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Once upon a time in Dalriada


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Orchardside House

Orchardside House was 10 miles away from Chìochanal City it was President Ruairidh Maclellan personal residence, it was in middle of a apple orchard, the apples collected were sent to a local factory but some are left aside for Ruairidh since he like to home brew cider and beer. A privilege only he and his inner circle had since outside religious service alcohol was banned. With the church being they only producer and seller of it even it was cheap tonic wine.

Being a spring Sunday afternoon he was having afternoon tea in his garden, he spent most of his time now within the house and its grounds due to losing his dear wife three years. Rarely leaving only to visit the city for his monthly meetings with the Advisory Committees. He left running of the day to day government business to Cathal Allanach the First Secretary.

Allanach was here for his weekly meeting, Ruairidh was too busy watching the workers picking on the orchards and eating cake to notice Allanach had arrived.

"Excuse me, Mr President First Secretary Cathal Allanach has arrived sir." the Chief Usher said he was standing behind him.

Ruairidh snapped out his day dreaming and then put his right hand in there to signal the Chief Usher to dismiss himself. Allanach sat down to join him.

Allanach was a man of small built, he worn glasses and had a bald pitch slowly growing on his head.

"Tea?" Ruairidh asked him while passing over a cup to his side of the table, he nodded.

Ruairidh poured him some tea then putting in a dash of milk and two sugars, he took a sip and pull out his diary to cross out their meeting. It was routine now.

"So Allanach any news from the Council?" Ruairidh said but had to pause for a second to let out a dry cough.

"I hate this dam cough." He said getting a napkin to cover his mouth.

"Still the same sir by the looks like, same as your cough as well." Allanach replied then had another sip.

"This thing is a nightmare I hate it, I haven't been able to get rid of it in weeks, anyway answer the question any news?"
Ruairidh asked again, he may be old but he knew that Allanach had a habit of changing subjects to keep things away from him

"Nothing much just talking to the Public Safety Minister on his preparation for the trouble we have in June, the Federal Militsiya has already have informants in at least ten different reactionary groups. It is ready to carry out raid whenever you order for it."

Allanach told him, even through the Presidency Office had not much power to deal with domestic issues. It became custom to discuss and seek permission from the President for any major operation.

"It is that time of year where the hippies and the perverts come out already?" Ruairidh asked, one of the greatest pain in his backside was the"Spirit of 69" groups.

"Yes unfortunately sir it is, sadly Militsiya intelligence suggest that it be bigger than last year, with some of their reports suggest three times the size." Allanach said he could see that Ruairidh was getting worked up, he tried to say something to calm him down before he ranted.

"Those dirty homos and child killers, they are like cockroaches you think you killed them but..." Ruairidh rant was cut short when he start to cough again this time it develop to a nasty wet one. Some of the spit went on Allanach face, he wiped it off and spoke.

"Sir, please before you hurt yourself, don't worry I have spoken to both the Defence Minister & Public Safety Minister, we have the PNDT on stand by in case...." Before he could finish Ruairidh interpreted him.

"No you listen here, these people are disgrace to god, spreading disease and wanting to kill the unborn. I want PNDT on the streets alongside the Federal Militsiya. They must learn what happens when you turn your back on god's words.

Allanach just said nothing just nodded he learnt it was best thing to do during his rants.

"Yes sir I will speak to the Defence Minister right now." He said to keep
Ruairidh wrath away
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1st UDLP Congress of The The People's Federation of Dalriada
22nd of July 1979
It had been six years since the People's Liberation Struggle beside a few skirmishes with reactionaries the party had the nation firmly under control,now it was time to decide the future agenda.

They were 663 senior delegates plus the 50 strong National Executive Committee in the hall that day.

Ruairidh Maclellan was the deputy chairman of the party and head of the Ministry of Public Safety at the time, he sat directly behind Chairman Pàl Bòid who was at the podium about to make the Congress's opening speech but he was clearly shaking and sweat was dripping down his forehead. He spent the first thirty seconds at the podium wiping it off with a cloth handkerchief when he was done it was drenched.

He picked ups his paper he had written by now most of the delegations were in silent confusion, the NEC sat their gobsmacked at the sight they were witnessing.

"My name is Pàl Bòid,I have committed the greatest crimes against the people of Dalriada, I am a traitor and I deserve to be shoot." He was finally able to say, the whole hall grasped.

"I am guilty of working with the Virunia to try to install a pro- National-Syndicalists government alongside betraying everyone here to achieve that. Luckily Deputy Chairman Ruairidh Maclellan discovered my plot for whom I am thankful because he showed me the errors of my ways." Bòid said barely able to get most of his words before breaking down in tears.

"What the hell is going?!" shouted one of the delegates before anyone else could react, five armed guards ripped the delegates from his seat to then drag him out by his legs to the hall's fire-exit it happened so fast he couldn't fight back.

"As part of the plot I worked with..." Bòid turned to look at Ruairidh to see if he could be reasoned, he stared back with his cold blue eyes there was no sign of negotiating only little bit of emotion he showed was a quick smirk but that was it.

Bòid soon called out several names of what he called co-plotters they were a mixer of the NEC and delegates each one called out were taken out the fire-exit by armed guards. At the start many were still in shock but the longer the names of list went, pure animalistic fear took over the hall instead of confusion.

One of delegates in the back of the hall saw a chance and tried to run out the main door, he went five hundred yards into the main lobby.

The guards' machine guns ripped through his back and he went down with a thump, they dragged his bloody corpse through the hall to the fire-exit leaving a snail tail, one of the NEC stood up and shouted.


In the hopes that stop his name being called, Ruairidh carried on watching Bòid not even reacting once at the unfolding scene.

"LONG LIVE CLAN MACLELLAN!" shouted someone else soon another joined and another they all started to cheer his name in a strange ecstasy.

Ruairidh put his hand up in the air to signal the hall to be silent.

Bòid now a broken shell of a man tried one last chance to reason with Ruairidh by looking into his eyes. There was nothing, he just blankly nodded and Bòid walked himself out the fire-exit.

Ruairidh took his sip of his glass of water before he took to the podium, he spoke with a booming voice.

"My name is Ruairidh Rusachainn Maclellan, I declare myself Defender of the Faith and President of the People's Federation of Dalriada. In order to show their loyalty to this great nation's people. The National Executive Committee must permanently remove the traitors among us."

Half of the NEC had been taken out to the fire-exit the rest were handed rifles and now being marched out to join the rest.
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Frozen Wasteland of Rosisaig
Winter of 1971
Virunians carried out a brutal campaign within the urban areas of Dalriada when they first crossed the Turtrie River,
pushing most of the Clan Maclellan partisans deep into the wilderness of Rosisaig, the area was the most northern part of Dalriada. If you want any further this time of year, you would only find big open frozen barren land as far as the eye could see with no life besides packs of dire-wolves migrating.

Ruairidh was leading six men on horse back through a forest,the trees stood up like white tooth picks around them.They were known as white-walkers to the Virunians. No matter how cold it got or how many times they were pushed further and further up into the frozen wasteland. They keep popping out the wood work to carry out hit and run attacks on their supply lines connecting their different footholds.

They were returning from a supply run, meeting with friendly locals from a large village in Achrigg. They give them bags of dried meat & fish, the group also were able to meet with a messenger for Clan MacKinnon partisans.

Clan MacKinnon were pushed out of Drumagar most of them were killed, the rest had either turncoat or run away. Virunians reinforcement were being sent to Rosisaig to root them out. The messenger himself refused to join them stating he had promised to deliver the message that was it, Ruairidh gave him a thirty second head start to run before he shoot him.

Now he was ahead from the group to meet Eòghan Griogal, he had gone to scout the route they were planning to take.

Eòghan Griogal appeared out the snow, he first had his rifle on him.

"Mary-Ann has hurt her finger." Ruairidh told him

"And David the servant is not well." Eòghan replied since he was in full snow camouflage, Ruairidh couldn't know 100% if it was him so it was better to be safe than sorry.

Ruairidh went off his horse to give him a handshake and pat on the back.

"For a second there I nearly blow your head off because you creep up on me!" Ruairidh said jokingly

"I could keep you on your toes Rodney." Eòghan told him with a smirk, Ruairidh pulled out a hard boiled sweet from his pocket to give to him.

"Thanks, so where are the rest?" He asked him while putting the sweet in his mouth to suck.

"About half mile away south of us." Ruairidh answered while tying his horse to a tree.

"Look it is pretty rough up head we got about twenty man patrol in a three mile area." Eòghan told him while sucking his sweet.

"I suggest we go the long around to save...." Eòghan said before he was intercepted.

"We don't have time, it was a shit storm back in Drumagar from the sounds of it and there is going be more of the bastards coming sooner rather later." Ruairidh told him

"Dam what did the messenger say and did he join us Rodney?" Eòghan asked him.

"No he ran away from God so I sent him straight back." Ruairidh said while tapping his pistol. Eòghan nodded and paused for a second to come up with a plan.
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Frozen Wasteland of Rosisaig
Winter of 1971

The Virunian squad were sent to search the area for enemy bases, the white-walkers had been a plague for months derailing train lines, burning down their storehouses and general harassing them to then run back into the frozen wasteland.

The Sergeant was taking his squad back to the outpost just outside the wasteland, they had picked a few stragglers. Their squad had walked onto a IED wiping half of them out. With their NCOs dead and wolfs coming in from the smell of blood, they ran off in a panic bumping into the Sergeant, he was able to calm them and got them to join him.

"It is hopeless everything looks the same, no clear landmarks and the maps reference nothing." He thought to himself,he had been leading the squad in circles but he didn't want to openly say to his men.

"Sarge I swear we've walked this way before." His Corporal told him, while he had one of the straggler's arms around him. The strangler still looked like a kid, his knee had been busted open from having shrapnel logged into it. The squads medic tried his best by wrapping badges around it and a stick to support his leg but nothing else he could do till he got the kid to seek proper medical attention at the outpost.

The Corporal was carrying him due him being half-cut from the painkillers, the rest of stragglers were luckily only suffering mirror cuts and burns.

"Nothing to worry about, we are nearly out of the woods trust me." The Sergeant told him trying to give a reassuring smile which made no difference. He know that he know that they were lost.

"Okay whatever you say Sarge, it is going to get dark soon so even though I like scenic route you are taking us but not when we got walking wounded." Corporal said in a sarcastic voice.

Before the Sergeant could have go at him, he noticed a clearing ahead they haven't seen before.

"Look Corporal, see told you we get out of the woods." He told him, the Corporal just rolled his eyes in response. He handed the injured kid to one of the other men, joining the Sergeant to walk towards the clearing, he asked.

"So where are we Sarge?"

When they got out onto the clearing which revealed a small hill to their left and more woods to their right

"Maybe if you won't a sarcastic bastard we would-" Before Sergeant could finish answering a bullet like thunder went through the air hitting him straight in the neck. Within a blink of an eye he hit the ground grabbing his neck blood pouring out covering the white snow.

"WHITE-WALKERS! WHITE-WALKERS! WHITE-WAILERS!" The Corporal shouted to rest of the squad, he then dived back into the woods.

"We got one of their bastard snipers get down!" He ordered to the squad by now everyone was hugging a tree or were laying on the ground.

The sniper cracked a few more blind shoots into the woods, they whistled above their heads only hitting some breaches. One of the Privates started to crawl towards the to Corporal while trying to talk to him.

"What happened to the Sarge?" He asked him.

"Stay fucking there that is an order!" He shouted, he didn't know how many snipers were there but he tried his best to come up with a plan.

Before he had a chance to really think bullets bounced off the tree he was hugging, he popped his head out quickly to see two white figures with sub-machine guns running at him. They were a few yards away and darting around the trees.

"Two white-walkers on our six!" He shouted to inform the squad.

"One white-walker on our three!" Someone else shouted

"The bloody idiot Sarge walks us into a ambush." The Corporal thought to himself he picked up the Private off the ground in order to talk to him.

"Listen to me, Sarge is dead we got unknown number of white-walkers coming at us. I am ordering everyone into defence positions if you are luckily to survive the next few minutes you are my new Lance Corporal." He told him while holding the Private's collar.

"Lance make sure everyone is in defence positions!" He shouted at the same time the Private broke from cover he got hit by a stray bullet, he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

The Corporal popped his out again where he first saw the two white-walkers, it was now three of them firing madly in his direction.

The ensuring gunfight lasted ten minutes, Ruairidh and six of his men had been following them for the last hour on foot, Eòghan went to camp up the hill since he was the best shoot. The Virunian squad put up a good fight but with walking wounded and exhaustion from spending hours being lost, they were cut down.

Ruairidh made sure the dead were given proper burial since the Virunian were fellow Catholics it was least he could, on the another hand the ones that surrendered he stripped them naked and pointed them in the general direction towards civilisation.

He kept back one of them behind since they heard him speak their native tongue.

"So we got a turncoat here have we?" He asked Eòghan who had the Virunian squad member naked on his knees with his pistol on his head.

"Yes Rodney we got ourselves a snake." He told Ruairidh.

"So what do we do to traitors?" Ruairidh asked with sadistic smile across his face.

"We hang them by their manhood."

Orchardside House
Ruairidh woke up from his dream, he was sitting in his study room on the second floor. The fireplace he lit earlier went out so a chill filled the room. He hadn't been in the best mood that day spent most of it firing off on Twatter thinking he was wining the war against "internet SJWs". He didn't really know what a SJW was, no that he much cared. They were all going to hell in his eyes.

He finished off the pint of stout he had on the small table next to his leather chair and he took out his phone to rant on Twatter again only to find out its battery died while he was sleeping. There was no light on in his room, in the total darkness he felt his throat tighten and his mind started to fog.

It was almost like he was viewing himself from a view of a third person camera, the record player in the room turned itself on. His throat got tighter and tighter till he felt like he couldn't breath.


He heard a voice whisper his name but didn't know where it was coming from. The record player played his wedding song without it being plugged.

"Rodney I am talking to you." The voice was louder this time closer to him, by now his back was covered with cold sweat.

"What is happening?" Ruairidh thought to himself. His security was managed by the Presidential Protection Commission most of its officers left him alone in his house keeping their distance because he valued his privacy more so in his old age. They guarded the main entry-ways to the house and the grounds during the night.

Those inside the house stay in the basement alongside the household staff.

"Rodney you haven't forgotten about me?" The voice asked he couldn't tell if was in his head or someone else.

The study room's door was ajar letting some of the hallway light in, he saw a shadow walk past the door.

By now his fear turned to adrenaline getting his pistol out which he always kept holstered. He counted the bullet in his magazine before getting up.

"Rodney I am disappointed you forgotten me." The voice said this time it was coming from the hallway.

"Who is this?" He asked

"Oh Rodney you have let yourself go haven't you?" the voice said mockingly still coming from the hallway.

"I warn you I am Ruairidh Rusachainn of the Maclellan Clan, Defender of Faith and President of People's Federation of Dalriada, now show yourself!" He shouted, it wasn't the first time someone tried to assassinate him but this was the strangest attempt so far.

"You fat pig you think you can threaten me?
Poor scared Rodney why not come out and find out yourself."
The voice replied this time it could be heard from the other side of the door. He wanted to call for the guards but he felt like he was in a trance and something was pulling him along towards the door.

He moved closer to the door slowly with his finger on the trigger, he finally got behind the door putting his ear on it


The voice shouted hitting the room like an earthquake, Ruairidh was himself pushed back a bit from the door.

"That is it you scum I hope you have made peace with God because I am you sending to him!" Ruairidh shouted when kicking the door open.

He jumped out onto the hallway nearly tripping over himself but no one was there.

"Sir, are you alright?"

The Chief Usher asked him from the stairs leading to the first floor, startling him enough in the process that he fired off his pistol luckily missing him hitting one of the paintings on the wall instead.

"Sir, please it is me." The Chief Usher pleaded with hands up in the air, he was in his dressing grown,he came up from his bedroom because he heard bit of commotion.

Ruairidh's eyes were glazed over within seconds of the gun going off,the whole house came alive with the PPC guards surroundings the house inside and out.

Ruairidh finally snapped back into it, putting his pistol back in his holster.

"Everyone that was a little test I pulled to check your reaction time and well done you have passed with flying colours."Ruairidh said clapping trying to keep face.

Everyone joined in, awkwardly clapping, even through Ruairidh sweat shined in the light and he was pale as a ghost.

Ruairidh tried to stay calm in-front of the crowd that gathered around him but he still could hear the voice whispering.

"I will never forgive or forget."
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Little Poland
Excerpt from a newspaper dated 12th February 1972
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"Hundreds of people are dead and many more injured when rebels pushed Virunian's Catholic & Royal Army led forces out Auchkeld the capital city of Dalriada. The country has been rocked by political turmoil and armed conflict since the end of the 1969 what started as..................."

"City Residents' morning was greeted by at least twenty bombs exploring all across the city in a space of eight minutes, The bombs primary targeting the city's financial business and government institutions caused such damage a small office building collapsed reporting killing everyone inside.Within half-hour of the bombings nearly a thousand armed rebels entered the city with some raiding the city's main barracks while others took over various checkpoints on the outskirts. By now the rebels were in open street battles with the Catholic & Royal Army. Rebel mortars could be heard raining down for several hours killing more their own and civilians than the.......

"The country's leader Ceannard Niallghus Anndrasdan who was installed by the Virunians to create a pro-National-Syndicalists government two years ago this month,is current safe in locked-down in an unknown location the Virunians tell us. The head of the Catholic & Royal Army led forces have said in a statement that they tactically pulled out the city to regroup and vowed to take back the City within a week."
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Little Poland
19th February 1972

Ruairidh could see one of the Clan partisan shouting and waving a large red flag on top of a partly destroyed office building. The Virunians kept their word within a week they pushed back into the city, the partisans became drunk from their victory and were now being completely wiped out for it. The cost of pushing them out in the first place was the whole of the city populace hating them and most fleeing within a day of them taking over.

It only took a two days for in-fighting to happen all the Virunians had to do was wait.

As a result he now was running for his life away from the carnage. Virunians tanks were cutting people like a lawn-mower. They made their way through the make-shift barricades like knife through butter, no mercy was being shown anything that moved was being shoot.

A memory that forever be implanted in his brain would be when he was watching some of his men trying to find cover in a corner shop, a tank pulled up and let lose its flamethrower straight into the shop, he blocked off the screaming when he turned to run unfortunately his nose picked up the smell of burning flesh it was like burnt bacon.

He was able to meet up with Eòghan both of them now heading to the east of the city following instructions given to them over the radio.

Getting closer to the office building, he looked up to check on the partisan waving his flag he was still going even when a attack helicopter came into sight.

"Get the hell off from there!" Ruairidh screamed but it was in vain, the helicopter let its machine guns lose, ripping him into shreds, his body splatted on the ground.


The helicopter then launched a rocket into the building reducing most of it to rubble, they both were knocked on their feet, Ruairidh ears were ringing and felt his brain body slammed itself into his skull.

He opened his eye to see that Eòghan was dragging him towards a pub.

"Quick, quick before they see you." said a man who had opened the pub's cellar door. Eòghan passed him to the man to help him down.

"Hurry before the helicopter comes." He told Eòghan who turned to look behind, he could see that the helicopter was firing its machine guns into the rubble to make sure nothing was left behind also he saw two tanks coming from the end of the street leading squads of soldiers.

When he jumped in all he could see was a mess, they were nine guys hiding in the cellar most of had drop their rifles a long time ago now, one was on his knees silently preying, another guy was curled up on the floor crying and one was playing around with a radio set. The rest stared at it each other blankly, Ruairidh was sit against the wall, he went up to kneel next to him.

"Your right ear is bleeding Rodney." He told him pulling out a small first aid kit from his jacket.

"Leave him, there is no point anymore." said the one who let them in.

"What do you mean?" Eòghan asked him while cleaning up Ruairidh's.

"What the hell you think I mean?
Chieftain Ùisdean of Clan MacKinnon is dead and probably all of Clan Maclellan are dead too.
We are soon to be next"
He said.

Ruairidh pushed Eòghan away from him so he could show his ring with the clan symbol and to speak.

"Not all of us are dead lad, we just need to regroup and think our exit strategy."

"Have you gone mad?
You seeing what I am seeing out there?
We getting slaughtered!"
Said one of the other guys in the cellar before Ruairidh could argue with him the guy playing with radio set spoke.

"Shut up and listen!" They all gathered around the radio set besides the one on the floor he carried on crying.

This is Colonel Juuso Repo of the Virunian's Catholic & Royal Army, I am requesting for all rebels to lay down their arms immediately. If you surrender now you shall not be harmed and will be taken as a prisoner of war. All of you have half hour to hand yourselves over, those we suspect are rebels after that time will be shoot on sight."

They stood in awkward silence for a few seconds till one of them started to head to the cellar.

"What the fuck you think you are doing?" Ruairidh asked drawing his pistol on him.

"What you didn't hear?
if we surrender now, we be taken in as POWs."
He answered.

"Don't be so stupid, you never trust word that comes out a Virunian's mouth"
Eòghan said chipping in.

"Look what choice do we have?
if we stay here we die,if we go out there we might not die.
I am taking my chances if you want to stay be my guest."
He said to Eòghan.

"You not going anyway, no one under my watch is going to turncoat." Ruairidh said firmly

"How you going to stop me?" The guy said mockingly.

"With my gun you idiot." Ruairidh barked.

"There's nine of us, you won't be able to shoot all of us before one of us grabs your throat.
Besides if you let that off in here you give away our position"
He said changeling.

Ruairidh was going to pull the trigger in anger but soldiers demanding people to surrender could be heard outside.

Eòghan pointed to an hatch on the other side of the room, the pub staff would use to dump rubbish to be collect later.

"We could go down there." He said

"Then what let the rats eat us instead?
No come on guys I rather be shoot than die in a rubbish pile."

The nine walked out the cellar door leaving Ruairidh & Eòghan alone.

"I guess it is us two now, come on let's get going" Eòghan said
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Little Poland
19th February 1972
Somewhere outside Auchkeld

Both Ruairidh & Eòghan were able to escape after finding a way into the city's sewer system under the pub navigating their way through with just a small flashlight, half hour in Eòghan fainted from a mixer of the fumes and exhaustion. Ruairidh carried him on his back.

Finally reaching the end of the tunnel sunlight come through to show a small stream of water. He jumped down into the water carefully dragging Eòghan. The water was only ankle deep even then Eòghan didn't wake up from being dropped into it, he dragged him onto the grass.

"Wake up!" Ruairidh shouted shaking Eòghan and then slapping his face but he didn't responsed.

"Don't you fucking die on me please." He thought to himself, he sat next to Eòghan on the grass burying his head in his hands.

"He was right there is no point anymore." Ruairidh said out-loud he was going to start crying till Eòghan woke up, he got up a bit to put his arm out to rub Ruairidh's hair.

"Rodney why you crying?
I am still alive aren't I?"
He said to him.
Ruairidh's face lit up and gave him a small hug.

"Thought you died on me there." He said while hugging Eòghan, they pulled back sitting together in the grass for a few minutes listening to sounds of the city it was mainly silent now besides the sound of helicopters roaming its sky.

"It is all over the revolution, the dream, the fight for freedom is gone now.
The bastard Virunians snatched it from us."
Ruairidh said with total despair in his face.

Eòghan stood up offering his arm out to Ruairidh.

"Do not lose hope brother as long we are alive the fight live on." He said.
Ruairidh got up himself, Eòghan pulled his water bottle out cleaning his right hand, then grabbing Ruairidh left hand to do the same.

"What you doing?" Ruairidh asked him

"Ruairidh Rusachainn of the Maclellan Clan, will you take me Eòghan Griogal as your blood brother?" Eòghan replied getting his knife to cut his hand. Ruairidh was taken aback from his offer he only known Eòghan for a year and didn't really know anything besides his name but they both saved it each others lives so many times he lost count.

"Of course Eòghan Griogal" He said taking his own knife to cut his hand and then held Eòghan's.

"But you must promise me, if one of us is put in a corner or close to death.
We will put each other out of our misery."


Orchardside House

The First Secretary and the Under-Secretary were called up by the Chief Usher over the President's strange behaviour. Ruairidh himself was out in the garden collecting honey from his two beehives. The First Secretary watched him from the second floor office window he just finished talking to the doctors. Wasn't the first time Ruairidh mental state caused concern, after his wife died, he spent a month in his bedroom stricken by grief but he suddenly bounced back in one day.

"What should we do Cathal?" the Under-Secretary asked him, they both spent a few minutes going over what the doctors told them.

"Well first pass a message to the NEC due to the unseen circumstance, authority falls to me as First Secretary like last time other than that we must wait and see." Cathal replied.

"Are you sure?
The doctors suggesting it might be more serious"
The Under-Secretary said the doctors had warned this time around the worsen of his mental state could be permanent.

"Yes I am, listen I am in charge if I say we wait and see then we wait and see!" Cathal barked last time something like this happened he had to stop about half dozen conspiracies, he wasn't taking no chances everything must seem normal to the outside world as long as possible.

Unaware of the conservation going on in the office, Ruairidh was happy go lucky collecting his honey another one of his favourite hobbies in a white beekeeping suit. Everything was going fine, enjoying the late morning sun.

Suddenly it was almost like storm clouds gathered above him and his chest started to tighten again.

"Rodney" The same voice again from the night before whispered to him, he carried on collecting honey trying his best to ignore hoping it go away.

"You fucking fat pig listen to me, I will not go away till you do." The voice spoke harshly it was coming from his left now, he paused to compose himself.

"It is not real."
It is not real.
It is not real."
He repeatably told himself.

"If I am not real then, why not look at me?" The voice said this time sounding it was directing in front of him.

He looked up to find a man standing by one of the apple trees, he looked closer to see who it was

"Oh my god it can't be." Ruairidh said out loud completely frozen , the man looked like a corpse his skin grey covered in claw marks and with half his jaw hanging off.

"You do remember me then Rodney
Remember how you let me die?!"
The man screamed, his voice acting like unknown force hitting Ruairidh in the chest sending his body flying, knocking over the beehive as a result.

"You are dead!
This is not real!
You can't be here!"
Ruairidh shouted out loud from the top of his voice, the man now was standing over him, blood dripping from his eyes, staining his white beekeeping suit.

"If I wasn't real could I do this?" The man said pulling out a knife to stab him.

"AHAHAH" Ruairidh let out a small scream in pain, he looked down to see the knife in his chest with blood pouring.

" I am so sorry, please don't kill me Eòghan." Ruairidh begged.

By now a few PPC guards come over as well as both the First Secretary and Under-Secretary. To see what was going on, he turned to talk to them.

"Please get him away from me!" Ruairidh cried to them he turned to point to Eòghan but he was gone and the stabbed wound in his chest was as well.

Everyone looked at him in confusion, two guards started to help him from the ground.

"I am not mad, I swear please listen to me he was really there." Ruairidh said crying, he then fainted only reason he didn't fall on his face because the two guards were holding him by his arms.

"Get him to his bedroom right now, if everything gets out about this I am holding you two responsible." First Secretary ordered the guards before turning to the Under-Secretary.

"Get Doctor Flimean here right now."
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Little Poland
Some forest in Rosisaig
Spring of 1971
Both Ruairidh & Eòghan had escaped the city through the back country roads sleeping among cattle, their process was slow with the Virunians always one step behind. They finally were able to get rid of them after stealing a horse and supplies from a farm house. Tracking back to the only place they be safe that was into the wildness of Rosisaig, they spent the past few weeks living in a makeshift camp they made. living off the land catching rabbits and drinking from river water. To grab some treats they raided a bakery in the nearest village at dawn before it opened.

Ruairidh was naked in the river next to the tent, washing himself they were able to steal some soap. He hadn't had a bath in forever this is closet he get for now.

Eòghan popped out the tent he started to strip in order to change into clothes that dried on a line.

"What our next plans Rodney?" He asked Ruairidh while changing

"What you mean?" Ruairidh replied

"Well it is Spring and what I heard the Virunians have given up looking." Eòghan said by now changed and started to walk towards Ruairidh.

"We head back into the city and see if we can get hold of anyone." Ruairidh said now getting out the river to grab a towel, Eòghan throw him one and said with a warm smile.

"We could head back and live a normal life, two of us" Ruairidh paused for a second when drying himself. It's safest and happiest he had been in a long time. Eòghan grab his shoulders with both of his arms and spoke.

"Come on Rodney you want it as well." Ruairidh pushed him off.

"We can never have a normal life." He said sharply putting his trousers on and then sat down to put his boots on. Eòghan still stood there staring at something across the river.

"Don't you fucking move and make a sound." He whispered, Ruairidh turned his head to see a massive brown bear on the other side of the river. He jumped up in a fright which seemed to agitate the bear.

"I told you not to move."Eòghan said while staying completely still.

"Rodney we got one rifle and your pistol with a couple of bullets between them,it is no good." Eòghan said while pushing Ruairidh behind him.

"What you doing?" Ruairidh asked while watching the bear who started to cross the river towards them.

"We both can't outrun it, grab what you can and run just keep running don't look back."Eòghan told him pulling out his hunting knife. Ruairidh got a bag shoving as much as he could in it before you run Eòghan spoke to him.

"Ruairidh you know that-" Before he could finish the bear charged at him.

"I know." Ruairidh thought himself while running into the woods.
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Little Poland

Orchardside House

Ruairidh had been confined into his bedroom by the doctor and his nurse, he couldn't remember what happened to him he woke up one day with various medical devices plugged into him, one to monitor his heart and other for his brain. He didn't know why everyone was so worried the First Secretary and the Under-Secretary visited him earlier that morning to check after his "fall" yesterday. He said he was in no pain and wanted to get back to his daily routine but they insist that he stay in bed till doctor says so since he banged his head in the fall.

"You going to finish that?" A voice asked from corner of the room, Ruairidh was eating his breakfast in bed which was a few slices of bacon, two eggs and bit of toast the plate was on a tray on his lap. He decided to ignore the voice in order to light up a cigarette.

"Bloody thing won't .work" Ruairidh said struggling to use his lighter, a grey open hand appeared next to him.

"Rondey why don't you let me light it for you." A voice said taking his lighter, he turned to see Eòghan stand besides him, he was no longer covered in crawl marks and his jaw wasn't hanging out. He look normal besides his grey skin.

"Thank you." Ruairidh said then putting his cigarette in his mouth for Eòghan to light up, he took in a deep breath of smoke and pulled it out to speak.

"How long you been here?" He asked Eòghan, by now he was sitting on the bottom of the bed helping himself to his breakfast dipping the toast into the half eaten eggs.

"You always liked them sunny side up didn't you?" He mumbled while eating the toast, he then got up to pull a chair up to Ruairidh.

"To answer the question, I have always been here watching you.
Whenever you walked down a dark street and thought someone was following you it was me.
Every time you looked into someone's eyes before ordering their killing I was there just behind you."
Eòghan said with egg yolk going down his chin.

Ruairidh stared at him and puffed on his cigarette then blow the smoke in Eòghan's face.

"This is a strange you know that?
Think am having what they call lucid dream, shame I want to woke up now."
Ruairidh said disinterested, insulted Eòghan ripped his cigarette from his month to put it out on his hand. Ruairidh let a out sharp shout.

"If this is a dream Rodney, why can you feel pain?" Eòghan said his voice turning sinister and his eyes turning blood red.

"What do you want?" Ruairidh whimpered hiding his under blanket.

"I want to you know there are traitors among us and you stupid fat pig letting them run all over you!"


Cathal Allanach ordered a meeting of the NEC and all the Premier, fifteen of them shoved into a small meeting room in the house leaving little elbow room. Cathal wanted to give them as little information as possible and get this done as quick as possible. He was going through the various contingencies plans, Màiri Fòlais was the only female in the room and the youngest at forty, winning the Premiership of Drumranblair through rising the ranks of the its militias only one that allowed females to become officers.

Half of the room look at her like starving dogs outside butcher shop, she was used to know they all pigs in her eyes but she learnt to keep her month shut, hands on her laps and smiles all around. She was trying her best to press as much information to her PA waiting outside the Manor house through text message him under the table.

Rumours had been circling of the President worsting and even his death for days now, anyone getting hold of the knowledge what have head start on the rat race that would beginning once he kicked the bucket.

"Get the fuck off me!" What sounded like the President shouting outside room could be heard.

"Mr President please get back to bed before you hurt yourself please." A female voice could be heard as well.

Suddenly the doors busted open by the President who just in his dressing grown and slippers.

"Listen here you bastards I know your game!" He shouted at the room. The First Secretary tried to act calm while the Under-Secretary rushed to stop him going any further while the nurse from behind tried to drag him out.

"Mr President looks like you feeling better but remember what the Doctor ordered please stay in bed till he says so." The First Secretary said but that did no good he pushed the nurse and the Under-Secretary off him to then point to corner of the room.

"He is laughing at me because you are all scum traitors!"

Everyone in the room turned to see who he was pointing to but no one was there.
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