Lars Caput Mundi [ATT. Beautancus]

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    Granducato di Lars, ​
    Lars 11072019 ​
    Confidential Communication
    From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    to: Confederated Republic of Beautancus

    To the Confederation friend,

    the Grand Duchy of Lars, following the fruitful and friendly relations in the military sectors, economic and social that over the years have continued to link our two great and free peoples, we propose the following:

    -The Grand Duchy of Lars proposes the creation of a formal defense agreement with the Confederate Republic, which can be activated in the event of an internal or external foreign aggression.

    -Creation of a Confederate port military base on the soil of the Grand Duchy behind the payment of 80 million Euromarks to the government of the Grand Duchy per year. The base cannot accommodate more than 2,000 troops.
    The concession will have to be renewed by the Senate of Lars annually through a vote.

    -The Royal Navy of the Grand Duchy, if it so requested, and in compliance with the local authorities, will be able to access and stop in the ports of the Confederate Republic. Greater collaboration between the two marinas is invited.

    The presence of the naval base does not imply the transfer of the sovereignty of the surrounding waters to the confederate state, the royal coast guard in collaboration and direct contact with the confederate naval base, will guarantee a safety perimeter for the necessary activities.
    It should be remembered that the military presence of the Confederate troops on the soil of the Lars, will have to work with the local authorities to achieve a peaceful coexistence. No soldier, whether from Lars in the confederate ports, or a confederate in the cities of Lars, will enjoy some kind of immunity before the law.

    Waiting for your reply, Grand Duchy of Lars.
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    Drummond House, 2552 Company Street,
    Welmonton, City of Welmonton, CRB, 58362

    On behalf of this Office for the Administration of Government of the Confederated Republic, after forthright and proper review by all pertinent Departments and Offices and His Excellency, the First Citizen, it is my duty to both accept the proposals of the Grand Duchy of Lars as presented in the previous communiqué, and to thank our friends and partners in the Grand Duchy for their consideration of Cussian interests abroad and at home.

    Further coordination of any and all details pertaining to the proper execution of this agreement, and adherence to the strictures binding the conduct of our nations in it shall be conducted and overseen by my counterparts in the Department of Defense, in particular under the aegis of Defense Secretary Galan Albrecht. Furthermore, I am given to believe the DefSec is seeking the authority to appoint a Special Operations Officer and civilian Director in order to oversee the proper exercise of the items included in this agreement. As soon as final word of these postings is made available (upon Legislative Confirmation of any appointments), the Grand Duchy will be notified, with personnel dossiers and professional profiles forwarded post-haste.

    Though the state of international affairs can only be described as badly strained abroad, generally, it is a true testament to the wisdom with which the Grand Duchy is governed that it should undertake so bold a course as that borne out by recent policy initiatives. Fortune indeed does favor the bold, and Lars shall for some time to come be counted among that number of nations most bold. There are few characteristics the Confederated Republic holds in higher regard, and our estimation of the Grand Duchy only improves, from an already amicable and just state.

    The commitment of Beautancus to ensuring the continued sovereignty of any nation outside of the Domain itself will never be higher.

    With my own warmest regards, I am and shall remain

    Sir Endymion Victavio Walker,
    State Foreign Service Secretary, Confederated Republic of Beautancus
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