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    Republic of Mompracem

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    Flag of the Republic of Mompracem

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    Coat of arms of the Republic

    Motto: "Onward, Mompracem."
    Population: 6.345.100
    Official Languages: Engellsh, Momprue.

    Capital: Mompracem
    Largest City: Mompracem (5 million)

    Major Cities: City-state

    President: Ooi Lay Choo Bernadette
    Prime Minister: Jimmy Yong Kok Wah
    Foreign Minister: Terry Rajah

    Proclamation: 05-5-1891 d-m-y
    Legislature: Parlament, unicameral

    Currency: Mompracem Dollar
    GDP: $600.187 billion
    GDP/Capita: 104.000 $

    Previous State: Engellex Private Commercial Company


    , officially the Republic of Mompracem (in mompra Republik Momprue; in Engellsh Republic of Mompracem), is a city-state of the Silk Sea, located on the island south-west of the Anti-State and north of Vanguardia. It develops on an archipelago made up of 32 islands, the largest and main of which is the island of Mompracem which houses the metropolis. Today, of the 32 atolls, there is no longer a trace due to the enormous reclamation work in progress, for the expansion of the metropolis, so much so that on the maps it is represented as a single island.

    The city-state is one of the main financial centers in the world and is one of the main cosmopolitan cities on the globe, with an important role in international trade and finance. Its port is a fundamental destination for ships heading for Europe and the other way around.

    Mompracem is a country with a long history of immigration. It has a varied population and the over 6 million inhabitants are mainly composed of former citizens of the Anti-State and other descendants of Asians and Europeans.

    45% of the population is a foreigner, present here for work or study. Foreign workers make up 50% of the service sector.


    In 1732, some European trading companies and private wealthy merchants purchased the archipelago from the Sultanate of Porjus. The island was home to several local fishing villages, which, following the sale of the archpellago, moved to the largest island, located to the north, to continue their fishing activity and not pay the unsustainable taxes imposed on them. from the new owners.

    With the foundation of the first European settlement on the archipelago, called Mopra. The archipelago was affected by a massive emigration which led the local population to reach 80 thousand units in 1860. Half of the residents were of surrounding origins, moved due to the presence of tea plantations, and rubber trees.
    As the population grew, the interests of the Central Asian Company, a private commercial organization, grew accordingly and were often to the detriment of the plantation workers, who had no basic rights here. The situation became unsustainable in the late 1890s. When, under the directive of the Governor's Office, chosen by the Central Asia Commercial Company, working hours were doubled to counter the drop in the price of rubber.

    In the months following the introduction of the new working hours, the archipelago was shaken by numerous violent riots, which led to the deaths of several thousand plantation workers and hundreds of European citizens. The riots stopped when the local army changed sides following the order to shoot more than a thousand workers on strike. The local commercial direction was placed under arrest, many of the traders, who held political roles, fled safely to their home countries. During that period there was also a timid attempt by the Sultanate to retake the archipelago with a military ship, which was sunk by the fortress in the port.

    Ethnicity and Social

    The foreign population is made up of the vast majority of citizens of Touzen and other countries of the Anti-State. The second largest group appears to be Azraq. There are also a fair number of citizens from the Justosia Empire, but they are only a small part of the whole foreign population.

    The twentieth century was marked by two major racial clashes within the city-state. The revolt of 1954, due to the custody of a girl of European origin to a local Muslim family, who converted her. The result was a long legal case for his reliance on the original family, which led the two communities to go out on the street and clash for several weeks. Eventually the child was again entrusted to her parents and this led to a month of revolt by the local Muslim community.

    The second racial uprising was about the introduction of the government by a new restrictive immigration law, 1986, which led all foreigners to go on strike. The strikes then turned into armed attacks on citizens of Mompracem and the consequent police reaction. Eventually, the government withdrew the laws, and I return to previous ones.

    After the violent outbreak of racial tensions in 1954 in which Muslim and Christian communities clashed, there has always been great attention to maintaining a balance between ethnic groups in the school, residential and military spheres; however, despite the great attention of the Mompracem government, the rapid growth of the city has again generated social and racial tensions, especially in the last few years.

    Contrary to these racial uprisings, crime within the city-state is practically absent, thanks to the constant presence of the police and the largest cctv surveillance service of public places in the world.


    The politics of Mompracem takes the form of a parliamentary representative democratic republic whereby the President of Mompracem is the head of state, the Prime Minister of Mompracem is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the cabinet from the parliament, and to a lesser extent, the President. Cabinet has the general direction and control of the Government and is accountable to Parliament. There are three separate branches of government: the legislature, executive and judiciary.
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    Great concept layout and flag, I hope it makes it to the next stage. I assume this is the player Engellex? And this would be a secondary nation unrelated to the primary, or a colony with some connections?
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    No, I'm Lars, this is my little kingdom of peace from the European ooc and ic miasma. I focus on this nation and leaving the area of Germany/Gallia to others, for now.
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    Beautiful flag and emblem.

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