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The United Kingdom

Apr 24, 2019
Grace Crawley, His Majesty Ambassador to Europe
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BBC World Service: May 2019 Foreign Update
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The Monarchy
HM King Edward X
Prince of Wales:
HRH Prince George

WA Delegate: JayDee Bonaparte

Crown Court Judges

Lady Georgiana Stewart, CJ
His Majesty's Government
Prime Minister:
JayDee Bonaparte
Deputy Prime Minister: Michael Stewart
Home Secretary:
Edward Grey
External Affairs Secretary:
Sir Henry Norfolk
Culture Secretary:
Madeline Norfolk
Public Services Secretary:
Michael Stewart & Sacul Astoria
World Assembly Secretary: Richard Hamilton
Attorney General: Vlaska
House of Lords
Klaus, Marquess of Belfast
George, Earl of Clarence*
Samuel, Baron Clarent

House of Commons
Renée Fontaine of Oxford (LD)
Madeline Norfolk of Dwyfor Meirionnydd (SF)*
Grace Crawley of York (CP)
Sir Henry Norfolk of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (SF)
Edward Grey of Worcester (BUP)

* denotes the presiding officer

Parliament: Hard at work!
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With the 60th Session of Parliament now well underway and in its second half, both chambers continue the work of passing legislation that either aims to bring our laws up to date with the newer ways of United Kingdom, or implement new reforms that aim to take United Kingdom in a new direction.

Currently before the House of Commons is an amendment written by the Prime Minister that would implement staggered elections within United Kingdom, separating Prime Ministerial elections from Parliamentary elections. The amendment was quick to spur debate from both sides of the argument and it’s expected that it will continue to face debate both in and out the Houses of Parliament in the coming days and weeks.

Other legislation that has been brought forth in Parliament included the Discord Administration Act that would regulate the amount of administrators within the discord server, the Election Regulation Amendment that established the new position of Deputy Election Commissioner when the EC is unable to be present for elections, and the Executive Summons Act which changed the way in which Prime Minister’s Questions are held, with PMQs now becoming a weekly event.

With half of the term to go, there remains a lot to be done and you can expect to hear more about Parliament in further updates!
Celebration Time! NSUK-KoGB Easter Festival
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This past April, citizens from United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Great Britain gathered on our regional forums for a fun celebration surrounding the Easter holidays.

The project of Culture Secretary Madeline Norfolk included multiple exciting activities including egg design contests, avatar contests, some tricky counting games, and even some fantastic egg-citing puns that don’t fail to deliver every year. Big winners from the festival includes George, Prince of Wales, Charles Lancaster of KoGB, and our very own Prime Minister Bonaparte. The easter festival did not fail to deliver and it proved to be an exciting event for our citizens and for the development of our friendship with one another.

United Kingdom was very excited to welcome our friends from the Kingdom of Great Britain and we look forward to seeing some further activities with both KoGB and other regions in the near future!​
Foreign Affairs in full Swing
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Following the joint NSUK-KoGB Easter Festival, negotiations between both regions began in an effort to bring our regions closer together, for the prosperity of our citizens and our regions.

Both regions were pleased to introduce a Pact of Non-Aggression to their respective legislatures, in an effort to lay the foundations for our friendship, and build upon it in the future. The Pact of Non-Aggression would seek to bring the regions together by ensuring our cooperation with one another, and the opportunity to allow our respective militaries to take part in operations alongside one another.

With the act now having passed each region’s lower chambers, it now moves to the upper House of Lords where further consideration and debate is expected. We look forward to enacting this Pact and beginning the progress of once again opening ourselves up to great alliances across Nationstates.
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