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Public comment: Inquiries Regulations 2020

Imperium Anglorum

Tinpot Dictator
Staff member
Apr 6, 2015
I'd like comments on the following proposed regulations. Note that they have not yet come into effect or been enacted.

Inquiry Regulations 2020

The Delegate makes the following regulations at executive discretion, issues them in the form of statutory instrument pursuant to section 3 of the Statutory Instruments Act 2017, and exercises powers granted by section 6(c) of the Criminal Law Act 2018:

1. A public inquiry may be called by order issued at executive discretion to investigate cases where events have occurred that have caused or likely will cause public concern. Such an order must define: a chair of the inquiry along with members, the terms of reference of the inquiry, and the time span in which the inquiry must complete its report.

2. The terms of reference include the matter to which the public inquiry relates, whether the inquiry is to make recommendations, and other matters relating to the scope of the inquiry. By order issued at executive discretion changes may be made to the membership, terms of reference, and schedule of existing inquiries.

3. Judicial powers possessed by the delegator are delegated to the chair of the inquiry to take and compel sworn testimony on matters within the remit defined by the establishing order.

a. The inquiry may not initiate prosecutions or determine legal liability; but public inquiries shall be treated as a form of investigation.

b. Testimony may be taken in camera if not doing so would impose a delay or impair the effectiveness of the inquiry; the chair may designate as sensitive any information taken in camera.​

4. The chair of a public inquiry is commissioned to produce a report on the facts, causes, lessons, and other matters associated with the subject defined in the establishing order.

a. The chair must send a letter to any person subject to criticism in the inquiry report and provide them opportunity to submit comment and defence against such criticism.

b. Upon conclusion of the public inquiry, the report shall be submitted to the Delegate. The Delegate shall redact any sensitive or personally identifying information and publish the report.​

5. These regulations may be cited as the Inquiry Regulations 2020 and take effect immediately.