The Overdue War

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    May 4, 2010
    As the missiles of the two fleets crashed into each other, the sudden peace of the ocean was broken. The nation's three frigates were hit hard and were beginning to take on water as plumes of smoke rose from them. About 3 corvettes were hit as well, and they were beginning to sink.

    The Carrier, above other things, was hit hard. Captain Nikoloz was shaken from his feet as the missiles impaled the ship and explosions were heard, then a message was received from the remote Jurzani Base on the Carentanian Border housing the Government, Nikoloz heard the entire message and it was pretty clear.

    The message said that the naval battle was of no importance to the strategy of Jurzan and therefore all ships were to move into Carentanian territorial waters. So Nikoloz sent a message out to all ships that could make the move, then the Carrier was hit again, and it began taking on an extreme amount of water as the pride of Former Akhaltsikhe's navy was sinking beneath the waves.

    The Jurzani Ships that could move were currently racing the small distance to Carentanian Waters.
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