Protocol of National Future [Attn: Kadikistan]

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    Núcleo Central da União Nacional
    Esteemed People's Commissar Annaguly Oghankanev,

    It might be weird for us to communicate like this, but in such times, sometimes it is necessary to look past the superficial differences that there are between us and look towards a future in which we cooperate together to the betterment of our nations and our peoples.

    As you might have heard, the Socialist Party, together with the National Federation of Labour has come together in creating the Prometheist League, a party that calls itself left-wing but in reality does nothing but deceive the working class and enslaving it in the shackles of global capitalism and degeneracy. You have your own history from 60 years ago with Prometheism and understand why the reaffirmation of this monstrous ideology will bring nothing but destruction and chaos, not only in Beira, but the whole of Gallia at least.

    I must be honest and offer my sincere condolences to the loss of Eleuterio Pereira, the leader of the local marxist-leninovist party, a man whom I myself have deeply respected as I knew, that I may be blue, he may be red, but at heart, we both struggled for the same outcome, a new society in which the nation is strong and ready to help the working class. The liberal media in Beira tries to push to narrative that the National Union was behind the attack on him, but in reality, as you might have heard, a week ago we have been victims of the same Prometheists, as they attacked a peaceful demonstration of ours, and now they assassinated comrade Pereira. What I see, is that they are rabid, savage beasts, ready to impose a dictatorship on our nation. The dictatorship of social capitalism, the dictatorship of lies and deceit.

    Our colleagues might know already, that the real movements struggling for the working class of Beira, the National Union and the Revolutionary Workers' Party, have been seen mostly as just the fringe opposition, to the real oligarchy that leads this nation, the National Democrats and the Prometheists. What I propose is a non-aggression pact, between us and marxism-leninovists, that can go farther into a cooperation to fight the oligarchs. What we plan is to absorb the National Democratic Party and cleanse it of the oligarchs and their minions and transform it into a real party that cares for the nation and the people. After this takes place, we want to fully ban Prometheism, before this devilish ideology gets it's roots across Gallo-Germania and in the end to create a party system in which us and the Revolutionary Workers' Party will be the only active ones, as we are the parties that really care of the people, rather than the pockets of rich men, hiding their wealth in tax havens.

    We hope that we can cooperate on this and that despite our differences, we will find common ground and a common denominator that will bring us working together.

    Signed and Sealed
    With loyalty to God and Folk
    Anibal Cabral
    Chairman of the National Union
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    Nov 2, 2006
    FROM: Annaguly Oghankanev, People's Commissariat for External Affairs, People's Federal Socialist Republics of Kadikistan
    TO: Anibal Cabral, Chairman of the National Union, Republic of Beira

    Esteemed Chairman,

    First of all we wish to thank you for your sympathies concerning the death of the proletarian leader Eleuterio Pereira. We agree with your analyses that the emancipation and further advancement of the working class was always his primary concern and his life-work. Indeed he was an example to follow for all those seeking a better future and he will be deeply missed both in Beira and abroad. Long may we remember his struggle and that of his comrades.

    What better way to honour his legacy than ensuring a solid position for his political child, the Revolutionary Workers' Party. That is why in the opinion of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Workers' Party, therein backed by the Executive Committee of the International Association of Communist Workers' Parties, we must be receptive to the offer put on the table.

    It will come to no surprise that we are careful when confronted with offers coming from political opposites even if there is a shared concern for the well-being of the working class. That is why while we are open to this proposed deal we seek an assurance that the latter won't be violated in the near or distant future. Our slightly amended counter-offer is the following.

    The RWP will receive the directorate to accept the non-aggression pact and provide passive support for the operations of the National Union. The position of the RWP in the newly proposed dual party system will be accepted and full cooperation will be given in the instalment of the regime and its struggle against prometheist class traitors. Once the National Union government is in place we will require assurances considering its foreign policy, more specifically the one concerning the rogue state of Serenierre.

    It is no secret that the Villesen regime is on a path to war with the neighbouring Burgundian People's Republic. You will understand that we can not provide the support you have requested only to see it detonate when Beira would ally our enemies as a result. We do not wish to infringe on your liberty and while the All-Union will always be open to greater cooperation between our two fine nations the decision to do so is yours. What we do ask is that Beira takes an anti-Serenierre stance before, during and after the seemingly inevitable conflict.

    Doing so will greatly improve the trust between us and ensure our full collaboration to the establishment of your new order. We look forward to your response.

    Annaguly Oghankanev
    People's Commissariat for External Affairs
    People's Federal Socialist Republics of Kadikistan

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