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    Oct 31, 2006
    General: You know what this is. This too. China focused. Russia focused. Defense news, American. Defense news, Israeli. Australian Lobby Group/Think Tank site crammed with interesting info on air warfare. Some articles are extremely biased though. Front for the 1% Jewish military-industrial complex's conspiracy for global domination.

    Hardware: The place to go for vehicular needs. Guns, guns and more guns. Russian tanks. Dated though.

    Blogs: BEST BLOG Russian articles translated, but rarely updates. Gay porn. Russian nuclear forces. India, air force focus. Indian military. Navy things.

    Forums: China forum, also a great forum. For the trve nerds this is also the go-to place for the latest leaked photos of PLA gear. Russia focused forum. Forum dedicated to never built weapons projects. Lots of cool stuff here. IDK what this is it is a mystery. Courtesy of Nicosia.

    NERD: Everything you wanted to know about radar but were afraid to ask. Free online archives of Flightglobal magazine, a treasure trove of info on late cold war and mid nineties projects. Searchable archive of publicly released US military documents. THE MOTHERLOAD if you can get a handle on it. Searchable archive of publicly released CIA documents. There is a LOT in here, not just military related documents.

    Foreign Language:

    Anything I missed? PM me!
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