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    Where: Probably next to Pelagasia? Anywhere in north Himyar could work in principle.

    Nation Name:
    Res Publica Sol Invicta - Republic of the Sun Unconquered - Solaris (colloquial)
    Demonym: Solarian
    Official Language: New Tiburan, Reformed Pelagasian, Ancient Tiburan & Pelagasian
    Unofficial Languages: TBD
    National Anthem: TBA
    National Motto: TBA
    Important Dates:

    600 BC: Colonization of the region by Pelagasian city states, among them Heliopolis is being the largest and most powerful.
    250 BC: Tiburan conquest, foundation of the province of Meridianam. From the ruins of Heliopolis "Solari Capitolina" is raised.
    250-350 AD: Anti-Christian unrest.
    425 AD: Germanic conquest.
    425-750 AD: Germanic Kingdom/traumatic Christianization.
    750 AD: Tiburan (Pelagasian) re-conquest of Meridianam.
    750-1750 AD: The "Despotate"; Tiburan/Pelagasian administration of Meridianam
    *1650-1750 AD: "Renetarum" under the influence of continental scholars affluent Solarians begin to uncover the largely forgotten legacy of their past.
    1750-1800 AD: Period of national awakening, more Solarians travel abroad, returning with enthusians and fervor
    1825 AD: Revolutionary war against the Tiburan/Pelagasian "Despotate". Beginning of the "New Millenium".
    Capital: Solari Capitolina
    Largest City: Solari Capitolina
    Currency: Aureus
    Government Type: Unitary Republic
    Estimated Population: 35,000,000
    GDP (PPP): 2.205 Trillion
    GDP per capita (PPP): 63,000
    Legislature: Bicameral; Senate and Conventum.
    Judicial: N/A
    Official Cult: Sol Invictus
    State Philosophy: Perennialism
    Religions by Percentage:
    60% None
    15% Orthodox Christian
    10% Hypistarians
    5% Tiburan Catholic
    2% Jewish
    5% Other
    Major Ethnic Groups:
    65% Tiburan/Solarian
    20% Pelagasian
    10% Germanic (Gothic?)
    3% Pelagasian Jews
    2% Other

    Important Factualities:

    Republican Cult:
    The anchor of the social and political life of Solaris is the cult of Sol Invictus - the term cult is quite deliberate as it intentionally resembles the cultic practices of antiquity and contemporary IRL China/Japan, the religion is in the performance. Sacrifice to, celebration of and deference to Sol Invictus, in whose name the banner of the national revolution was raised, is the duty of Solaris. Those who do not comply are subject to civic disability. Solarians do not consider themselves to be religious generally, however, belief in the literal truth of Sol Invictus is regarded as a condition for aged matrons (whose dignity places them above correction), small children and the feebleminded. For most, the "meat" of the cult is the real and imagined bond it creates with their neighbours and ancestors.

    The One Truth: Solarians see themselves as picking up where their golden ancestors left off: pursuit via rational inquiry of the supreme truth of the worlds, of which all other truths are mere emanations of. Broadly this is conceived of in the form of the unmoved mover or divine architect: The perfect, transcendent cause of all causes. This, in turn, is identified with the empirically observed origin of the cosmos (the big bang) and with the cultic adoration of Sol Invictus - a personification of the objectification of something which is otherwise beyond conception - and with the pursuit of natural and social sciences.

    Democracy & Magistrates:
    The heart of Solarian government machinery is its demarchic assemblies. From the Conventus of the whole nation down to the local level, legislative and judicial decisions are reached through assemblies of citizens chosen by lot. While it's executive functions rest in the hands of its magistrates - Citizens who take an oath before an assembly to achieve a specific task and are invested by the assembly with the legal powers and privileges to accomplish it - with the promise of swift punishment should they fail to deliver on their oath.

    For the Virtuous: Refer to Solaris as an aristocracy and they will puff their chest out in pride. "Of course, it is we who are ruled by the best!". The measure of a state (which they do not imagine as something apart from society) as imagined by Solarians is the degree to which it cultivates virtue in its Citizens and virtue as they conceive of it is quite concrete: Intelligence, beauty, strength and self-control are the marks of a virtous 'godlike' human. It is by them the state should be ruled and it is for the sake of bringing even more virtuous descendants into existence the affairs of the state should be conducted.

    Aristocracy of the Air: While the Solarians heart dwells in the past their gaze remains fixed towards the future. Of all modern technologies nothing has captured their collective imagination more completely than the conquest of air & space. The figure of the pilot and the astronaut embodies the ideal modern man, and the development of aerospace technology is of the highest importance to the state.

    In a purely modern OOC frame Solaris can be characterized as an illiberal authoritarian democracy which broadly adheres to the American School of Economics, has a low rate of taxation and transfers, minimal levels of business regulation, high inequality, high positive and negative socio-economic mobility, large non-citizen working population but highly restrictive naturalization laws, an air power-centric military, with extremely conservative social mores in matters pertaining to homosexuality, women, promiscuity, drugs and alcohol (but not abortion!)

    It should be stressed there is nothing particularly ancient about Solaris. It is in the vein of Israel or Revolutionary France a thoroughly modern, revolutionary, constructivist project which seeks to bridge between the distant classical past with modernity over the aberrant Christian millennia between. Which are exemplified in its official languages, both forms of ancient tongues crafted and "purified" to replace the common tongues which were discarded as tainted refuse of the Christian Despotate.

    So if the Likud could dream a state into existence (ba-dum tish).
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    For the record, I'm OK with any mentions of my country in this concept. Just some notes:

    1. "Res Publica Solis Invicti" would be the appropriate Latin name. Sorry, I just have to be a grammar fascist after suffering through 3+ years of Latin.

    2. I usually called Katharevousa just that in RP. Unless "Reformed Pelasgian" is a term only you will use, distinct from how I've RPed the development of Standard Pelasgian so far.

    Other than that, great concept! Hope to have you as a neighbour & have lots of RP together!
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    I conjugate by squinting at wikitionary tables so any help is appreciated.

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