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Aug 9, 2012
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11 Messicali CCI | 29 de Juno de 2020


Esteemed colleagues,

Earlier today, the publication La Prensa Libre reported that the University of Navales is expanding a partnership with Marine Research Centers to place additional weather buoys along the territorial waters of Auraria off the coast of Coronado in the Long Sea and Tauritania in the Reman Sea. On face value, this is true. However, this action is part of Operation Observing Eagle.

Operation Observing Eagle’s nature is indeed to gather increased understandings of ocean currents, but its true purpose is to deploy jointly engineered new sonobuoys that the University and Navy developed. These buoys will make use of new passive sonar technology that is more sensitive than previous models. The technologies are intended to provide the Navy with additional capacity for detecting and tracking enemy submarines.

Given the increased tensions in the Long and Reman Sea, combined with the Grand Duchy of Furlanie’s extensive submarine fleet, the Aurarine Republic has deemed it essential toward any successful defense strategy that the submarine advantage possessed by Furlanie be neutralized in the event that country takes aggressive action against the Republic. Failure to do so will result in significant harm to Aurarian, or indeed ODS sailors, and hinder any available defensive strategy.

It is the hope of the Republican Navy that these buoys will allow for identification, tracking, and ultimately the destruction of submarine assets before they can be utilized against Aurarian or ODS forces. Currently, the Republican Navy only has the capacity to begin deployment in the aforementioned locations of Coronado and Tauritania – the two largest ports and naval bases of the Republic. However, for the strategy to be effective, the ODS must be capable of assessing how many submarines – of any actor – are present in the Reman Sea at any given time.

To accomplish this, in the coming days the University of Navales will reach out to counterparts in the Kingdom of Eiffelland-Retallia about expanding its research program even further by deploying buoys at the merging of the Reman and Long Seas to study how the bodies of water’s interaction affects ocean patterns. This is, again, true. But, also the cover being used to allow the Aurarine Republic to deploy its sonobuoys at the mouth of the Reman Sea.

It is the hope that once this day comes, the Eiffellander Government will, under complete discretion, assist with the completion of this operation. The full details of the operation will be disclosed to all full-members of the Organization, but at present Auraria does not have plans nor the capacity to deploy these devices in Etruria. At present, we believe that the mouth of the Reman is the most important strategic point.

Once further, the success of this operation comes from its discretion. While even in the event of discovery the Republic plans to continue its operations, it is best for the time being that implementation be a classified endeavor.


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