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Registration for the Gallian Open


Elder Statesman
Apr 17, 2007
Championnats Internationaux de Petits Pays de Tennis
Welcome to registration to the Championnats Internationaux de Petits Pays de Tennis, or as it has become well known internationally, the Gallian Open. The Gallian Open is one of the Grand Slams of tennis in the world and held annually in Petits Pays since 1890. Originally played on sand as the Championships of Petits Pays, the tournament is well known for its unusual clay courts which slow down the pace of the ball, while producing majestic looking controlled slide from the participants as they cut left and right in pursuit of the ball. Last year, the tournament celebrated a phenomenal occurrence where homegrown stars Pierre Riboulet and Jeanne Thibault won the men’s and women’s tournaments.

This year, we hope to continue to increase the size and scope of the tournament and as always players from across the globe are welcome to enroll.

Men’s Tournament

Registration now open!

Women’s Tournament
Registration now open!