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Oshan Public Bulletin


Elder Statesman
Apr 16, 2007
The Reconstruction Council for the Erdeshi Federacy hereby proclaims the following,

> To curb the spread of disease, address the persistent issue of public hygiene, and to establish a standard of sanitary conditions, the Oshan Capital Protectorate will begin construction of new sewer works for the capital. In the words of the Hero of the Federacy, So'jet Kash, “the first step to healthy communities must be clean communities!” Kash's deputy, Sovan Toshi, volunteered to assume the chairmanship for the newly inaugurated Committee for Public Health – promising to pioneer the first step in bringing great, old Oshan into the modern age.

“We have a simple goal,” Toshi promised, “within four years, clean water for every man, woman, and child in Oshan. Clean, orderly streets. The first step!”

Much work remains to be done. The Twins, the great aqueducts that feed the Rosha'an reservoir, must be repaired! Existing sewage systems, largely built to accommodate the traitor-priests of the stepped-city, must be expanded and redone! Yet in this work, there is opportunity, an opportunity to build for all Erdesh a city truly fit to be a capital – a modern metropolis – for the Federacy we together now labor to build!

All interested and able-bodied citizens interested in finding fair employment are encouraged to apply, and may do so at the intersection of Emancipation Boulevard and Tokar Street, where the Committee for Public Health has established a field office. All employees are guaranteed fair wage, work hours, as well as meal, and board in the case of work-labor assignments outside of the Capital Protectorate.

Serve the Federacy! Serve Erdesh!

> General Arbal Hovas'ah is recognized as a Hero of Emancipation today, being presented his medal in person by Hero of the Federacy So'jet Kash in an emotional ceremony outside Adar where his division is headquartered.

Thirty-four years old, General Hovas'ah heads the famous 11th Composite Division – unique at the time of its formation in 1914 for being staffed by men from all of Erdesh's stepped-cities, rather than locally drawn from the temple-militias. Educated in Auraria, Hovas'ah went on to attend the War College at Tauritania before returning to Erdesh to serve at the onset of the Great War – quickly rising from a mere adjutantcy to a generalship for his fine performance. His service in the Northern Campaign was exemplary, but his actions towards the end of the war were altogether far more heroic!

General Hovas'ah was one of the first to take up arms with the Blue League, leading his well-trained and well-equipped men away from the doomed northern sieges and back into the heartlands of Great Erdesh – playing a pivotal role in breaking the stepped-cities of Jida, Adar, and Rosh-gobel. Today, he serves as the governor for the Tur-ros Special Administrative Region, where he has continued to lead the brave soldiers of the Federacy in confronting bandits and brigands that have so faithlessly and opportunistically established themselves in the Son-Kujol Range. Just recently, two-hundred traitor-thieves were arrested by General Hovas'ah's men, and it is in part for this success that he is now being honored.

“Hovas'ah represents what I hope will be the future for this Federacy,” Hero of the Federacy So'jet Kash said. “A bright young man, full of vision – but more importantly, the drive to see that vision fulfilled.”

The Hero of Emancipation is an honor bestowed on those that are recognized by the Reconstruction Council as having made extraordinary efforts in combating the Four Foes of the Federacy. Let us never forget them, even now! Hate them, and Serve the Federacy!

Do away with Ignorance!
Throw down Idolatry!
Break the chains of Indenturement!
And together, teach, to end Illiteracy!

In doing so, we confirm our emancipation! Serve the Federacy, Serve Erdesh!

> As a temporary measure to effect repairs, the Steps of Roda'na and Joth will be closed to the public effective immediately. Damage to the primary edifice on the western side, adjacent to Misho'ko Street, requires prompt work to prevent collapse. Labor on the project will be managed by the Reconstruction Council's Protectorate Works Committee, with temporary work for the length of the project currently being offered. All interested parties may report directly to the work-site on Misho'ko Street, or to the office along the North Canal Bridge.

> All citizens are encouraged to participate in the All-Erdesh Survey! As the first census by the Federacy, it is paramount that the Reconstruction Council knows precisely what the needs of all Erdesh are – better that it may serve them all! Cooperation with the Survey Inspectors, when they visit your home, is the least you can do to Serve the Federacy! Fifteen minutes of your time is all that's required, and the Inspectors will aide you diligently in understanding the contents of the survey, even if you may not be able to read or write.

> The demolition of the hated, reviled Erdak-go Temple is finally complete, and work begins now on the Hall of Reclaimation – what will be the first public institute of higher learning in Erdesh upon its completion. Work is being done by the Protectorate Works Committee as well as the Fojasar 40 Ward, a local labor union that will be providing the majority of the manpower. Interested parties may report to the union office on the 40th Ward to seek employment.