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Set and Alter Your Aggro-Thread


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Oct 30, 2006
Coro (Skepps)
Welcome to the Aggro-Thread!
This Aggro-Thread is created based upon the passage of Reintroducing Limitations on the War Mechanics in the Community Votes forum. You can read about it more thoroughly there:

Here in this thread you can set and alter your aggro-status. If you wish to check another's status or your own status, you can do so at the current list that is maintained by @Natal at this link here:

Making Changes?
If you wish to change your aggro-status please do so by simply stating your nation's name and what you are setting your status to. If you have made a change before, we request that you quote your prior change. Please remember, when you start as a new player or new nation you are by default considered Aggro-OFF for the first 30 days and must maintain neutral RP stances. If you wish to make yourself available to conflict you will need to change that status and declare the Aggro-ON position.

For example:

Nation: Republic of Europe​
Status: Aggro-ON​
Nation: Kingdom of Europe​
Status: Aggro-OFF​

Remember! If you are part of an alliance, for example Pressburg Pact, WOTO, Gothic Sea Pact, DDI(?), Comintern(?), or whatever(?), you need to resign from that alliance to change your status to Aggro-OFF. Likewise, you need to change your status to Aggro-ON in order to join an alliance!

If you are simply going away for awhile or not particularly enjoying a good or high activity spell, I personally would recommend against making special changes via this system and destroy your alliance or whatever arrangements you have in RP. It is generally considered in bad faith or poor form on an OOC-level to attack a player that is not able to fight a war due to their ability IRL to RP such a conflict, so don't fret and feel like you need to alter this setting often. This setting exists more for players who are completely averse to conflict RP or other RL circumstances that might make a player feel they need to change their setting long term to better reflect their IC commitments long term.

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Jun 27, 2008
Karachi, Sindh
Nation: National Republic of Serenierre
Status: Aggro-On

EDIT: I have revised this upon learning further details about Aggro-Off.
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