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Europe Media Union brainstorming thread

Imperium Anglorum

Tinpot Dictator
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Apr 6, 2015
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The Europe Media Union is an initiative to create a cohesive communications system for the region and give an opportunity for creative minds in our region to apply their skills. This thread is primarily to discuss what responsibilities the Media Union should have, how it should operate, what structure it should have, and start preparing for the first edition.

Having some experience in foreign affairs, it would be fantastic if the Foreign Office would be able to use Media Union issues as part of its update material.

The core mission, I feel, should include significant coverage of European events, regional news, and include interviews with members of our allies' governments and with our own government. Text interviews by email are generally easy to do, so that is something we can easily start with.

A stretch would be something like article on the World Space Administration, article supporting repeal of On Universal Jurisdiction, and article detailing the story of the coup in the West Pacific (done better than the West Pacific even did), some articles I wrote and collaborated on for a World Assembly news organisation a few summers ago. It would be an incredible feat to do something like that, doing analysis and encouraging thought as a whole.