechanics of the game. In this way, such mechanics like TCALS were discovered, leading to the later development of pull events. These players are just as important to the development of Cards as those who expand participation and hold activities, and contribute more to the technical side of things as opposed to the interpersonal. There is no doubt that without these players, breakthroughs that have transformed the playing field would not have been discovered.
Each class of farmer has carved out their own goals in Cards, whether that be in collecting every card in their region or seeking to dethrone Koem Kab (word of advice: it can’t be done). Card farmers are in the process of shaping and defining the landscape of this community for potentially years to come - and there’s a place for everyone, from the smallest trader to the largest armer, to thrive and pursue their own goals.

The Northern Lights: Beauty in Truth
Publisher: TlomzKrano :: Executive Editor: BMWSurfer

The Northern Lights is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and by the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.



Irrelevant Backwater
Nov 30, 2019
Fiskadaha City
Hello embassy friends! Recently, TNP released two tools to help nations everywhere endorse all the people they need to. Instead of manually checking every WA nation in your region, you can receive an auto-generated list of nations you haven’t yet endorsed. And that’s not all! Say you want a more specific list of WA nations. The Endotarting Query tool can easily narrow your list down to just the nations you need! We’re hoping that this tool can promote endorsements for all nations who want it.

You might be asking. Where can I find this tool? Check out this dispatch linked here:

It has all the information you need to go on an endorsing spree! Happy endorsing!

Your friends in The North Pacific


Irrelevant Backwater
Nov 30, 2019
Fiskadaha City
The North Star Issue XXIV

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The Spotlight 32 – Interview with Owen
by Comfed
Comfed: When did you join The North Pacific?

Owen: I joined The North Pacific around 4 and a half years ago, in August 2016 I think. It was the region my first nation was founded in, so I just stuck around.

Comfed: And once you joined, what did you do?

Owen: For the first couple of days, I just got to grips with the region and became a citizen straight away. From there I started looking into the TNP government and joined the Foreign Affairs ministry, which was being led by Praetor I think, who really helped me get settled in the ministry and the region as a whole and was probably what got me really interested in FA, and that interest still remains today.

Comfed: What was the first thing you noticed about the TNP community?

Owen: I think the first thing I noticed about the TNP community was how involved and how active it was. I obviously joined right before a general election, so I saw what elections were like an it just surprised me how much is going on and how active it was all the time, and I think that is what has been something that I have always loved TNP for.

Comfed: Have any people in particular been important to you as mentors?

Owen: So this is a question that people have asked me a few times, and I think that his has changed the longer I have been around but I would definitely say that there are a couple of people that I would see as mentors. The first of these would be Pallaith. Pallaith was Speaker that saw something in me and gave me the chance to join the Speakers office and become more involved in the region. Since then, we have worked really closely on numerous occasions and I have never bee afraid to message and ask any questions that I have. The second of these is McMasterdonia. Since I first interacted with him when he became MoFA before going on to be Delegate, and we have developed a good relationship and have worked really closely on some really big projects and he is someone that I speak to a lot and bounce a lot of ideas off, so he is a really important mentor for me.

Comfed: So, what's your favorite ministry and why?

Owen: See this is something that is conflicting for me a little bit. Being the Home Affairs Minister, I should really be saying that it is the HA ministry, but then everyone would know that I am lying. For me, there isn't really much doubt, it has to be the FA ministry. It is the ministry that I have been a part of since the start and have done so much work for, so it cannot be anything else.

Comfed: Interesting! What was your first position in the government and who gave it to you?

Owen: So, the first position I had in government was actually a ministry that I am not really involved with now and that is the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. Back when I was a deputy speaker, I was doing a bit in the ministry and Sil Dorsett approached me about becoming a deputy and I said yes.

Comfed: And finally, the most important question: cake or pie?

Owen: Now that depends, are we talking a sweet pie, like an apple pie, or a savoury pie?

Comfed: Whichever you prefer.

Owen: I would probably have to say a savoury pie, like a steak and gravy pie. I don't really have a sweet tooth and I usually prefer savoury to sweet, so I would have to go for that. [h][/h]
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News - January Elections
by lol2639
In January, TNP held a General Election. During this election, citizens voted on who should become the next Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Speaker of the Regional Assembly. In the Delegate election, McMasterdonia ran on a platform of government accountability and communication with the citizenry, while incumbent Tlomz ran on continuing his successes from the previous term. McMasterdonia won the delegacy, winning 78% of the total vote.

The race for Vice Delegate was uncontested, with only Cretox State running. He secured 79% of the total vote, with a notable 37% voting to re-open nominations. Robespierre and Bobberino, both former Deputy Speakers with similar backgrounds in TNP, were the primary challengers to the Speakership. Robespierre ultimately secured 43.9% of the vote, while Bobberino got 37% of the vote.

The transition into the new government was quick, with McMasterdonia taking the in-game delegacy within a couple weeks of the election. This was due to McMasterdonia having a high number of endorsements coming into the transition, and a rapid response from Home Affairs and the Gameside Advocates in publicizing the transition.
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NPA Bulletin
by Westinor
Lieutenant Gorundu -> Captain
Lieutenant 9003 -> Captain
Corporal Westinor -> Sergeant
Private Great New Canada -> Private First Class
Private East Isles -> Private First Class

Welcome back from the holidays, folks! Well, what can I say? The term started off quick as former Minister of Defense 9003 took the NPA flying with the Black Hawks in a joint op that hit several hundred regions! We bid 9003 a fond farewell and hope to see them joining us for ops again soon.

Cue the music: our next Minister of Defense, appointed by Delegate McMasterdonia, comes from the wondrous land of rows and recruitment telegrams - that’s right, Nimarya is taking the helm for this term! In her opening statement, Nimarya laid out a clear plan for the rest of the term. The first and foremost priority was leading and hosting more operations, with a greater focus on increased training ops and teaching chasing. Additionally, NIm also noted that much more time will be spent updating training manuals and guides. With the increased focus on versatility and training new soldiers, the NPA is looking at a term of great growth and renewed energy.

Nim took to the Minister role right away, giving regional jump points Lunarpunk and Birb a brand new coat of paint - pink paint, to be exact. She also managed to appease 9003’s newfound hunger for power with a promotion to Captain. The NPA focused on the delegacy transition for the first half of the month, helping to complete an incredibly fast transition for incoming Delegate McMasterdonia and Vice Delegate Cretox State.

But of course, who wants to wait for a stinky delegacy transition before going off on an op? Not the NPA! Some NPA soldiers snuck out to party with a whole bunch of regions in Operation Boom Beach, hitting Alnobia as part of the largest updater force ever! The NPA returned back to the delegacy transition before doing a one-eighty and turning back to delegate tip the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators - but in a surprising twist, the region refused to update! It appeared that the combined power of the NPA and its allies was too much for even the game to handle.

True to the goals outlined in her opening statement, Nim alongside officers ROM and BMWSurfer led the NPA on several training operations, whipping the new privates into shape and tagging regions along the way! Switching is going to become super easy, barely an inconvenience in no time for the new recruits. Additionally, Nim led the NPA in a special operation on the 22nd, splitting the participating members into two groups - one tagging group and one chasing. While the chasers had a bit of trouble catching the taggers, with a bit of experience and some determination there is no doubt the NPA will get the hang of things quickly.

To cap off the month, the NPA once again joined TGW, Europeia, Lily, the AA, and our fellow Pacifics in paying the CCD another visit. Energy was high as the force hit several openly fascist regions, toppling their delegates in an outstanding operation. Fun was had, but in the end the force accomplished a great feat. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last month, it’s that fascists have no place on NationStates, and the North Pacific Army is glad to have participated in an operation that cast shame on those who so openly supported a vile ideology.

That’s all for now! We hope to see you next time for some more action and some more ops. And hey, if you ever want to join in on the fun, the NPA’s doors are always open.


Irrelevant Backwater
Nov 30, 2019
Fiskadaha City
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World Assembly Digest
by Honeydewistania
Repeal: “Commend The Western Isles”
This incredibly savage resolution, penned by our former Deputy Minister of WA Affairs Bormiar, was the latest in a series of badge hunting ripping commendation badges without replacing them due to poor writing and inaccuracies. Commend The Western Isles was authored by former resident Greater Cesnica, which commended them for their roleplaying. Bormiar argued that the lack of international impact and gross exaggerations meant that the resolution should be InstaRepealed!, but also controversially stated that Greater Cesnica’s inability to listen to feedback or to not rush a resolution to vote was a reason the resolution should be repealed. The resolution was supported by The North Pacific, but was opposed by regions such as 10000 Islands who did not want to remove a commendation of an allied region. The proposal passed on January 6th.

Commend Northrop-Grumman
A sneaky sneaky resolution! This proposal included the many roleplaying accomplishments and contributions of the “most dark nation” of Northrop-Grumman, including maintaining indexes and creating databases. However, due to a certain unmentionable, the resolution also included numerous references to the unmentionable, in a slightly clever but somewhat-poorly executed attempt at sidestepping the well established decorum of the Security Council! The proposal was defeated by a tight margin, despite support from The North Pacific, owing to the lack of commendable content in the proposal. A discussion on the application on the legality of directly mentioning the unmentionable was generated, but in the end the established rules prevailed.

Commend Singapore no2
A very well written resolution, Commend Singapore no2 commended its nominee for their prolific issues authorship (28!), or as described in the resolution text, for their ability to resolve the conflicts that plague the nations of the world, as well as protecting their home region of Singapore in an issues-based commendation that broke the mold of past resolutions. Revised, rewritten and redrafted to excellent quality, the resolution passed comfortably and with the support of the North Pacific.

Regulating Remote Election Administration
Think you were out of the election woods when we exited 2020? Think again! The first General Assembly proposal to hit the floor in the New Year was in style, touching on mail voting (a RL hot button topic) and expatriate voters. The proposal was soundly (and perhaps surprisingly) defeated, garnering just over 10% of votes, due to multiple issues such as the narrow scope and the unpopularity of elections-related resolutions.

Repeal: “International Criminal Protocol”
Hot on the heels of the election proposal was yet another controversial proposal - Repeal International Criminal Protocol. Very similar to another passed resolution, Repeal: “Crime and Punishment”, this proposal denounced the target’s mandate that the World Assembly shall reserve the legality of the death penalty as a whole to member nations themselves. This proposal reignited the perennial debate on the death penalty but ended up passing overwhelmingly, despite concerns over the underdeveloped replacement to the other mandates in the target.

Fair Treatment of Prisoners
The WA should pass a ‘Fair Treatment of WA Ambassadors’ after subjecting us to the ensuing death penalty debate! This resolution aimed to protect the rights of prisoners regarding solitary confinement and prison labour. The proposal was fairly simple, passing easily and with the support of the North Pacific. It would hardly be the most exciting of proposals to come.

Death Penalty Ban
Now we have the resolution everyone was waiting for! Authored by longtime death penalty abolition advocate Imperium Anglorum, this resolution was cut and dry: abolish death penalty except for war criminals and the like, and commute all death sentences. Despite massive outcry from smaller nations, this resolution passed with minimal resistance, almost 100 resolutions after the original Repeal “Crime and Punishment” passed.

Protecting Sapient Life
Death Penalty Ban II: Electric Boogaloo, basically. This proposal enforced a full ban on the death penalty, in addition to preventing the extradition or deportation of people to countries where they could be executed. The resolution was surprisingly defeated on the voting floor likely due to its extremely vague text, leaving room for several loopholes. Following this defeat, another proposal has been drafted to enforce this ban (yes, this saga isn’t over yet), so stay tuned.
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Security Council Review
by Cretox State

With a new Delegate, new Vice Delegate, new applicants, and new and ongoing projects, January was sure to be a hectic month for the Vice Delegate and the Security Council as a whole.

The Transition to a New Government
As of January 11, 2021, McMasterdonia and Cretox State took the positions of Delegate and Vice Delegate, respectively. Despite beginning the transition period with fairly high enforcement counts, both nations had some distance to climb before assuming the first and second regional positions in endorsements.

In total, the Delegate transition took slightly under two weeks. The Vice Delegate transition was completed shortly thereafter. This transition was significantly faster than the previous two largely due to the Delegate’s and Vice Delegate’s starting positions, active endotarting, frequent endorsement alerts, personal telegrams, a responsive Security Council and executive staff, and involvement from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Gameside Advocates. No special card rewards were employed for this transition. A complete timeline of the transition is available .

2020 WADP Survey
Started during the previous term, the 2020 World Assembly Development Program survey invited interested nations to offer feedback on TNP’s , with some questions also tackling the region’s Security Council. The survey is released yearly, with 2020’s results made public in January 2021. Responses were positive and constructive, with a full breakdown available .

New SC Applicants and Resignation
Two nations applied to the Security Council in January: Kranostav and Dreadton. Additionally, Regional Assembly discussion and voting on Xagill’s Security Council application largely occurred in January, with Xagill joining the SC in early February. Despite being narrowly denied nomination by the SC, Xagill acquired the 2/3rds Regional Assembly majority necessary to be appointed to the SC. A former Delegate and career public servant, Kranostav was nominated to the SC by majority vote. RA discussion on their application is currently ongoing. Dreadton, a former Vice Delegate and Minister, applied shortly after Kranostav, with the Security Council currently voting on their application.

In late January, Sundred resigned from the Security Council, bringing total membership down to ten nations. However, the SC is poised to expand to as many as thirteen members in the near future.

Other Projects
In addition to the ongoing declassification effort and weekly reports, there have been a few new developments over the past month:
  1. The first monthly Vice Delegate fireside chat was held on January 31st, with a recording available on the Northern Broadcasting Service’s YouTube channel .
  2. An early version of a VD mentoring template is being sent to forum members who pass the Vice Delegate’s citizenship check.
  3. This is the first edition of a new Security Council Review article for the Ministry of Communications, covering SC matters over the past month.

The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth
Publisher: @mcmasterdonia :: Executive Editor: @BMWSurfer

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Communications internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.


Irrelevant Backwater
Nov 30, 2019
Fiskadaha City
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Produced by

Cards Symposium? What's that?

Greetings, everyone! To celebrate the fact that has lasted so long as a prominent feature, The North Pacific hereby invites YOU, fellow NationStates user, to attend our first-ever Cards Symposium!
Starting first-thing on February 21 2021, players finding themselves participating in this event will get to experience a wide range of activities, whether it be: 1) competing in games to win awards, 2) listening to experienced card users giving lectures, and more!
To participate, please click on the in order to join!

What exactly will take place at the Symposium?

With all honesty, there's so many things that it'll prove difficult to name! There will be events such as card collecting competitions, card lotteries, long-time users speaking about their experiences in cards, and even gaming rooms such as an Among Us match, so be assured that there will be more than enough events in order to make your participation worthwhile~

To view our full schedule, please see the following:

What's in it for me if I attend?

Not only will you get the chance to gain first-hand knowledge regarding the , but you'll also receive multiple chances to win extremely valuable cards each day, including the highly coveted !
Each day, there will be 1 lottery that will take place, and a random user attending the event will be the recipient of a randomized legendary card. In addition, multiple events + competitions will be hosted that will reward the winner with cards of the same rarity as mentioned, so not only will participation in those events be fun, but they'll also be highly rewarding!

We hope to see you there, so thanks a ton for reading!