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    Fascist Engells Immediately Embark on Fascist Burgundian Puppet Government

    (12.08.2019) The Engells have begun to institute a new government in Burgundy seeking to institute their slavery in Gallia. Engell propaganda outlets have urged the citizens of Ouistreham to join their “Alderman Council” a new fascist club for collaborators to betray their own people. Their Alderman Council can never be legitimized by fascists who pretend to represent the proud Burgundian people!

    To arms citizens of Ouistreham! Take back your city and renounce fascism! The Engels and their false cry of liberty is taken aback from their horrible system of slavery! Slavery will next come to Burgundy and then the rest of Gallo-Germania, where ever the Engell can sink his teeth into the proud people of a real civilized and socialist Gallo-Germania! The people of Burgundy need heroes! Not collaborators! Reject the Engells! Reject their the allies of authoritarian dictatorship such as the people of Eiffelland who seek to subject all of Europe to their capitalist dictatorship of drugs and automobiles. The future forward is in a Socialist Republic of Burgundy! Socialists of the world, unite!
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    The pilot spun the camera around on the MQ-7 Condor, one of the newest toys in the Treatyfolk arsenal – developed jointly by Holloway Aerospace with technologies provided by CASEA as well as Beautancus, it was a marvel of Treatyfolk engineering.

    “Keep it steady,” the officer called as the pilot repositioned the camera ahead and keep the bird at a steady altitude.

    Even with the hustle of the 39th Marine Rifles’ slight alterations as Treatyfolk and Engellachian units moved in, the unit was quick to locate the position of the broadcast from Radio Socialist Gallia. It wasn’t particularly difficult for the Domain’s forces to locate the broadcast and now the Condor was to confirm it.

    The bird’s SAR radar was a similar variant to the three that Treaty Lands, Beautancus, and Engellex collectively sent into space a short time ago. As it flew closer to the predetermined location, the crew paid intense attention to the screens ahead of them.

    “There!” one pointed.

    “Structure sighted,” the pilot replied.

    “That our target?” another asked.

    “Yes sir,” the pilot confirmed, tilting the stick on the plane to fly around the structure.

    The plane attempted to fly at differing altitudes and angels to do a thermal scan of the structure. It couldn’t see through the walls, of course, but any view inside the building through windows would give the Domain an idea of how many people were operating the broadcast.*

    After completing the scan and gathered available info, the bird was called back to base.

    *I’ll leave it up to you to tell me if this was possible.
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