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    With three people interested in having training contract for Gemini Security I will leave it till Friday for other people to put interest. (Yes I changed the thread title)


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    Thought makes thing interesting if I can do it,

    I want to make that lowest bidder win since I like all the pitches but this is a completely new venture and the CEO wants have set up fast paying little as possible before other companies get licences.

    So part of the game, is that only I know how much each person put in their bids, you can put three bids down, so bid A 1500 , bid B 1000 Bid C 900 per course, who ever offers lowest cost per course wins.

    I will decided what the armed security will be training in next few days because of Strathclyde history of paramilitaries, the new private armed security be just using handguns and won't be full on PMC yet something for future business RP.

    Zeek and other yanks can help us with cost of courses in handgun safety & handling etc. Nearest security course in UK I can think of is the Close protection course which is £800 to £1000 but is to be a non armed bodyguard.

    For reference the Manx Marks is worth RL Can Dollars.

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