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Statutory Instruments (Regulations)

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Mar 18, 2018
Statutory Instrument
2021, No. 9

RMB Moderation Regulations 2021

Made 11 February 2021 00.58 GMT+1
Coming into force immediately

The Moderation Committee, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 3(a) of the RMB Moderation Act 2019, makes the following regulations,
  1. These regulations may be cited as the RMB Regulations 2021. These regulations shall come into force immediately. RMB Moderation Regulations 2020, also known as RMB Regulations 2020, are repealed.

  2. Posters shall refrain from making:

    1. Triple posts. three posts in a row;

    2. Roleplay. posts which make an attempt at roleplay or make declarations in an in-character perspective;

    3. Hate speech. posts utilising derogatory language on individuals on account of characteristics such as, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and disabled status;

    4. Threats. posts which contain threats of violence or violent acts against anyone or any nation;

    5. Defamation. defamatory posts;

    6. Malicious links. posts containing links to inappropriate, gruesome, or illegal contents;

    7. Sensitive content. posts expressing apology or jokes about the following and the persons who committed the following: genocides, mass-murders, and other atrocities;

    8. Quote editing. posts editing a quotation with offensive or malicious intentions;

    9. Spam. posts whose contents are meaningless and unsolicited;

    10. Flaming. posts aggressively insulting, swearing at or verbally abusing another person on the board;

    11. Sexual contents. posts containing sexting, sexual role-play, or other communications of a sexual nature;

    12. Recruitment. posts advertising regions; or

    13. Offense solicitation. posts which prompt, incite or further any kind of behaviour prohibited in these regulations.

  3. Defamation definition. For the purposes of these regulations, a 'defamatory post' is a post which constitutes defamation.

    1. Defamation is an (1) unproven statement of fact (2) made to a third party that (3) damages a person's reputation (4) in a way which would more than non-trivially lower one's estimation of or deter third parties from engaging with that person.

    2. 'Statement of fact' means a statement that can be falsified in a European court.

    3. Defamation does not include, however, statements which are:

      1. made in good faith and under a reasonable assumption of veracity,

      2. mere vulgar abuse,

      3. made with honest belief in their truth on a matter of public interest, so long as a reasonable person could believe such statements,

      4. made with the consent of the person being described, or

      5. disseminated without knowledge of the statement or without reason to believe that the statement is defamatory.

    4. Claims of defamation must be made within 20 days between the initial making of the defamatory statement and the origination of a claim against the maker.
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Apr 6, 2015
Statutory Instrument
2021, No. 11

Event (Sponsorships) Regulations 2021

Made 15 February 2021 8:20 GMT–5​
Coming into force immediately​

The Delegate, in exercise of executive discretion, makes the following regulations and issues them in the form of statutory instrument pursuant to section 3 of the Statutory Instruments Act 2017:
  1. These regulations may be cited as the Event (Sponsorships) Regulations 2021 and come into force immediately.

  2. To have an event officially sponsored:

    1. The host nation must have been resident in Europe for at least 30 days.

    2. The event must be open to European residents, provide an expected start and end dates, a clear set of rules, and disclose the nations organising it.

    3. The event must not have explicit sexual contents of any nature; express racist, fascist, homophobic or other undesirable beliefs; or prevent people from participating without a reason justifiable by the event's rules.

  3. The sponsorship of the event may be revoked if any of the requirements specified in this regulations are found to have been violated or if the behaviour of the host nation or any of the event organisers damages or would likely damage the reputation of the region.