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The Not-So-Secret Speech


Tinpot Dictator
Feb 9, 2016
Little Poland
Falkeld's City Centre
Everything within the centre was ordered to shut only Federal Armed Forces troops, Federal Militsiya Officers and members of the public with a pass were allowed in the are. Pass holders were rare since it was only given to public servant who didn't work on the Sunday and members of the state approved media but the authority barred them covering these type of events.

The Mayor was able to win some concessions from Colonel Daniel Cearrach who was in charge of security of the march, the protesters were escorted along the march route up to the city hall. The protesters in exchanged keep their number to hundred max and would keep to the prearranged route.

Good faith between already broke between the two parties when four undercover officer arrested a protester just before the march started before anyone could do anything the escort encircled and ordered them to started moving to keep on timetable.

Halfway through the march some officers started to lightly grope some female protesters and say derogatory comments such as "maybe you stop being a lesbian after you taste my dick." They ignored it knowing this was a common tactic used to aggravate them into hostility engaging with the Officers were in turn used that as a excuse to shut the march down.

They reached the city hall which was converted into a fortress with barb wire and concrete barriers everywhere, two small armoured personnel carrier were parked on the steps to the entrance behind a large metal fence. Snipers were scattered on the rooftops along the march route and more were posted on top city hall.

Some of the protesters wanted to leave soon as the march ended but they persuade to stay by others, "this is a simple intimidation to try to scare us, we have the mayor's word that we have a five minutes silence." They were told.

Ràild was an young photographer and associated with the Spirit of 69 movement, he was hovering around just outside the city centre, sneaking onto rooftops to take photos for evidence of the treatment of the protesters. He was nearly spotted by one of the snipers so went he back to his car,where his friend was in a gateway driver and was listening to the radio set which was tuned into the Federal Militsiya commutations.

"Anything new happening?" He asked his friend.

"No, they are just planning to order them to leave in two minutes." His friend replied

"Okay, let's go before we get arrested I nearly got spotted earlier." He said going to the front passengers seat down, his friend turned on the engine but since it was an old Eiffelland it backfired.

"Stupid piece of junk."His friend said, hitting the steering wheel.

"GUNFIRE I HEARD GUNFIRE COMING FROM THE CROWD!" someone shouted over the radio, they both stopped to listen in.

"Sir unknown gunfire orders" said over the radio.

"There is an unknown gunman in the crowd, open fire!" shouted someone else on the radio.

Gun shoots echoed across the city centre as well as screams, Ràild ducked under the car, his friend telling him to go but he wanted to see if he could capture everything.

A female protester run around the corner being chased by a solider with his assault rile with an bayonet drawn, he grab her by the hair then pushed her on the ground.

"You dirty little bitch, I show why you need a man in your life." The solider said with his bayonet on the women's throat. Ràild was taking pictures of the whole thing on his camera. The solider turned to see Ràild behind the car, they both stared in awkward silence for a few seconds before he took his radio out.

"Sir I have the gunman in my sights, I repeat sir I have the gunman in my sights.
He asked.

"Shoot to kill."
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