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    Greetings Esteemed Friends of the West,

    Her Excellency, Madam President Donna Trumm, struck a chord deep within the Nedernesian psyche when she was recently in Nedernesia and attended the state dinner with His Serene Highness Prince Leopold Gustavus Lamberti.

    Nedernesia is tired of being bullied by powers larger and farther away who have no business in our neighbourhood.

    As you will have already read, the Commonwealth of Nedernesia will not recognise the so-called TEZ put in place by the Cussians. This zone is nothing more than a blockade, detrimental to the way of life of our country, which relies on global, open, unfettered trade.

    The Royal Nedernesian Admiralty and Royal Nedernesian Sky Force are highly trained fighting forces with incredibly capable and modern equipment and our population (male and female), while small, has all gone through mandatory military service and mandatory reserve years. This enables us to act militarily in a highly effective manner relative to our size.

    Nonetheless, open threats from the Cussians are disconcerting. The world knows that cornered beasts act viciously and unpredictably. We call upon your peace-loving country to join us in opposing this blockade.

    President Trumm has safe harbour in Nedernesia as do her armed forces if they are engaged in defencive manoeuvres, especially in regards to keeping international waters open and, well, international.

    We eagerly await your response and hope to forge a fruitful cooperation.

    Always at your service,
    Sir Robert S. Riverdale, Minister of Overseas Relations and Cooperation Nedernesia

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