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Rheinbund’s Defence industry


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Oct 30, 2006
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The weapons industry in Rheinbund has quite an interesting history. About 90 years ago, several Rheinian companies decided to bundle their efforts in producing military planes and military vehicles upon initiative of the government, which decided to take a share in the Rheinian defence industries as well. Since then, the Rheinian defence industry developed into a conglomerate of companies producing everything from tanks and APCs via various kinds of artillery to planes and missiles.

Currently, the weapons industry in Rheinbund consists of the following companies:

  • Military planes (Daedalus Aviation): This is a Rheinian company constructing both military and civil aircraft. For the civil aircraft please see here.
  • Artillery, tanks and armoured vehicles: Magarus.
  • All-terrain vehicles: Raimer.
  • Missiles and rocketry: Factories owned by the Rheinian government and Rathenau Militärausrüstung.
  • Radio and radar equipment: Rathenau Militärausrüstung.
  • Optical equipment (e.g. binoculars, telescopes, periscopes, cameras): Karl Seiff GmbH and Agfas.
  • Hand weaponry: Beck & Böhm GmbH.
  • Ship building: Rheinmund Schiffbau GmbH.

Any foreign purchase from the Rheinian defence industries has to be approved by the government of the Rheinbund.

Daedalus Aviation

This company produces fighter planes, tanker planes, reconnaissance and transporter planes, and helicopters.

The is Daedalus’s newest fighter plane, capable of starting from the smaller type of aircraft carriers currently in Rheinian service. Multirole planes can perform many tasks, but not all. The Fallwind is what we call an omnirole plane; it is fit for every task that can be asked from a fighter plane.
The Fallwind has 14 hardpoints (13 in the naval version), and can carry up to 9500 kg of external fuel tanks, bombs or missiles. It has a top speed of 2223 km/h / 1381 mph / 1200 kn / Mach 1.8 at high altitude, 1390 km/h / 860 mph / 750 kn / Mach 1.1 at low altitude. Its combat range is up to 1850 km / 1150 mi / 1000 nmi, its ferry range is up to 3700 km / 2300 mi / 2000 nmi, its service ceiling is 15,835 m / 51,952 ft, its g limits are +9 −3.6 (+11 in emergencies), and its rate of climb is 304.8 m/s / 60,000 ft/min.

The is an airlifter that is in-between a tactical and a strategic airlifter. It has the advantage of the tactical airlifter that it can land on rough terrain. It can carry up to 37 tonnes of cargo over a distance of 3300 km / 2100 mi / 1800 nmi. With 30 tonnes of cargo, its range is 4500 km / 2450 nmi; with 20 tonnes of cargo, its range is 6400 km / 3450 nmi. Its maximum speed is Mach 0.72; its cruise speed is 781 km/h / 485 mph / 422 kn.

The is a plane that is available in several versions. We sell it as a tactical airlifter, a maritime patrol and anti-submarine plane, a maritime search and rescue plane, a firefighter plane, a signals intelligence plane, a gunship and a tanker plane.

The is our newest maritime surveillance and anti-submarine plane. It replaces the Vela.

The is not produced any more, but we will continue to assist in maintaining these planes until 2072, including the delivery of new spare parts.

The Daedalus MP10 Auriga is a small carrier-based plane that we produce in a and an .

The is a derivative of the civil airliner Daedalus DA 430. We deliver it as a strategic airlifter, a military transport plane, a tanker plane, an early warning plane, and a plane to conduct ground surveillance, battle management, and command and control of ground operations.

The is a drone that can be used as a reconnaissance plane, but also as a bomber. It can be used from aircraft carriers. This drone is delivered together with a command center from where multiple drones can be managed.

Daedalus makes several types of helicopters. The largest one is the ; it is a two-rotor helicopter with outstanding specifications. There is also a smaller type of the helicopter: The .

The Aquila-series of helicopters consists of the , the , the (meaning “Sea”) and the (meaning “Coast”). The Aquila-series is also available as a civilian helicopter; please see .

The is Daedalus’s attack helicopter.

And finally, the is Daedalus’s smallest helicopter.

Daedalus also makes civilian planes; please see .


The Rheinian automotive company, which also takes part in Daedalus, produces . It is named Morvan.


This company produces all kinds of artillery and armoured vehicles such as tanks and armoured personnel carriers. It also produces all terrain vehicles, trucks for military purposes and rocket launchers.

The is Magarus’s main battle tank. It has undergone many upgrades since its introduction. The current generation is the P4A7, and it is available in many variants. This tank’s top speed is 68 km/h forwards and 31 km/h backwards. With an 1160 L fuel tank, it has a range of 220 km in rough terrain to 340 km on the road.

The is Magarus’s newest infantry fighting vehicle.

The is Magarus’s newest armoured personnel carrier.

The is Magarus’s self-propelled howitzer.

Magarus also produces line of tactical transport trucks: The Taktischer Lastkraftwagen (TL). The newest version is the . It is available in a 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 configuration, where the 8x8 and 10x10 configurations are also delivered with active rear suspension and rear‑axle steering. The chassis of the TL3A3 can be used for many purposes, ranging from transport purposes to heavy recovery purposes and even carrying a cannon. We also deliver the TL3A3 with an automated container load and unload system, as well as with an armoured cabin.

Finally, Magarus delivers the , a defence system that detects, tracks and destroys incoming projectiles at very close distance. It can be delivered in a fully‑automatic version.

Rathenau Militärausrüstung

Rathenau Militärausrüstung produces ground-based radar systems for permanent surveillance of your airspace, as well as field radio equipment and large military radio installations. It also produces missiles.

Radar systems

The LSR family is a family of long-range radar systems. The abbreviation LSR stands for Langstreckenradar. This family of long-range radar systems consists of four members.
The (where the D stands for “Digital”) is a digital-antenna-array radar system that is capable of simultaneously fully automatic detection, track initiation and tracking of up to 1000 targets at 400 km (250 miles) distance. It is able to detect stealth targets, and can track outer-athmospheric target as well.
The (where the ASS stand for “Active Scanned Solid”) is an active electronically scanned array solid state radar system. The first version came on the market in 1995. The current version has a range of up to 900 km, and can detect simultaneously up to 30 objects flying up to 3000 m/s. It discriminates targets from natural clutter and countermeasures. Combined with an anti-missile-system, it can guide the antimissiles.
The (where the AP stand for “Active Phased”) is an active phased radar system. It is generally used in combination with the LSR-D. It can simultaneously track up to 200 air targets at 150 km distance, up to 150 surface targets up to 32 km distance. It has a horizon search out to 75 km and can perform volume search up to 150 km distance to back up the LSR-D. It is able to give surface naval gunfire support, and can guide up to 32 missiles at a time. It can also perform electronic counter-countermeasures.
The (where the PS stand for “Passive Scanned”) is a passive electronically scanned array radar, designed to be the principal radar system of medium and large sized naval vessels. The flat face rotates at 60 rpm, providing an almost continuous 360 degrees view. This system offers full search coverage, low altitude and surface search, the tracking of multiple targets and the capability to combine information for missile guidance.

Surface-to-air missiles

The is an anti-ballistic-missile-system. It was developed together with . It consists of the antimissile Pfeil 2, the LSR-ASS radar system, a battle management and command centre, and a launch control centre. A recent extension to the ARS is the antimissile . This is an exo-athmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile which can hit ICBMs outside the athmosphere, which can also be used against satellites.

The is an anti-air warfare system. It was specifically designed for the use on naval vessels, but a land-based version is available as well. The naval version uses the LSR-D and LSR-PS radar sytems, and the missiles. The land-based version uses a network of the LSR-D and LSR-ASS radar systems with the Komet missiles. There is also a truck-based version of the Komet-missile launching system.

The is a portable SAM missile.

Surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles

The is a portable fire-and-forget anti-tank missile.

The is a wire-guide anti-tank missile.

The was originally developed as an anti-tank missile, but it can also be used as precision weapon for other targets. It can be fired from a plane, but also from a ground vehicle.

The is an air-to-surface missile against many kinds of tactical targets, such as air defence systems, armour, ships, ground transportation and fuel storage facilities.

The was designed as an anti-ship missile. One SR-2 is enough to sink a complete destroyer or corvette, and only a few SR-2 missiles are needed to sink an aircraft carrier.

The is a cruise missile that can be fired from fighter aircraft.

The is a surface-to-surface / tactical missile produced by Rathenau Militärausrüstung. It is fired from the ground, and can be used against many types of ground targets. It can also be used for shooting cluster bombs. This missile can be launched by a multiple rocket launcher, for instance our . We can deliver these missiles stand-alone, but also combined with Magarus’s or mounted on an army truck.

Future development consists of cruise missiles to be fired from submarines.

Air-to-air missiles

The is the third generation of Rathenau’s heat seeking missile. Nowadays it is sold as a short range air-to-air missile.

The is a short and medium-range semi-active radar homing air-to-air missile.

The is a medium-range active radar homing air-to-air missile that can be used beyond visual range. Once fired, it doesn’t need any assistance with looking for its target.

Karl Seiff GmbH and Agfas A.G.

Carl Seiff GmbH produces binoculars, periscopes, cameras, glasses, microscopes and all other things related to lenses. Agfas A.G. produces films and digital photographing equipment. They cooperate with Daedalus and Rathenau Militärausrüstung for constructing filming and photographing equipment for reconnaissance tasks.

Beck & Böhm GmbH

This company once started as a producer of shotguns. In the beginning of the 1950s, however, it started to cooperate with the Rheinian army and Karl Seiff GmbH in order to develop combat rifles and precision rifles.

The newest combat rifle of Beck & Böhm is the .

For the cases that a stronger calibre than the standard one is needed, Beck & Böhm produces a sniper rifle that can also be used as battle rifle for a designated marksman. This is the .

Still available is the combat rifle .

Also still available is the sniper rifle .

The is a pistol that was developed for use by special operation units. It was designed with extreme endurance in harsh environments in mind; it is waterproof and corrosion resistant. It can be used in combination with a laser aiming module and a sound suppressor. The calibres that can be used are .45 ACP and .45 Super. The number of rounds per magazine is 10 to 24, depending on the magazine.

The is a pistol that is suitable for law enforcement, paramilitary use and commercial use. It is also available in a compact version as the . The calibres that can be used are 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. The number of rounds per magazine is 10 to 13, depending on the calibre and the pistol.

The is a pistol that was developed for military use and for law enforcement. It is also available in a smaller version as the Kleinpistole P5 (KP5). Both the P5 and the KP5 are available with a threaded barrel extension to attach sound suppressors (the P5T and the KP5T). The calibre that can be used is .45 ACP. The number of rounds per magazine is 8 to 10, depending on the pistol.

The is Beck & Böhm’s newest pistol for law enforcement. The calibres that can be used are 9x19mm Parabellum and .40 S&W. Variants are the Langpistole P6 (slide and barrel longer than standard) and the Kleinpistole P6 (compact version of the whole pistol). These pistols replace the and the . The number of rounds per magazine is 10 to 15, depending on the calibre and the pistol.

Rheinmund Schiffbau GmbH

This company is the shipyard that produces all warships used by the Rheinian navy and coast guard.

The is a class of patrol ships.

The is a class of corvettes.

The is a class of multirole coastal defence frigates. It is also available in variants specialised in anti-submarine and air-defence.

The is a class of guided missile frigates.

The is a class of multirole destroyers.

The is a class of guided missile destroyers.

The is our class of amphibious assault ships. It can carry up to 720 marines, 170 armoured personnel carriers (or 33 main battle tanks), and 15 or sized helicopters (or eight sized helicopters). The ship carries two air-cushioned landing crafts in its well dock.
We also developed a medical care module that fits in the cargo space.

The is a multi-function support and replenishment ship with the possibility for replenishment at sea. In the version delivered to the Rheinian navy, it has:
— Two replenishment at sea masts.
— 8000 m³ of fuel, 1000 m³ of helicopter fuel, 450 m³ of drinking water, 400 tonnes of ammunition and other supplies, and 2000 lane meters for transport of e.g. containers and vehicles.
— A roll-on-roll-off facility.
— A crane capable to lift up to 40 tonnes.
— A steel beach stern construction to facilitate cargo transfer via landing craft, as well as the capacity to house two landing craft.
— Hangar room for up to six or sized helicopters.
— A complete hospital with twenty treatment areas (among which intensive care units and isolation areas for people with contageous diseases) and two operation rooms.
— Command rooms for war staffs.

All ships from Rheinmund Schiffbau are equipped with water desalinisation and purification systems to turn sea water into drinking water.

Rheinmund Schiffbau can also build civilian ships.
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Aug 2, 2020
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[ Confidential Communique]

The People's State of Gran-Occidentia would be very much interesting in purchasing a considerable number of ) mounting on Magarus’s 's and MRS‑4 (Mobiles Raketenstartsystem 4) rocket launchers as we are reforming and refitting our armed forces.

Gregorio Ruiz
Minister of Defense
People's State of Gran-Occidentia


Elder Statesman
Oct 30, 2006
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Streng vertraulich — Strictly confidential

Rathenau Militärausrüstung GmbH.
Magarus GmbH.

Dear Minister Ruiz,

Thank you for you interest in our products. The Rheinian government has approved the sale of the TR-1 missile mounted on Wiesels and MRS-4 rocket launchers. We can also help you with other equipment if needed.

Ludwig Hirschbühl, Director Rathenau Militärausrüstung GmbH.
Detlef Kessel, Director Magarus GmbH.


Elder Statesman
Oct 30, 2006
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Press release

Daedalus Aviation introduces its newest maritime surveillance plane: The MP20-2 Perseus. It replaces the MP20 Vela, which will not be produced any more.

We will continue to support the current operators of the Vela until 2072. This includes the delivery of new spare parts.


Elder Statesman
Oct 30, 2006
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Press release

Magarus introduces its newest line of tactical transport vehicles, the , and its close-range defence system .