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First Session of the International Open Forum (IOF)


Elder Statesman
Mar 2, 2010
The Pelasgian delegate, who seemed to have no name that Ba could discern in his little handbook, seemed a far more reasonable man than any of the Engellexic representatives. He couldn't help but nod in agreement, but there were several points he felt were necessary to contest. "Unlimited membership is a dangerous proposal," Ba cautioned, his translator chiming in shortly after. "We propose not allowing Churches to enter, but what makes a nation any different? Recognition? Should any purported breakaway state be allowed to join? Were I to sit on my toilet and declare my house to be an independent nation, would I then have rights to enter this body? Surely, this is ridiculous. There must be some approval process."

"As for leaving," he gestured to one of the doors, indicated by a crude fire exit sign, "I believe this forum is voluntary. No amount of votes can force you to stay here. That would be kidnapping, something I am certain Kashtan would not support," he fired a wry glance to the Kashtanese man.

"With respect to voting," he gestured, this time grander, "votes are merely words as a mechanism for the expressing of the approval or disapproval of the international community." He looked towards the Engellexic counterpart, daggers in his eyes. "If the international community wishes to declare with a majority voice that slavery is disgusting, it's not binding to be sure. But you could not dare afterwards convince yourself sanely that the world condones your madness. No veto rights could change the facts, either. You may seek to cut down voices of dissent, but what point would dialogue be without some method for consensus building?"