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Neighbourhood Matters - Meeting Thread [ATTN: Serenierre]


Elder Statesman
Sep 30, 2014
Athens, Greece
Propontis, Optimatoi Prefecture, Pelasgian Empire

Propontis International Airport "Attalos the Great" was perhaps the busiest airport south of the Long Sea, having already been rennovated and expanded thrice since its initial construction in 1975. The home port of the Pelasgian flagship carrier Pampelasgian Airways S.A., as well as numerous smaller carriers like Inter-Long Sea Airlines, Transhimyari Air, and Imperial Airlines, the airport was built in a unique style reminiscent of the cathedral domes and long basilicas of Propontine architecture, but with modern materials and a modern look, renovated to remain fashionable. On the tarmac of this behemoth of international air travel, a welcoming party awaited the arrival of a delegation from @Serenierre, in the morning hours before the Pelasgian summer sun reached its scorching highest. A small, battalion-sized formation of honour guards of the Imperial Pelasgian Army, Navy, and Air Force, along with marching bands and standards, stood in attention. This included a detachment of the Imperial Guard, including Gallian mercenaries, in their distinctive dark blue uniforms with red and gold linings. As the sun reached its highest point for the day, the plane carrying the Serenien delegation touched down on the tarmac and slowly begun moving towards the welcoming party.

The plane's door opened and an aircraft ladder was attached to allow the passengers to disembark. At the sight of delegation from @Serenierre, the marching band begun playing and the honour guard saluted. Amidst the various banners borne by the soldiers, sailors, and airmen were the Serennien and Pelasgian flags, the only not to be lowered in salute. Finally, at the end of the red carpet, the Pelasgian delegation, headed by Prime Minister Thrasivoulos Platanias, the 12th Baron Platanias, welcomed the Emperor's Gallian guests, flanked by a number of advisors and other dignitaries to match those of the Serenien delegation. After an exchange of pleasantries with lots of photographic opportunities, the two delegations entered their vehicles, black sedans.

The convoy, guarded well on all sides by the General Directorate of Imperial Police, moved toward the Senate Palace in the complex of the Grand Palace of Propontis, where the meeting between the two eastern Himyari governments was to be held. Once there, the two delegations moved a large conference room where they were sat across, equipped with a projector for each side to present images, along with name tags, microphones, and desk flags for each speaker. Each of the guests was treated to a small piece of baklava, a traditional Pelasgian treat for guests, along with tea, coffee or water of their choice. Prime Minister Baron Platanias, sitting right across from his counterpart, begun the meeting. "I wish to welcome you to the centre of Pelasgian government, M. le Ministre en chef. It is my distinct hope that friendship and cooperation can prevail between our countries, despite our history." Like most educated Europeans, Platanias spoke Frankish, the language of diplomacy and high culture, as did most of his entourage.