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    May 4, 2010

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    My grandmother, Primrose Holloway, was on holiday in Georgiana City when she got word that my grandfather, Fenton Holloway, had taken ill in Thunder’s Bay. My grandmother desperately tried to arrange the quickest transport back to the mainland, but the infrastructure and options were so scant that by the time she stepped foot on the docks of Thunder’s Bay, she had learned my grandfather had passed. Having not had the chance to be with him in his final hours, the man she loved more than any other, she promised that her life’s work would be dedicated to helping solve the problem of transport along our great country. In 1934, she founded Holloway Mobility Solutions.

    Holloway Mobility Solutions brought together the greatest minds in Clarenthia and the Thaumantic Civilization as nations in common bond. The Engellkin are a people who founded a new world across two vast continents and forged a new civilization – taming the wild. The Hydenstane Family bound our country by laying the first Trans-Continental Rail system from Fort Duncannon to Thunder’s Bay. Primrose sought for an equally revolutionary solution. Holloway Solutions built bigger, faster trains – made more efficient engines, constructed vast metro systems in various systems, helped institute the first bus networks, and constructed new lines of rail that redefined transportation in the west. However, their true breaththrough came in the late 1950s when the company decided to invest its resources and capital into a new sort of transport: aviation.

    In 1968, Holloway Mobility Solutions reincorporated as Holloway Aerospace. While Raimer und Rathenau Flugzeugwerke and SkyTrain battled to build the biggest planes to cross continents with the greatest ease, Holloway focused on a market neither successfully engaged in: regional aircraft. Holloway sought to create smaller, short-haul routes across heavily populated areas that allowed for more cost-effective transport and ease of business. As a result, Holloway constructed one of the most versatile fleet of aircraft the world has to offer and by the 1990s, aviation made up 70% of the company’s revenue.

    Holloway’s aircraft are perfectly suited for servicing short haul flights and commuter routes, allowing airlines to tap into markets that the long-haul jets of R&R and SkyTrain would prove to be unprofitable in. Additionally, Holloway has been a world leader in construction of luxury, private jets for corporate leaders to better connect with investors.

    While retaining world leadership in the ground transportation systems that created this company, Holloway has emerged as a prominent force in the aerospace market and has certainly come closer to achieving the mission of Primrose Holloway back in 1934. Today, I invite you to join in our ever-changing and everlasting journey. Holloway is always seeking new partnerships, new business ventures, new investors to join us and move our company forward.

    We stand ready to meet the demand, do you?


    Justin Pierce Holloway
    CEO & President


    The HRC Series
    The aircraft that started the regional jet revolution, the HRC Series Aircraft transformed the industry with their pioneering efficiency and exceptional operating economies. With a focus on comfort and efficiency, the HRC Series continues to be the benchmark or regional aviation.

    Model – Maximum Passengers – Range – Maximum Speed – Maximum Take-Off Weight

    HRC700 – 50 – 2,200 NM – Mach 0.825 – 75,000lbs
    HRC800 – 78 – 1,400 NM – Mach 0.825 – 75,000lbs
    HRC900 – 90 – 1,550 NM – Mach 0.825 – 84,500lbs
    HRC1000 – 104 – 1,650 NM – Mach .825 – 91,800lbs

    The Champion Series
    The latest line in Holloway’s fleet, the Champion Series is the next step in the company’s evolution. The Champion Series is designed to allow airlines to connect points on continents or sectors that were previously unprofitable or impossible. The narrow body, twin engine aircraft is the ultimate combination of technology and performance.

    Model – Maximum Passengers – Range – Maximum Speed – Maximum Take-Off Weight

    HCS100 – 135 – 3,400 NM – Mach .825 – 138,999 lbs
    HCS300 – 160 – 3,350 NM – Mach .78 – 154,000 lbs

    The T-Series
    Tough, defiant, workforces – the T-Series Aircraft challenge aviation norms and go where other planes cannot. Designed to handle shorter runways and more difficult approaches, the world’s most advanced turboprop plane can reach areas of the planet at speeds previously thought impossible.

    Model – Maximum Passengers – Range – Maximum Speed – Maximum Take-Off Weight

    T100 – 90 – 1,100 NM – Mach .540 – 67,200 lbs

    The Commander Series
    Your business deserves nothing less. The Commander Series is Holloway’s most luxurious private jet option. The CoS50 is the smoothest, quietest, and safest option for executive transport. With a cabin that can fit 8 passengers and their cargo, this jet is sure to impress and meet all of your needs.

    Model – Maximum Passengers – Range – Maximum Speed – Maximum Take-Off Weight

    CoS50 – 8 – 2,040 NM – Mach .821 – 21,500 lbs

    The Imperator Series
    Take your business global with the prestigious and best-selling Imperator Series Aircraft. Designed to be the airborne board room, the Imperator Series offers the finest in comfort, efficiency, and connectivity that a business jet has to offer. The Imperator can cross any ocean and get your team where it needs to go – in the highest of style.

    Model – Maximum Passengers – Range – Maximum Speed – Maximum Take-Off Weight

    ImS300 – 10 – 3,200 NM – Mach .83 – 40,600 lbs
    ImS800 – 12 – 4,000 NM – Mach .85 – 48,200 lbs

    The Planetary Explorer Series
    Finally, Holloway’s mobile command centers, the Planetary Explorer Series is the largest and longest-range business jet. These jets have a variety of uses from business, executive transport, and military, they offer a unique versatility. The Planetary Explorer Series come with sleeping quarters, dedicated crew quarters, a complete kitchen, and an elevated flight experience not seen on any other plane. Matching the ranges of R&R and SkyTrain’s giants, the Planetary Explorer Series truly connects you to the globe.

    Model – Maximum Passengers – Range – Maximum Speed – Maximum Take-Off Weight

    PLEX500 – 13 – 5,200 NM – Mach .890 – 92,500 lbs
    PLEX550 – 16 – 5,700 NM – Mach .900 – 92,500 lbs
    PLEX600 – 13 – 6,000 NM – Mach .890 – 99,500 lbs
    PLEX650 – 17 – 6,600 NM – Mach .900 – 99,500 lbs
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    May 18, 2019
    Tayaran Sikandara || Sikandara Airways
    The state airline of the Empire of Sikandara is looking to purchase 20 T-200 Series aircraft for its domestic fleet and 5 Champion 100 series aircraft for its international fleet.

    The Government of Sikandara has expedited the procedure of payment for Holloway Aerospace and has determined that according to available figures, the Government would need to provide the following sum:

    1. T-200 Turboprop -- Qnty (20) -- 214 million euromarks
    2. Champion 100 Jet -- Qnty (5) -- 398 million euromarks
    3. Miscellaneous costs (administrative, spare parts, training, operational maintenance, livery) --- 50 million euromarks

    TOTAL = 662 million euromarks

    The Government will provide the payment in three installments of 220 million euromarks over the duration of the procurement process. The first installment shall be paid immediately to Holloway Aerospace upon acceptance of the terms. The second installment shall be paid at the mid point of the process; and the third installment shall be paid at the time of delivery.

    We look forward to hearing your response.

    Chief Operating Officer
    Chairman of Procurement Committee
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    May 4, 2010

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    May 27, 2019
    Mr. Jamil Al-Osmaniye
    Chief Operating Officer & Chairman of Procurement Committee
    Sikandara Airways

    Dear Mr. Al-Osmaniye,

    We are delighted to hear of Sikandara Airways' interest in Holloway aircraft. As you have undoubtedly seen, Holloway aircraft offer a great versatility that neither the Eiffellander R&R nor the Aurarian SkyTrain can match. Our aircraft will provide Sikandara Airlines the opportunity to open new routes, serve new customers, and grow your business in a time when ever euromark counts.

    The Committee has reviewed the purchase order by Sikandara Airlines and has accepted. The Committee has even offered to provide certain discounts to allow for the total price to fall to 650 euromarks. We agree to the payment process offered, requesting the following payments:

    • First Installment: 210 Euromarks
    • Second Installment: 220 Euromarks
    • Third Installment: 220 Euromarks
    In addition to the offer above, the committee is also willing to sell additional Champion 100 Models to Sikandara Airlines at a 25% discount (59.6 million euromarks as opposed to 79.5 million). Of course, there is no obligation to add to the order.

    Holloway Aerospace is grateful for the business of Sikandara Airlines and we hope to continue to be a provider and a strategic partner for years to come. Please allow up to two (2) months for Holloway to complete this order and deliver the planes. If there is any way that we may be of service in the future, do not hesitate to reach out.

    All the best,
    Carter J. Hemmsworth
    VP for Marketing
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    May 4, 2010
    For Immediate Release
    All media inquiries should be directed to:
    Joseph Rhoads, JRhoads@HollowayAero.com


    Long ago, Holloway Aerospace and Jupiter Aeroject have revolutionized aviation bringing our own respective talents to the market and charging toward the future. Months ago, these two titans of Aviation decided to combine their bountiful resources and talents to once more revolutionize aerospace. After months of market research, engineering mockups, and calculations, we are proud to announce to the world that our companies have successfully designed the future: the Holloway-Jupiter 101, codename “Cloud Ascender.”

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    This jet will redefine comfort and efficiency. Bringing the most incredible experience to the passenger for the lowest cost to the airline. The wide-body aircraft comes in three variants, the 101-100 (pictured above) will carry 250 passengers in a three-class configuration at a range of 7,500 nmi. The -200 will carry 280 at a range of 6,480 nmi and the -300 will carry 320 over 5,400 nmi. A five-screen Electronic Flight Instrument System and sidestick controls will provide the most advanced systems to the plane’s two-crew flight deck guaranteeing simplicity. Designed out of composite materials, the plane will be lightweight and thus far more efficient. The primary market for the plane will trans-Thaumantic flights while also retaining the ability to cross the Implarian. The smaller capacity, while providing the ability to expand its business section, tailors to the needs of more flight options across the pond for vacationers and businessmen alike.

    With the design of the plane complete, Holloway-Jupiter will move into building the first prototype. Designed in Clarenthia, but built in Sylvania, the plane will be a true marvel of Thaumantic engineering.

    Investments into the plane are a critical component of ensuring its expedient and efficient construction. Representatives from Holloway and Jupiter Aerojet have set up meetings with potential investors across the Thaumantic in order to brief them on the game-changing design of the Cloud Ascender. In addition, the two companies will begin meeting with the respective airlines of the world to discuss the needs of their airline and how the Cloud Ascender will be the perfect plane for them.

    Phases of Production
    Market Research & Design ✔️
    Prototype Construction - Underway
    Safety Checks - Preparations being made
    First Flight
    Computer-aided Environmental & Design Checks
    Design Optimization
    Airworthiness Certification
    Mass Production

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    Jul 27, 2018
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    KLM Airways

    This new aircraft appears to be just what KLM needs for its ultra long haul flights across the world's seas. As one of the world's largest airlines with a wide global network and decades of award-winning service, KLM wishes to express its profound interest in learning more about the Cloud Ascender and its variants. As global transport trends change, we envision a future of passenger aviation in which point-to-point travel between cities of smaller sizes becomes more important. KLM seeks to, as always, lead the way in this new era.

    We look forward to fruitful discussions and, when the time comes, contract and payment arrangements.

    KLM Airways - Office of Procurement
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