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Elder Statesman
Jul 17, 2010
Tres Torres, Valls

Smoke was still coming out of the car that exploded earlier in the night. The firefighters were still there to ensure that no other threat of fire or explosion, while a backup ambulance was still there, parked in case some other victims would appear, or the very least if residents would come out with cases of panic attacks. Three units of the police were there, one was specialised in explosions, the other was a forensics one and the third was a unit of the Social-Political Brigade, the secret services. Andreu Silva i Ripoll, a man of average height, with an athletic build, in his mid to late 20s, drove the police Enada (Empresa Nacional d'Automòbils - National Automobile Company) car, that parked close to the ambulace. The passenger on his right was his superior officer, Comandante Artur Sarda, a man in his late 50s, with a growing beer belly, a recessing hairline and short cropped salt and pepper beard, wearing sunglasses, and on the back seat was Ema Zahra, a colleague of his, the same rank as Andreu, Teniente - lieutenant. She was of Hamruni descent, the daughter of a very prominent bazaari, the Zahra family owned a chain of 10 jewellers, situated in Hamrun's bazaars and in the fancy shopping areas of Ebria's cities, with the flagship store situated in Hal Far's bazaar. For her to go into the police, was something revolutionary, especially coming from a family that specialised in doing business for generations.

Comandante Sarda went out of the car and asked for the the reports of the the proximity policemen, whom have arrived first at the site. Andreu went towards the ambulance, while Ema went towards the firefighters. "Any problems since then?" he asked gesturing with his head towards the blown up cars. "No, senyor," commented one of the paramedics. "The woman from numero 36 came out screaming and yelling after the explosion, but she's calm now," the same paramedic said as he pointed towards a woman sitting down on a bench on the pavement, looking blankly in the distance. "She's the one that was visited by his excellency right before the explosion," he continued. Andreu thanked the men in the ambulance and went to her.

"Senyora, my name is Andreu Silva i Ripoll," he said, knowingly forgetting the greetings, as it felt weird to say good morning in such a situation. "From the Political-Social Brigade," he continued, but he was interurpted by her. "I figured..." she said whispering, still not making eye contact. She was a beautiful woman, probably in her early to mid 30s, quite tall and athletic, with a blonde hair, clearly dyed, hazel eyes and a bronze tanned skin. "I... I can't... I can't understand what happened... why would someone do that... was it because he was visiting me?" she said, more stuttering than actively pronouncing the words, which gave Andreu quite a hard time to understand her.

He looked at her a bit, before saying anything. His first thought was that she was naive. Why would someone think that an ex-Prime Minister would be assassinated just for visiting a mistress? It was clearly something political. A slight thought came to his mind, looking at her, that clearly Llufriu took her for the looks, not for the brains, but he quickly dismissed it as a bit misogynistic and deprecating towards her. "No, of course not. It's not that weird to have men in his position look for love somewhere away from the glitz and glamour of the Valls elite," he said, observing that she was waiting for some kind of response. "It has nothing to do with you. It is clearly a political attack or an act of banditry, its just that God dictated that this would be the place of the attack," said Andreu, giving her a supportive look, but she was already back into looking blankly towards the charred vehicle.

He observed that she didn't continue the conversation, and it all fell into an awkward silence, but he was happy that Ema Zahra was approaching him. "The firefighters said that this was the only hot point in the area. They are soon to leave, just waiting for a platform vehicle to take the Llufriu's car to the police for further investigation. No other damage was reported," she said, in her typical Germanian like fashion, reporting perfectly. Andreu looked around aimlessly and nodded and said: "I simply can't understand why and whom. I would say its not political, because if they would attempt to kill him while he was still in office, that would represent a bigger middle finger towards us. Who could it be? Communists, Tarusans and Corporatists?" he asked, but Zahra just shrugged. "It's clear that for now, it's just speculation, we will have to wait for either the investigation to conclude or for the attackers to claim it," she said, as always, rigidly following the textbook.

Comandante Sarda approached them after he finished talking with the local police. "I'd say its time to go. We will receive the recordings from the local cameras from the local police. Make no mistake, this case is now under the authority of the PIDE and the Social-Political Brigade, you two have authority over it all and report everything to me, understood?" he said with his typical rasp voice. Both Andreu and Ema nodded.