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Global University Rankings by the Propontios Logothetis


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Sep 30, 2014
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The Global University Rankings is an annual list of the best universities in every country; it is published by the Propontios Logothetis, Pelasgia's main newspaper of record. The rankings are based on a variety of factors, including academic output (both in raw publication terms and in terms of citations), the professional outlook and remuneration of alumni, overall academic opinion, international outlook, and quality of instruction and research.

2020 Rankings for the Pelasgian Union

National RankingUniversityFoundationLocationTypeSize
1National University of Propontis425 AD (original); 1046 AD (reestablishment)Propontis, PelasgiaPublic research university3,400 academic staff
23,700 students
2Academy of Evosmos387 BC (original); 1439 AD (reestablishment)Evosmos, PelasgiaPublic research university5,600 academic staff
22,900 students
3National Technical University of Propontis1837 ADPropontis, PelasgiaPublic research university790 academic staff
8,500 students
4University of Thermi1261 ADThermi, PelasgiaPublic research university8,000 academic staff
32,000 students
5University of Nymphaion1259 ADNymphaion, PelasgiaPublic research university4,500 academic staff
21,000 students
6Propontis University of Economics and Business1899 ADPropontis, PelasgiaPublic research university2,000 academic staff
12,000 students
7University of Hagios Andreas1824 ADHagios Andreas, PelasgiaPublic research university800 academic staff
12,000 students
8University of Edessa1602 ADEdessa on the Orontes, PelasgiaPublic research university3,000 academic staff
16,000 students
9University of Hagioi Anargyroi1789 AD (original); 1893 AD (reestablishment)Hagioi Anargyroi, PelasgiaPublic research university4,000 academic staff
19,000 students
10International Himyari University of Makri1921 ADMakri, PelasgiaPublic research university4,500 academic staff
21,000 students

Holy Frankish Empire

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2020 Rankings for the Holy Frankish Empire

National RankingUniversityFoundationLocationTypeSize
1Central University of Borgougne
(Royal University of Bourgogne until 1874)

1721 AD
Claumont, Kingdom of Bourgogne, HFEPublic research university2,478 academic staff
22,560 students
2Ignatius University1389 ADBrienne, Kingdom of Bourgogne, HFEPrivate, Jesuit Liberal Arts University602 academic staff
6,000 students
3Chagny University1282ADChagny, Kingdom of Bourgogne, HFEPublic Liberal Arts University994 academic staff
9,300 students
4Université Technique et Agricole Impériale1899 ADChagny, Kingdom of Bourgogne, HFEPublic research university1,900 academic staff
6,008 students
5Imperial University of Monterfil1837 ADMonterfil, Kingdom of Guienne, HFEPublic research university3,100 academic staff
19,000 students
6Imperial University of Brienne1908 ADBrienne, Kingdom of Bourgogne, HFEPublic University310 academic staff
948 students
7Virton Polytechnic University1964 ADVirton, Electorate of Virton, HFEPrivate Research University1,900 academic staff
13,000 students
8École de Médecine des Arches1789 ADArches, Electorate of Arches, HFEPrivate Medical University169 academic staff
1,200 students
9Lauchelle Imperial University1809 ADLauchelle, Kingdom of Fouge, HFEPublic research university4,700 academic staff
27,000 students
10St. Florian University1840 ADPillau, Electorate of Pillau, HFEPrivate Jesuit University784 academic staff
12,240 students
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