Pan-Gallian solidarity

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    May 9, 2019
    [ Urgent and Confidential]

    To the esteemed Commisssar for External Relations Bernard Lavosnier

    The Thaumatic invasion of Bourgogne threatens not just the Burgundian People's Republic but all of Gallia. And while I appreciate that historically our two great nations have long been rivals the past is the past, Bourgogne and indeed all of Gallia needs a future and should the Thaumatic Domain succeed then it will surely lead to all of Gallia to be plunged into darkness.

    To protect our peoples and preserve Gallian culture I as Provisional Chairman of the All Burgundian National Congress humbly invite the Republic of Serenierre and the Republic of Auraria to send military personnel to fight alongside their Gallian brothers in the Burgundian People's Republic against Thaumatic Tyranny.

    yours faithfully
    Provisional Foreign Minister and Provisional Chairman of the ABNC
    Bertrand Murat
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